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8 Smart Uses for Your Kitchen Sponge You Haven’t Tried

The lowly kitchen sponge can play several important roles around the house. Here's how to use a sponge for more than just doing dishes.

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Help Your Houseplants

Sometimes leaf shine products can clog pores and actually harm your houseplants.  Instead, use water and a wet sponge to get that desired shine.

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Wash Away A Fever

Rinse a clean sponge in cool water and apply to your forehead, back, nape of your neck, or wherever else you feel flushed.  As the water evaporates, your body will cool down.

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Save Your Soap

Ever noticed the gloppy mess your soap makes in the bottom of the dish after several uses? Blech!  Rest your soap on a sponge instead. It wicks away moisture and leaves your soap clean and ready to use.

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Keep Veggies Crunchy

Place a few new kitchen sponges in your crisper drawer and squeeze them out after they’ve absorbed excess moisture. This will keep your veggies extra crisp. So clever!

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Wipe Away Pet Hair

We love our pets but their hair … not so much. A slightly damp sponge will easily remove Charlie’s leftover follicles from clothing and upholstered furniture.

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Perfect Your Pedicure

To avoid smudged polish after an at-home pedicure, cut a sponge in wedges and place between the toes to separate.

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Make Mini Ice Packs

Regular-sized ice packs can be too big (and cold!) for kiddie-sized bumps and bruises. For child-sized ice packs, cut a sponge into a few pieces, soak in water and freeze.

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