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8 Famous Body Parts Worth a Fortune

When celebrities' careers depend on one body part, they sometimes take out insurance to protect their assets.

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Mariah CareyChris Pizzello/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Mariah Carey’s vocal chords

Mariah Carey reportedly has a $35 million insurance policy on her voice, plus another for her legs, bringing her grand total up to $70 million in body part insurance.

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Heidi KlumOwen Kolasinski/BFA/Shutterstock

Heidi Klum’s legs

In 2004, Heidi Klum revealed a client had her get her legs insured for about $2 million. Those gams weren’t worth the same, though—because of a scar on one leg, its price tag was slightly lower than the other. If you find this celebrity practice of insuring body parts strange, you won’t believe the weirdest jobs celebrities had before becoming famous. 

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Many glasses of different wine in a row on bar counterAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Wine taster’s nose

When winemaker Ilja Gort heard about a man who lost his sense of smell after a car accident, he figured he should insure his sniffer so he wouldn’t risk his wine-tasting abilities. The $8 million policy set in 2008 had just a few caveats: He wouldn’t be protected if he did boxing, rode a motorcycle, acted as a knife-thrower’s assistant, or tried fire-breathing. While insuring a nose for $8 million is pretty humorous, these 14 celebrity death hoaxes you probably fell for are even funnier.

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America FerraraInvision/AP/Shutterstock

America Ferrara’s teeth

When America Ferrara became the face of Aquafresh White Trays’ Smiles for Success program to provide dental care to women in 2007, the company also offered to insure her smile, famous the brace-face Ugly Betty. It’s worth: $10 million.

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Troy PolamaluJ. Puskar/Shutterstock

Troy Polamalu’s hair

In 2010, then-Pittsburgh Steelers player Troy Polamalu hadn’t cut his hair in ten years and was a spokesman for Procter & Gamble Co. To protect his signature curly locks, Head & Shoulders insured his tresses for $1 million.

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Jeff BeckIsopix/Shutterstock

Jeff Beck’s fingers

After rock star Jeff Beck nicked his finger slicing carrots in 2010 and required surgery, the former guitarist for The Yardbirds realized just how much his career relied on those digits. He reportedly insured his fingers for $1 million each.

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CoffeeNOBUHIRO ASADA/Shutterstock

Coffee tester’s taste buds

Costa coffee taster Gennaro Pelliccia says he insured his tongue for £1 million ($1.4 million) for the sake of consumers. As long as refined taste buds like his can sense the different between cups of coffee, customers can enjoy the same quality cup every time.

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Top view of a male and female holding hands after a proposal of marriage. Female wearing an engagement ringImpact Photography/Shutterstock

Hand model’s hands

London-based hand model Gemma Howorth revealed her most-photographed body parts are insured for about £5 million ($6.9 million). After all, breaking a finger could put her out of work for a while. For more crazy celeb facts, check out 13 celebrities you didn’t know had FBI files.