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7 Funny Test Answers From Kids Who Didn’t Have a Clue

Think your kids are acing school? Well, check out some of their test answers.

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Funny Test Answer #1

Q: The first thing Queen Elizabeth II did upon ascending the throne was to …

A: Sit down.

You’ll never believe the ridiculous things people believed as kids.

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Funny Test Answer #2

Q: Write a sentence containing a double negative.

A: Mike is ugly and he smells.

Check out more of the cutest mistakes that kids have made.

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Funny Test Answer #3

Q: On what grounds was Aaron Burr tried for treason?

A: New York

These are people’s funniest family stories—and they’re heartwarming.

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Funny Test Answer #4

Q: Name two plays by Shakespeare.

A: Romeo and Juliet

Can you pass this elementary school math test?

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Funny Test Answer #5

Q: Use the word congenial in a sentence.

A: When you leave the gravy out too long, it congenials.

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Funny Test Answer #6

Q: Write about the importance of animals in Of Mice and Men.

A: The mice are very important—without them, you’d have only the men.

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Funny Test Answer #7

Q: Use the word doldrums in a sentence.

A: I cannot play the doldrums.

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