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Your Guide to the 2022 Lifetime Christmas Movie Schedule

Baby, it's cold outside, so stay in and make spirits bright with 35 new heartwarming holiday films from Lifetime.

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Lifetime Christmas Movies, via, Courtesy A+E Networks (10)

Lifetime Christmas movies

The elves at Lifetime have been particularly busy this year, and now they’re gifting holiday movie fans with 35 brand-new Lifetime Christmas movies. Starting November 12 and taking audiences all the way to Christmas Day, the festive features will fill the holidays with plenty of familiar faces.

Kelly Rowland, Reba McEntire, Melissa Joan Hart, Mario Lopez, Marie Osmond, and more will learn the true meaning of the season in tales of mistletoe kisses, struggling bakeries and bookshops, demanding bosses, fake fiancés, meddling moms, hot handymen, hot single dads, hot firemen, hot photographers … well, you get the point. This guide to the almost three dozen seasonal cinematic specials will help you decide which are the must-see TV movies that’ll fire up your Christmas spirit.

When you’re done with your Lifetime Christmas movies-a-thon, throw another Yule log on the fire, pour yourself a second glass of eggnog, and start making your way through the best Christmas movies ever made, the most romantic Christmas movies, Hallmark Christmas movies, and Christmas movies on Netflix.

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An Ice Wine ChristmasCourtesy A+E Networks

An Ice Wine Christmas

Debuts November 12

Sommelier Camila (Roselyn Sánchez) returns to her New York hometown for the annual Ice Wine Christmas Festival and harvest only to find out that her mentor at the local winery is retiring, the event is being scaled back, and an outsider named Declan (Lyriq Bent) wants to make sipping less seasonal. Camila tries to show the new guy why that would trample the tradition and magic of Christmas in a bottle. Between these Lifetime Christmas movies, pop on one of the best Christmas movies on Hulu.

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A Picture Perfect HolidayCourtesy A+E Networks

A Picture Perfect Holiday

Debuts November 13

Gaby (Tatyana Ali) is ready for her close-up as a fashion photographer and holiday hater who is sent by an editor to an annual retreat to up her lens game. After arriving in the small town, she finds her cabin has been double-booked with wildlife photographer Sean (Henderson Wade). Keep the holiday cheer going by watching Christmas movies on Amazon Prime all month long.

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Dancing Through The SnowCourtesy A+E Networks

Dancing through the Snow

Debuts November 19

After a video of an adoring single firefighter father (Virgin River‘s Colin Lawrence) ballet dancing with his 8-year-old daughter goes viral, women everywhere want a chance to tango with Michael. But the most eligible bachelor wants to save his dance card for his daughter’s dance teacher, Olivia (AnnaLynne McCord). If you, too, have children, get them in the spirit with one of these kids Christmas movies on Netflix.

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You Make It Feel Like ChristmasCourtesy A+E Networks

You Make It Feel Like Christmas

Debuts November 20

When a designer finds herself and her work noticed by one of the biggest names in her field, she tells her family she’s too busy to go home for the holidays. But her ex-childhood best friend, home from active duty, vows to leave no woman behind; he’ll get her home to celebrate. After watching these Lifetime Christmas movies, stay in the seasonal spirit with these festive Christmas cartoons.

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Baking Spirits BrightCourtesy A+E Networks

Baking Spirits Bright

Debuts November 21

The Varma family’s fruitcake business isn’t doing so hot. Mira’s parents hire all-business marketing wiz Brady Phillips (Dion Johnstone of Sweet Magnolias) to boost sales, leaving Mira (Rekha Sharma) to fight for the soul of the bakery she loves.

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Reba McEntire’s Christmas in Tune

Debuts November 26

It’s a country Christmas, y’all. Reba McEntire and John Schneider play a former duo, on stage and in life, who agree to reunite for a charity concert at the request of their daughter (Candice King). Turns out they might still have a song in their hearts after all these years. Speaking of seasonal songs, be sure to add these Christmas songs to your holiday playlist.

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Merry Liddle Christmas BabyCourtesy A+E Networks

Merry Liddle Christmas Baby

Debuts November 27

Pregnant Jacquie Liddle (Kelly Rowland) and her husband Tyler are prepping for their first Noel as parents, while her sister and brother-in-law are contemplating adoption and her younger sister is decking the halls as her relationship gets more serious by the day. It’s bound to be an eventful holiday filled with smooches, shenanigans, and surprises. If your holiday also involves children, get them excited for the festivities with these Christmas movies for kids.

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Miracle In Motor CityCourtesy A+E Networks

Miracle In Motor City

Debuts November 28

Everyone’s gonna see the tracks of Motown filly Amber Dupont’s tears if she doesn’t land soul legend Smokey Robinson for her church’s annual Christmas pageant. Knowing Amber (Tia Mowry-Hardrict) is in over her head, her BFFs secretly enlist her old boyfriend, Eddie (Mark Taylor), to help find and convince Smokey Joe to take the stage. Next up on your watch list: one of these funny Christmas movies.

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Welcome To The Christmas Family ReunionCourtesy A+E Networks

Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion

Debuts November 29

An event planner lands a great gig planning a family reunion for up-and-coming singer Tiffanie Christmas. In the process, she faces taxing family members and dynamics and meets the singer’s cousin Calvin, with whom she definitely wants to stop keeping it professional. Sounds like a recipe for hilarity. For more giggles, check out these funny Christmas movie quotes.

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Saying Yes To ChristmasCourtesy A+E Networks

Saying Yes to Christmas

Debuts November 30

Like some of the Christmas movies you’ll find on Disney+, this one involves a bit of magic. Would you choose a future with a hometown hottie or an exciting and rewarding career in the city? That’s the dilemma facing June after a magical Christmas wish leaves her saying “yes” to every single invite she receives while she’s visiting her family—including the ones that involve or come from her past paramour Blake.

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Match Made In MistletoeCourtesy A+E Networks

Match Made in Mistletoe

Debuts December 1

Emily Barnes, interior decorator extraordinaire and a huge fan of Christmas, is hired by an embassy in Washington, D.C., to pull together the look of its annual holiday charity ball. Her more-is-more aesthetic butts up against the new ambassador’s preference for minimalism, but romance is far from a foreign concept. Will Emily gain a partner while in the capital? These are Lifetime Christmas movies, so you likely know the (satisfying) answer. Bonus: You might get some great Christmas decoration ideas from this flick.

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A Christmas Village RomanceCourtesy A+E Networks

A Christmas Village Romance

Debuts December 2

Maple Creek, a charming pioneer village, is in financial trouble. Romance novelist Diana tries to draft a happy ending for the attraction by sponsoring a Christmas gala, and while hammering out the Christmas party themes and details, her relationship with the hamlet’s blacksmith and town historian, Carter, starts to smolder. The night before the event, her books’ good-on-paper cover model Greg shows up unexpectedly seeking a little bodice ripping. Plot twist: She’s forced to choose.

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A Christmas Dance ReunionCourtesy A+E Networks

A Christmas Dance Reunion

Debuts December 3

An attorney and her mother return to The Winterleigh, a magical lodge where they spent many a Christmas but which has fallen out of favor with travelers. Reunited with the owner’s nephew (who’s her childhood dance partner), she tries to help the owners pull off one last holiday season, complete with the big dance. Will it reignite interest in the resort? Will she and the hotel heir trip the light, and love, fantastic once again?

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Kirk Franklin's A Gospel Christmas Movie Courtesy A+e NetworksCourtesy A+E Networks

Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas

Debuts December 4

With only a month until Christmas, pastor Olivia gets reassigned to a new church and given the tall task of getting the choir’s Winter Jamboree ready. Only heaven—and a potential love interest—can help her and her new congregation now. Grammy award-winning gospel singer Kirk Franklin makes an appearance and wrote and arranged all of the songs featured in this musical melodrama. If you love Christian Christmas songs, this is the Lifetime movie for you.

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My Favorite Christmas MelodyCourtesy A+E Networks

My Favorite Christmas Melody

Debuts December 5

Abby (Mýa) almost made it big as a singer-songwriter but now spends her days writing mediocre commercial jingles. When she returns home, she finds renewed purpose in helping the local high school music teacher save the school arts program. It might help her find the courage to dream about making it big again. Maybe she’ll fall in love. Maybe both.

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Secretly SantaCourtesy A+E Networks

Secretly Santa

Debuts December 6

Add “secret identities” to your Lifetime Christmas movies bingo card. Miranda and Paul meet anonymously on a costumed Santa pub crawl and spend the night earning slots on the naughty list (wink, wink). They continue to flirt online. Unbeknownst to them, they work at rival companies. But when the businesses merge, they are forced to work together on a gift-giving app. Let’s just say all is not calm or bright.

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Christmas Movie MagicCourtesy A+E Networks

Christmas Movie Magic

Debuts December 7

Reporter Alli Blakeman ships off to the small town where a Christmas classic was filmed, planning to cover its anniversary. There she connects with a local theater owner, and together they dig into the mystery behind the movie’s theme song. Along the way, they might find the music in their hearts.

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Christmas With A CrownCourtesy A+E Networks

Christmas with a Crown

Debuts December 8

It’s the ole secret royalty trope: She’s in town to revive the traditional Christmas festival. He’s volunteered to help. But really he’s in town to discover what Christmas is really about—and whether being a prince has anything to do with his lack of Christmas spirit. She might be just the gal to help him turn his blue Christmas into a red-hot holiday.

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A Fiance For ChristmasCourtesy A+E Networks

A Fiancé for Christmas

Debuts December 9

When the whole town discovers the fake wedding registry she created to make herself feel better, the embarrassed Sawyer can’t bring it upon herself to come clean. (They threw her a bridal shower!) Instead, she hires a fake fiancé to continue the ruse and attend holiday festivities with her. Watch to find out if the decoy dude could become the real deal.

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Holiday In Santa FeCourtesy A+E Networks

Holiday in Santa Fe

Debuts December 10

With the passing of the matriarch and creative genius behind Casa de Milagro, a family-owned business that makes highly sought after traditional Mexican Christmas ornaments and decor, a widower and his children, Tony (Mario Lopez) and Magdalena (Aimee Garcia), struggle to run the Santa Fe shop. It doesn’t take long for vulture Belinda Sawyer, an executive at a large greeting card and holiday decor chain, to circle and attempt to acquire the company. One look at Tony might change her mission from corporate takeover to sleepover.

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The Holiday Fix UpCourtesy A+E Networks

The Holiday Fix Up

Debuts December 11

A popular renovation TV show’s interior designer goes home to renovate the local inn in time for the annual Christmas Eve Harborfest. But good help is hard to find. She’s paired up with the contractor who broke her heart. Will they be able to fix the mistakes of the past to build a future together?

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Blending ChristmasCourtesy A+E Networks

Blending Christmas

Debuts December 12

Liam has thought of everything. He’s taking his girlfriend, Emma (Haylie Duff), to her favorite holiday haunt, the Hacienda de la Sierra, where he’ll pop the question. He’s arranged for both sides of the family to be there as he does it. But he’s underestimated how much drama they would pack, and the bickering starts to rattle their relationship. With only a few days left before Christmas, the families realize the error of their ways and must team up to right the ship.

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Maps And MistletoeCourtesy A+E Networks

Maps and Mistletoe

Debuts December 13

This movie begins your countdown to the 12 days of Christmas. Cartographer Emilia wants to spend her winter break kicking back, but her boss ruins operation sweatpants when he assigns a last-minute project, a novelty treasure map of the North Pole. She consults a North Pole explorer, which in turn leads her on an exciting expedition to discover romance.

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Ghosts Of Christmas PastCourtesy A+E Networks

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Debuts December 14

It’s a modern twist on A Christmas Carol, made for a social-media-obsessed world. A fortune teller suggests that Ellie, a serial ghoster on dating apps, must make amends with all the dates she ditched. If she doesn’t do it before Christmas, she’ll never find true love. With the holiday only a week away, the clock is ticking on her romantic future.

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The Enchanted Christmas CakeCourtesy A+E Networks

The Enchanted Christmas Cake

Debuts December 15

Grieving the loss of her grandmother, who ran a bakery with her, Gwen isn’t in the mood for Christmas traditions this year, especially because she can’t figure out Gram’s secret recipe for the holiday treat that made the town famous. When a top chef comes to town to film a Christmas special, Gwen agrees to help the producer prep the shoot to save the bakery. That’s when things really start cooking.

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Christmas By ChanceCourtesy A+E Networks

Christmas by Chance

Debuts December 16

Wealthy entrepreneur William enlists the owner of a struggling gift shop, Chance, to help him plan the perfect proposal. To find out what his girlfriend likes and wants, Chance goes undercover at their Christmas party with William introducing her as an old family friend. As they try to crack the code, Chance and William grow closer with every failed secret plan, and Chance wonders if she should tell him that his gal pal doesn’t seem ready to commit.

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Mistletoe In Montana Courtesy A+e NetworksCourtesy A+E Networks

Mistletoe in Montana

Debuts December 17

Another day, another single dad. This one finds his way to Paradise Ranch to cowboy up with his two kids for Christmas week. Finding someone to play house with wasn’t promised in the brochure, but he just might ride off into the sunset with the previously unlucky-in-love owner (Melissa Joan Hart). If you have kids, keep them occupied while you wrap all those presents by setting them up with some Christmas crafts for kids.

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Toying With The HolidaysCourtesy A+E Networks

Toying with the Holidays

Debuts December 18

Single workaholic mom Danielle decides to take her young son, Paul, home to partake in all of Holly Pines’ festive attractions. They arrive to find that the beloved North Pole Express isn’t running. To make sure the train hasn’t permanently left the station, Danielle reconnects with her former high school classmate Kevin (Chad Michael Murray), now a hobbyist and model train enthusiast, to conduct a campaign to get the North Pole Express back on track.

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Under The Christmas TreeCourtesy A+E Networks

Under the Christmas Tree

Debuts December 19

Last year, the network made headlines by releasing the first of its Lifetime Christmas movies featuring a same-sex couple storyline. This time around, it’s ladies’ night, and oh what a night it is when Charlie finds the perfect Christmas tree for the Maine Governor’s Holiday Celebration in Alma’s backyard. Alma isn’t sold on parting with the Tannenbaum at first, but it isn’t long before love begins to blossom. Ricki Lake costars as the town’s match-making genius pâtissier.

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Candy Cane CandidateCourtesy A+E Networks

Candy Cane Candidate

Debuts December 20

Julia plans to hide out in her hometown for the holidays after losing a city council bid by a landslide. But before she can bounce back from defeat, she runs into Parker, a know-it-all high school rival who beat her in the senior class president race. When the mayor resigns suddenly and the town decides to hold an emergency election, Julia and Parker find themselves on opposite sides of the ballot once again. But this time love might get the vote.

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The Christmas BallCourtesy A+E Networks

The Christmas Ball

Debuts December 21

After being cut from this year’s production of The Nutcracker, ballerina Clare flees to holly jolly old England to hole up with her aunt in her historic home and lick her wounds. The town historian has been helping her aunt fight for preservation status, and he tells Clare about the regency balls once held there. The lady of the house suggests they hold one as part of the historian’s presentation. It might also be the thing that helps the dancer get her groove back.

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It Takes A Christmas VillageCourtesy A+E Networks

It Takes a Christmas Village

Debuts December 22

Mayor Alex Foster knows the old mill would make the perfect setting for her city’s Christmas market. Too bad the owner, the reclusive Darcy, belongs to a family who has long feuded with Alex’s kin. For the good of the town, she grinds down his walls, only to find feelings rise. Hosting your own winter wonderland this season? You might get some great outdoor Christmas decoration ideas while watching this movie.

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Rebuilding A Dream ChristmasCourtesy A+E Networks

Rebuilding a Dream Christmas

Debuts December 23

Real estate agent Abbey inherits a rundown Victorian from her grandmother. To get it market-ready, she hires—wait for it—a hunky single dad. Working on the house reminds her of past good times while working with Josh makes her envision a potential future.

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Hot Chocolate HolidayCourtesy A+E Networks

Hot Chocolate Holiday

Debuts December 24

Not sure about you, but we’d be pretty peeved if a new guy came to town, opened a competing dessert boutique, and started stealing our customers with a hot chocolate recipe that tastes eerily similar to the family hot cocoa recipe we serve. When that happens to Colette, she’s pretty angry. Will there be a neighborhood feud or Merry Christmas wishes? Let’s just say Colette appears to be sipping her way to something special with Marcus.

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Writing Around The Christmas TreeCourtesy A+E Networks

Writing around the Christmas Tree

Debuts Christmas 25

It’s a Christmas miracle! You, dear watcher, have made it to the last of the Lifetime Christmas movies, and you’ll have to decide if the channel saved the best for last. Mikaela has yet to find The One IRL but has found plenty of success creating relationships in her books. While at a writing retreat at a remote bed and breakfast, a fellow novelist calls her out for penning seductive sagas and selling the dream when she fails to walk the talk.

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