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8 Things Macy’s Employees Wish You Knew About Holiday Shopping

Macy’s is the center of holiday shopping for people across the country. We talked to anonymous employees at the biggest Macy’s store, located in New York City, for the scoop on what you should and should not do while shopping this season.

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Don’t blame us if we give you wrong directions

To keep up with the extra customers coming in for holiday shopping, stores hire seasonal employees. The good news is that means there are more people to help you find the perfect gift. The bad news is they don’t always know where those gifts are, since they may not be familiar with the layout of that store. Try not to be discouraged if an employee gives you wrong directions. They may be just as confused as you are.

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We need your loyalty

Employees in the shoe department work on commission, so once someone starts pulling sizes for you, be loyal to that particular associate. Don’t go asking five different people to help you find one pair of shoes.

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Sometimes you ask stupid questions (#sorrynotsorry)

A big pet peeve for employees is when customers ask, “Do you work here?” even though they’re clearly wearing a Macy’s nametag. It’s not a good opening line to get someone’s attention; it’s annoying. Just say, “Excuse me, can you help me?” and let them take it from there.

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Cashiers don’t make the prices

It can be tempting to rant on cashiers when something was advertised as one price and it’s rung up differently at the store, but don’t. They don’t have any control over sale prices nor do they have the power to change them. Honestly, they’d probably want the cheaper price too.

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Please don’t throw money or clothes at us

This seems like a scene from a movie, but some cashiers have actually had money and clothes literally thrown at them. Sure, tensions can get high during holiday shopping sprees, but don’t use that as an excuse to do something that’s not socially acceptable.

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That new holiday “sale” isn’t really a sale

When Macy’s advertises a sale during the holiday season, it’s actually often just the same 20 percent off recycled to look like a new discount. So if you don’t go for the Black Friday deals, you can likely shop anytime before Christmas and still get about the same prices.

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Know our return policies

Holidays are notorious times for returning all sorts of purchases for a variety of reasons. Be sure you know what the policies are before you bring back that oversized sweater. Some starter tips: you can’t bring back clothes that have been worn, and don’t return anything with makeup stains on it.

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Think before you speak

The holiday season is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the time of year when employees most have to deal with unruly customers. Choosing to be patient and holding in rude comments will make your shopping experience better for everyone, including yourself. It’s the easiest way to spread Christmas cheer.

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