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What Your Favorite Lipstick Color Says About Your Personality

Whether you prefer a dab of clear lip balm or a full lip of brilliant red, your choice of lip color reveals something.

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Women who wear hot pink lipstick are mischevious

For women who are bubbly and energetic, hot pink is the perfect shade. Women who go for this fun color tend to exude a sense of playfulness that matches their high energy level and subtly hints at their mischievous side. The shade pictured here is Hibiskiss-Proof by Catrice Cosmetics.

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Women who swipe on plum lipstick are unique

Plum lips certainly jump out in a crowd, as wearers of this shade definitely don’t shy from the spotlight. Wearers of this shade give off a sexy sense of confidence and won’t back down from a challenge. Plum-colored lips also indicate a unique sense of style, as women rocking this hue don’t mind being set apart from the crowd. The shade pictured here is Noir Red by Besame Cosmetics.

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Women who sport red lipstick are passionate

Like the ladies who opt for a plum shade, fans of red lipstick definitely don’t mind being the center of attention. Women who favor a bold red lip are confident and self-assured, and are completely comfortable having all eyes on them. Women with red lips are also extremely passionate, and will vocal about topics in which they have a vested interest. The shade pictured here is Trust Me by Colour Pop.

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Women who don’t wear lipstick are no-nonsense

Women who choose to sport a natural lip (or can’t be bothered with lip product that isn’t Chapstick) are meant to be taken seriously. These women are no-nonsense and practical and not to be messed with. Here are genius lip balm hacks you didn’t know about.

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Women who wear lip gloss are friendly

Glossed lips indicate that their wearer is fun-loving but down-to-earth. Women who opt for a little shine over color don’t take themselves too seriously, and you shouldn’t either. The shade pictured here is Pink Up the Volume by Catrice Cosmetics.

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Women who opt for nude lipstick are warm and caring

Women who go with a nude lip may be on the shy side, but are extremely warm and caring once they open up. Although they put effort into their appearance, this choice of lip color indicates they want to be taken seriously. The shade pictured here is Coffee and Cream by Catrice Cosmetics.

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Women who prefer coral lipstick are bubbly

Those who opt for a coral lip tend to have a positive outlook on life. These women are extremely optimistic, lovers of the outdoors, and youthful at heart. They always strive to make the best out of any situation.

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A woman who wears mauve lipstick is mysterious

A mauve shade incorporates both purple and gray tones. Women who prefer this shade may be mysterious and quiet, while also sophisticated and intelligent. Mauve lips are a sign of a woman with a plan.  The shade pictured here is Lumiere 2 by Colour Pop.

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Women who wear burgundy lipstick are strong and silent

Like its brighter cousin red, burgundy shades signal confidence and sense of purpose. However, women who lean toward this shade are more reserved and quiet. They may not yearn to be the center of attention but have plenty to say when probed. The shade pictured here is Victory Red by Besame Cosmetics.

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Women who wear brownish-pink lipstick are independent

A pink shade that incorporates brown undertones is a sophisticated choice for any women. Those that favor this muted shade are serious and intelligent. They are trendy and in-the-know, but are also low maintenance and independent. The shade pictured here is Dusty Rose by Besame Cosmetics.