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8 Lip Balm Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew All Along

Here's how the least expensive product in your beauty bag could actually be the biggest lifesaver, going way beyond just healing chapped lips.

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Moisturize parched skin

Most lip balms have ingredients—such as petroleum jelly, beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter or lanolin—designed to lock in moisture and form a protective barrier, which makes them a great pinch-hitter for a lip moisturizer, according to lip balm expert Joahne Carter, vice president of Marketing for eos. Smear lip balm on body parts that get especially rough in the winter, like elbows, knees, heels, and knuckles. For this hack as well (as most of the others listed here), choose a basic balm without tints, shimmer, sparkles or fragrances. We love Lanolips 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm, which is made of pure lanolin and has zero artificial fragrances, parabens, sulfates, or other problematic additives. Give these lip oils a try, too.

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Treat cuticles

Overdue for a manicure? Try massaging a bit of lip balm onto dry cuticles to soften them and prevent snags until your next nail appointment. Check out these other simple tips for getting healthy nails.

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Tame flyaways

On days when your hair is frizzy, has flyaways, or if stray strands are sticking out of your updo, rub lip balm between your fingers and gently brush back the wayward hairs to create a smoother look. No need for hairspray! (Pro tip: Often times, flyaways are broken, damaged strands of hair, so try these home remedies for dry hair to head off breakage.)

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Heal an irritated nose

Once winter comes along, that means colds, dry indoor air, and tons of tissues. All that nose-blowing will inevitably leave the skin in and around your nose red, dry, and sore. Luckily, lip balm works just like petroleum jelly: Apply lip moisturizer inside and outside your nasal passages to soothe irritation. Just make sure the balm doesn’t contain menthol or camphor, ingredients that give some balms a cool tingling sensation, because it could sting and might actually be drying. These natural cold remedies will get you feeling better faster.

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Keep makeup in place

Not only does lip balm act as a lip moisturizer, but it also aids in your daily makeup routine. Next time you’re applying eyeshadow, try using a bit of lip balm as a base. The substance will act as a primer, so your shadow will go on smoother and stay on longer. (These simple makeup tips will make your eyes really pop!)

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Go for the glow

Get glowing, dewy skin by dabbing lip moisturizer on your cheek bones as a highlighter. Try Eos Shimmer Lip Balm in Pearl, with the perfect amount of subtle shimmer. For more tips on how to get glowing skin, check out these ways to improve your complexion in just one day.

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Groom eyebrows

Having trouble keeping your brows in place? Lip balm does the trick. Lightly apply the lip moisturizer to your brows, then use a brow brush or a clean spoolie to shape them. Up your brow game with these grooming tips from a brow guru.

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Prevent blisters

Don’t hesitate to wear your favorite (but not-so-comfortable) high heels tonight. You won’t get painful blisters if you rub lip moisturizer onto the heels and sides of your feet before putting the shoes on. The slick texture will provide a barrier between your skin and the shoes, preventing painful rubbing and chafing.

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