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20 Photos That Show Kate Middleton Is Just Like Us

Yes, the royal does keep it real and does everyday, normal things—albeit a bit more glamorously than the rest of us.

kate middleton at ice rink
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Royalty and reality

She may have access to the stunning royal tiaras, but Princess Kate of Wales really is just like us in so many ways. From searching for the perfect Christmas tree to diffusing a toddler’s temper tantrum, the Duchess of Cambridge has more in common with you than you probably believed. Check out her stunning transformation since becoming a royal.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Communities Across The UK
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Applying hand sanitizer and masking up

Just like the rest of us have been doing during this pandemic, Kate has been staying safe by wearing a mask when in public and applying hand sanitizer often. Here she is in December of 2020 on a visit to Cleve Court Care Home. Kate and William paid tribute to all of the hard work the staff of the care home has put in over the course of the pandemic. Read about the sweet promise William made to Kate before their wedding.

kate middleton christmas tree
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O Christmas Tree

In December 2019, Kate donned a bold red puffer jacket and set out to help some children find the perfect tree to trim for the holidays. The event supported Family Action, a charity that supports underserved families. Kate certainly looks like she knows the difference between her Douglas Firs and Noble Firs. These are the royal family holiday traditions you’ll want to steal for your own family.

kate middleton puppy love
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Puppy love

Duchess Kate isn’t immune to the overwhelming cuteness of dogs, especially this sweet pup whom she met at the Army Canine Centre in Islamabad. Kate and Prince William were caught on camera feeding, playing, and walking the dogs at the center. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with this little guy? Queen Elizabeth II is also a well-known dog lover. Here’s why she has had so many Corgis.

kate middleton taking daughter to school

School days

It was a family affair on Princess Charlotte’s first day of school at Thomas’s Battersea in London. Like any doting mama, Kate walked hand-in-hand with her daughter to calm any first day jitters. We also can only imagine all of the mom items she’s carrying in that ginormous purse, too.

kate middleton ski school

Ski school

Yes, Kate Middleton can carry her own skis, thank you very much. No need for anyone to shuffle gear around on her behalf. This photo was taken back in 2005 when the now Duchess was on vacation with the royal family in Klosters, Switzerland.

The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge And Their Family Attend Special Pantomime Performance To Thank Key Workers
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Show with the kids

Every mom has a tight grip when their kids are on a balcony. Here, Kate’s holding back Prince Louis at a special pantomime performance at London’s Palladium Theatre. Don’t worry, Prince William is sitting just behind Princess Charlotte.

kate middleton riding bike

Pedal pusher

It’s not all chauffers and cavalcades—Kate can ride a bicycle. Here she was pictured cycling near the Middleton family home in 2005. She biked to the gym for a workout— how very eco-friendly of her! Turns out the Duchess is sporty when she’s not in heels. Here’s the royal “rule” Kate has been breaking this entire time.

kate middleton roller disco party
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Party prowess

Themed parties can make adults feel pretty silly unless you totally embrace them and get in on the act. Before she became the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate donned her ’70s best and laced up skates for the Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco, a charitable fundraiser. And, just like us, she also wiped out a few times. Find out 50 things you never knew about the royal family.

kate middleton running errands
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Running errands

Sometimes a girl has to make the inevitable drugstore run for necessities, and Kate is no different. Here she leaves a Boots pharmacy in London in a pair of sensible, errand-running flats, jeans, and a comfy sweater. We have never felt more like Kate than what’s happening in this photo. Read all about the job Kate had before joining royal life.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Hear About The Impact Of Australian Wildfires
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Figuring out Zoom

Just like the rest of us at the beginning of the pandemic, the royals had to figure out how to navigate Zoom. Here Kate Middleton and Prince William are speaking to local business owners and first responders from Kangaroo Island in South Australia to learn more about the impact of the January fires.

kate middleton with children
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Mom duty

Kate was armed with everything she needed to keep her three kids entertained at a charity polo tournament in which Prince William participated. The well-equipped mom opened the hatchback of the family’s car and opened a picnic basket of snacks for quick refueling while giving her littles time to unwind. Find out 14 parenting rules the royals have to follow.

kate middleton on the phone

Phone frenzy

We can’t remember how we survived before the advent of cell phones, and, just like us, Kate takes a call while making her way around London on a January day back in 2008. Whether it’s work or personal, sometimes you just need a quick chat to touch base throughout the day.

kate middleton driving

Royal driver

Kate doesn’t always rely on others to give her a lift. The Duchess drives! Of course, her destinations are slightly more dramatic than ours. Here she drives out of Kensington Palace after Prince George’s first birthday celebration. But it is still fun to see her behind the wheel. Find out how much each person in the British family is really worth.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Communities Across The UK
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Everyone should enjoy toasted marshmallows every once in a while (even royal adults). Here, Kate participated in a toast your own marshmallows booth on a visit to Cardiff Castle. She might be dressed up a little more than we would be if we were roasting marshmallows, but there are no rules when it comes to treats!

kate middleton windy

Wind warrior

Mother Nature doesn’t stop for the royal family. Kate has to deal with the aggravations of a particularly windy day just like we do…and be photographed while trying to gracefully keep herself pulled together. Here she works to keep her dress in place while holding back her windblown hair while on the couple’s royal tour in Calgary. Get acquainted with royal family etiquette (there’s a lot of it!).

kate middleton harry potter

Potter princess

We’d love to know which Hogwarts house Kate would be sorted into, but one thing is for sure, she’s as crazy about Harry Potter as we are. Kate, Prince William, and Prince Harry got in on the magical action when touring the Warner Bros. studio in England where all of the HP films were shot. She’s having a lot of fun with that wand. Find out 14 unexpected royal friendships that will surprise you.

kate middleton shopping

Shop girl

We fully appreciate a royal who likes to shop, and Kate is no stranger to ducking in and out of London’s high street stores. Though now she may have styles and designers at the ready to deliver frocks perfect for whatever her next high-profile event, Kate has been known to peruse the racks at some of her favorite haunts with mom Carole and sister Pippa. You’ll want to know the clever trick Kate Middleton uses to make even her repeat outfits look new.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Visits Baby Basics UK And Baby Basics Sheffield
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Mask on

Just because she’s a royal doesn’t mean she doesn’t have to wear a mask. Of course, Kate is sporting a chic floral mask that matches very nicely with her gorgeous white dress.

kate middleton playing with prince george
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Child’s play

Kate often bends down to get at eye level when talking to children (a tactic that makes grownups feel far more relatable to little ones). But here she is on full mom duty sitting in the grass with a tiny Prince George as he plays during one of Prince William’s polo matches. Here’s everything you didn’t know about the future king.

kate middleton coffee

Coffee club

Looks like Kate runs on caffeine, too, unless it’s decaf in that cup. There’s something about spotting her carrying the oh-so-common Starbucks cup that makes us feel that much closer to the Duchess of Cambridge. Of course, now we have so many questions: How does she take her coffee? Black? With cream? Inquiring minds want to know. Fortunately, we are privy to these bizarre eating habits of the royals.