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16 McDonald’s Happy Meal Foods from Around the World

Hint: The McSpaghetti is NOT from Italy.

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Philippines: McSpaghetti

You might think of McDonald’s as all-American fare, but in Hong Kong, some meals get an Italian twist. The McSpaghetti noodles are topped with ground beef and red sauce.

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Spain: Ham McCroquetas

Your favorite tapas are a kids meal option in Spain, with ham folded into a creamy sauce, then breaded and fried to make a croquette. Luckiest of all for Happy Meal eaters, the meals come with a side and dessert.

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corn sticks
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Israel: Corn Sticks

These crispy sticks look like mozzarella sticks but are filled with a creamy filling and real corn pieces. Israeli Happy Meals come not only with a side of fries, but also a squeezable fruit pack for a healthy twist.

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McAloo tikki
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India: McAllo Tikki

There are no hamburgers on the menu in India, but there is the McAllo Tikki, which has a potato and pea patty that gets topped with veg sauce, ketchup, tomatoes, and onion. This is where you can find the world’s best McDonald’s menu—without leaving America.

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India: McVeggie

For another vegetarian-friendly option in India, kids can sink their teeth into the McVeggie, with a vegetable-heavy patty made of peas, green beans, peas, carrots, potatoes, and Indian spices. It gets topped with lettuce and cool mayonnaise.

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Chicken bites
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Taiwan: Chicken Bites

These aren’t your average McNugget. As a way of making its Happy Meals healthier, Taiwan introduced unbreaded, steamed chicken bites with vegetables mixed in. Side options are corn, salad, or fruit—not a fry to be found.

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Fish fingers
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United Kingdom: Fish Fingers

British kids can’t get fish and chips with their McDonald’s Happy Meals, but they can get the next best thing: fish fingers. An order comes with three sticks of Hoki or Pollock fish. Here are 14 McDonald’s items you’ll only find in Britain.

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Wholemeal snack wrap
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Australia: Wholemeal Snack Wrap

Nuggets aren’t the only kid-friendly chicken option in Australia. Happy Meals also have a petite whole wheat wrap loaded with grilled chicken, mayonnaise, and lettuce for children.

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Italy: McToast

Turn a burger bun inside out and you get the starter for a double-grilled McToast, sandwiching ham and two slices of cheese. Learn which countries have actually banned McDonald’s.

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Junior chicken
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Italy: Junior Chicken

Italy is keeping its chicken sandwich basics for its youngest customers, serving up sandwiches with just chicken and ketchup.

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cheesy eggdesal
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Philippines: Cheesy Eggdesal

Yep, the Philippines has Happy Meals at breakfast, too. This egg sandwich’s name comes from the pan de sal bread that it’s served on. Learn about the 11 discontinued McDonald’s menu items that totally failed.

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Chicken McDo
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Philippines: Chicken McDo

Not only can you get McNuggets in the Philippines, but you can get a fried “McDo” drumstick too. It even comes with a portion of steamed rice.

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Japan: Mini pancakes

For breakfast in Japan, kids can fuel up with mini pancakes topped with apples and cream, and hash browns are even a side option in the morning. This is where you can find 12 of the coolest McDonald’s locations around the world.

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Pork burger
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Thailand: Pork Burger

That’s no typo: Thailand offers Happy Meal burgers made with pork instead of beef. It’s not quite the legendary McRib, but it might not be a bad substitute.

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Bulgogi burger
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South Korea: Bulgogi Burger

Despite its exotic-sounding name, the Bulgogi Burger isn’t too far off from something you could get in the United States. The burger patty is topped with mayonnaise, lettuce, and a brown “roasted meat sauce.” Kids can get theirs with fries or a pineapple cup.

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sausage McMuffin
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Malaysia: Sausage McMuffin

This breakfast item has a kids-only option in Malaysia. And don’t worry, that’s not a cup of coffee on the side—it’s a hot chocolate drink.

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Canada: Bagel

Picky eaters will appreciate this option. Canadian Happy Meals include a plain bagel with butter as an option, which can be paired with apple slices and milk for a balanced morning meal. Don’t miss these things McDonald’s employees won’t tell you.

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