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11 Ice Scrapers With Nearly Perfect Customer Reviews

It's the most wonderful time of the year, but winter also means plummeting temperatures, icy roads, and the dreaded car dig-out from all of that pretty snow. These top-notch ice scrapers are here to save you from frustration—and they might just help you get to work on time.

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A woman is cleaning an icy window on a car with ice scraper. Focus on the ice scraper. Cold snowy and frosty morning.Anze Furlan/Shutterstock

Ice, ice baby

There are few sights as beautiful as the streets blanketed in snow on an early winter morning. But as you make your way from your window to the shower, the realization kicks in: all of that ice and snow is going to be a complete pain to remove from your car windshield, windows, doors, and roof.

Depending on where you live—and even if you reside in a region that gets little more than frost on your windows from time to time—a quality ice scraper and snow removal tool is a necessity. For both your own safety and the safety of everyone else sharing the road, you should never drive around with ice or snow plastered to your windows or the top of your car (it can easily slip off in sheets of ice and cause an accident). Whether you opt to purchase a simple handheld ice scraper that fits in your glove compartment or a more complex tool with a scraper, snow brush, squeegee, and telescopic handle to reach roofs, this list provides plenty of style and budget options.

Even better: these tools have been vetted to include only the most popular, well-reviewed, and highly rated scrapers and snow brushes. Choose one that works for your vehicle, lifestyle, and needs and you’ll never dread snowy mornings again. Then follow these tips to quickly remove snow and ice from your car.

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Snow MOOver Extendable Snow Brush With Squeegee and Ice Scraper


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The biggest selling point with this ice scraper is its wide and thick bristled brush, which provides the safest and fastest way to remove snow from your car. The brush pivots and cuts through thick layers of snow on car windshields and surfaces without leaving a scratch in its wake. The double-sided tool has a squeegee opposite of the brush and a tough ice scraper that is removable—just in case you need to focus on breaking through stubborn ice. Its pole extends up to 39 inches to reach car roofs with ease.

One reviewer raves: “The swivel broom head is great and substantial. The foam grip is comfortable to grab and is nice to have in your hand rather than cold metal or plastic. The scraper end seems solid. The ice-breaking teeth look ferocious. It’s nice to be able to unsnap the scraper end and use it as just a small hand scraper. I can say I’m happy and impressed at the design and quality and I’m not easily impressed these days. I have high hopes for this and if it works well, I’ll be buying 4 more for the rest of my family.” Need to clear your driveway in a jiffy? Try this DIY salt-free ice melt.

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Bird Rock Home Snow Moover


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When your snow and ice-removal needs require the longest handle you can find, this is the ice scraper that will get the job done. This double-sided tool has a comfortable foam grip handle and extends up to 50 inches, allowing you to effortlessly reach car roofs. It has tough, but safe-on-surfaces ice scraper jaws on one side and a flat brush with thick bristles on the other to sweep away snow and ice shards. One reviewer writes: “Definitely worth five stars…I would have given this scraper 10 stars if I could!!! The snow broom part works great to sweep off snow up to 3 feet deep. The regular scraper works great on a frosty or slightly ice windshield, but the best part of this ice scraper hands down is the heavy-duty scratch-resistant jaw-like teeth.” Watch out for these 14 signs your car is about to die.

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RevHeads Ice Scraper


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This simple ice scraper doesn’t beat around the bush: it’s here to destroy huge ice chunks and slice right through frost. The scraper has a foam grip and fits in the palm of your hand, with a hanging hook on the other side for simple storage. While it’s true that you’ll have to invest in a separate snow brush (assuming that’s important to you), reviewers promise this is a winter necessity if you live in a snowy place. One writes: “The day after this little, yet sturdy, scraper arrived, a winter morning’s light frost covered my car windows. The air temperature was in the mid-20s, and this scraper cleared the glass very quickly, each pass of the plastic blade removing the frost pretty easily and neatly.” These clever tricks will help you with all your winter car woes.

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Snow Joe 2-In-1 Snow Broom


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Unlike ice scrapers and brooms that feature bristles, this clever tool is uniquely designed with an 18-inch wide foam head that pushes wet slush and snow from surfaces in a flash and will never scratch glass. At the opposite end of the tool, you’ll find a tough ice scraper with an extendable pole that can be transformed from 33 to 52 inches to reach up-high corners and crevices. One reviewer says this is the best purchase she’s made: “Cleaning off my car in the past could take me over 15 minutes (on a good day) and often included snow in my shoes, up my sleeves, on my pants, and covering my coat. Being a lifelong New Englander at 5 feet, 2 inches tall, I can say that desperate times (aka 2+ feet of snow) have called for desperate measures—like brooms, mops, and even a metal shovel to clear off my car. With the Snow Joe and a few push-pull swipes, my car is cleared off completely in a minute…max. I’m not covered in snow, super agitated, late for work, estimating the cost of a paint job, or praying I won’t get a ticket for that small patch of snow left on my roof.” Find out the winter car care tips you need to keep your car safe.

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CTHAP Windshield Ice Scraper


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Desperate (and icy) times call for innovative measures. If traditional ice scrapers aren’t cutting it, this 2-piece funnel-shaped scraper may be what you’ve been waiting for all of these years. One side of the cone is meant to be used as an ice breaker, while the other side is intended to be moved in one direction or in circles to clear snow and ice away from windshields, windows, and car surfaces. Although it is not as popular or as frequently reviewed as other scrapers, this multi-tasking scraper (which doubles as a funnel) has earned a solid 5-star rating. One reviewer writes: “It’s small but gets the job done. This is the best scraper I’ve had. It’s very easy to use. I was able to give one to my mom for her car because it came with two. I didn’t know it can also be used as a funnel, which will definitely come in handy when I need to put in windshield fluids.”

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AmazonBasics Car Snow Brush and Ice Scraper


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If you are and always will be a traditionalist when it comes to removing snow and ice from your car, this classic ice scraper and brush just so happens to be one of the most popular and highly reviewed. It has an 8-inch snow brush, a 4-inch ice scraper, and a comfy foam middle for easy maneuvering. One reviewer writes this is the one accessory you need: “Of course it’s larger than a standard handheld ice scraper, but that’s because of the snow brush, and believe me, the first time you use it and you’re able to clear 8+ inches of snow off of your car in a few minutes, this thing will have paid for itself! Then, simply toss it in the trunk to keep it out of sight until you need it again.” Here are more winter survival tips from the coldest parts of the country.

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Coindivi Ice Scraper


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Baby, it’s cold outside—and even colder when you’re scraping snow and ice off of your car or stairway. But your hand won’t feel it because this ice scraper is hidden inside of a warm plush mitt with a cozy fleece lining. The scraper itself is sturdy and safe for cars, while the mitt boasts a smart elastic wrist band to keep it from slipping off. One reviewer from snowy Wisconsin gave it the ultimate seal of approval: “The mitten is fur-lined and so warm inside that it makes you want to scrape a windshield. As much as I’m not looking forward to this winter, I can’t wait to use this.” Just like a dependable ice scraper, these 24 car accessories will change the way you drive.

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olagoya Ice Scraper


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Boasting a nearly 5-inch wide ice scraper blade that covers more surface area with just one pass, one reviewer writes: “the blade is strong enough to scrape the ice and snow, but because it’s silicone it won’t scratch my paint.” Worries about scratches aside, this tool has a durable aluminum alloy handle with a non-slip foam grip. The pole extends and then collapses from 17 inches to 4.7 inches, making it the perfect fit for trunks and to store beneath car seats. Find out the weird car features you didn’t know you might have.

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CJ Industries Ice Scraper With Brass Blade


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You’ll get four colorful ice scrapers for one low price—perfect when you need to ensure everyone in your family has a reliable scraper in their car. Unlike plastic scrapers, this one boasts a brass blade that many reviewers, including this one, agree is superior: “The brass slices right under ice without scratching the glass and I don’t have to worry about brittle plastic blades.” Other reviewers say this cuts right through frost with ease and that the brass “flexes enough to form curves in the windshield.” Find out the 16 car safety features no vehicle should be without.

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Better Stuff Ice Scraper


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Another out-of-the-box ice scraper that eliminates a handle altogether, this handheld scraper gets right to the point: chip and smash ice with it using a bit of force and a few quick strokes of your hand. This is one of the most compact scrapers you’ll find—one that conforms to your windshield glass and then easily slips into your glove compartment. One reviewer raves: “Blasts through the tough ice easily. Leaves the window darn near spotless, like a squeegee. Feels durable and comfortable to hold too.” Learn our handy trick for defrosting your windshield in less than 5 minutes.

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Drivaid Car Snow Brush With Squeegee


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Consider this the best of all worlds: a snow and ice-clearing tool with a brush on one end, a rubber scraper on the other, and a strong ice scraper on the opposite side of the pole. It has a telescopic handle that reaches way up high and a pivoting brush head to get cover more angles at one time. Reviewers are smitten with this tool, and one makes that very clear: “The handle is very comfortable for your hand, foamy so it’s not freezing cold to the touch like the rest of the metal bar — so this brush can be used even if you don’t have any gloves! It’s pretty long so I have no issues getting snow off of the roof of my car. The bristles are not very rough or scratchy so you don’t have to worry about scratching your car! My old snow brush didn’t have a squeegee so that’s probably my favorite part about this brush! It’s so satisfying and soothing to clear every last watermark from snow.” While you definitely want to keep an ice scraper in your car, you should also be aware of the things you should never, ever keep in your car in the winter.

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