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50 Mom Memes Mothers Will Find Hilariously Relatable

Being a mom is a joy, that goes without saying. But there's also PLENTY to laugh at, and that's what these memes are for.

Picture of children squirming into mother's lap
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LOL, Mom! Share these mom memes to make her laugh

Being a mom is the absolute best, but it’s also like running a marathon—super long and challenging. Fortunately, you’re part of a tribe of humans who understand the specific frustrations, tasks and hilarity you go through every day. Thanks to social media, your mom tribe is always nearby and ready to laugh with you when you need it most. These funny mom memes will help you perfectly capture the good, the bad and the utterly exhausting aspects of mom life.

And don’t forget your own mom. She’s been through it herself, so she’d get a kick out of these memes too. And be sure to spoil her with a special Mother’s Day gift this year, take inspiration from these motherhood quotes and Mother’s Day messages to write a card she’ll cherish, and deliver some Mother’s Day laughs—like these best memes, feminist memes and mom jokes. Nothing says love like a little humor.

Mom and daughter in chicken costumes MEME TEXT: Having a weird mom builds character
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Normal is overrated

Share this meme if life with your mom is never boring! There are mom memes, and then there are dad jokes. Pick your poison.

Kid jumping on bed MEME TEXT: You'd think after 2349 bedtimes my kid would have this down
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Bedtime means actually going to bed!

Bedtime is always a struggle for everyone involved. By the way, make sure you bookmark these back-to-school memes that are so relatable (and hilarious!)

Child sleeping MEME TEXT: Never make eye contact with a kid about to fall asleep they'll sense your excitement and abort mission
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They can just tell

The first few instants after a kid falls asleep are so tenuous. Here’s a great Mother’s Day idea: give your mom some time to herself.

Mom and daughter in the pool, screaming and laughing. MEME TEXT: You never realize how weird you are until you have a kid that acts just like you
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Wait, was I like that as a kid?! Read through these funny parenting stories for some serious side-splitting humor.

Mom smiling suspiciously as she shines a flashlight beneath bed. MEME TEXT: Searching for my son’s chocolate I ate last night
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Where could it be?!

No candy stash is safe from mom.

Child in suitcase MEME TEXT: If I ever go missing follow my kids they can find me wherever I am
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Found you, Mom

Feel like your kids have some kind of “mom detector”? Who knows, maybe it could come in handy and be a fun little built-in gift for mom.

Woman peeking from door MEME TEXT: Silence is golden! Unless you have young kids then silence is suspicious
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Hear no evil?

It’s *too quiet*! Moms, you might also be able to relate to these hilarious working from home memes.

Two kids doing headstands on a couch MEME TEXT: The most difficult part about being a parent? The kids
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Also the best part, though

Who would’ve thought?! Pop this meme into a printable Mother’s Day card and let the laughs commence.

Woman with fake smile MEME TEXT: When your kid is telling a story that just won't end
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“And THEN…”

You’re adorable, and the story is heartwarming, but Mommy has other things to do.

Delivery man holding large package. MEME TEXT: When the baby falls asleep in your arms and you try to move her to the crib
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Handle with care

No sudden movements!

Deer being pecked in the eye by a small bird. MEME TEXT: Being the parent of a toddler
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Fun with the kiddos

What even is personal space?

Mother on laptop while children play electric guitar and basketball behind her. MEME TEXT: Can I get back to you in about 12 years?
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Hold, please

Maybe then I’ll have a free moment. Get your mom crying this year with these beautiful Mother’s Day songs.

Woman peering behind shower curtain as if interrupted. MEME TEXT: I don't need a big, luxurious vacation—I'd be happy with an uninterrupted shower!
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It’s the little things

You think a tropical getaway is the pinnacle of calm—until you have young kids.

Child blowing out candles on cake. MEME TEXT: Why do we celebrate you on the anniversary of a day when Mom did all the work?!
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Thanks, Mom

Here are more funny birthday memes to share with someone who’s celebrating.

Child playing trumpet, standing on the couch, while mother watches. MEME TEXT: Have kids, they said! It'll be fun, they said!
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Never a dull moment

Hey, they never said it would be tranquil.

Mom in bathtub with child standing adjacent MEME TEXT: Want to get your kids' attention? Sit down and look comfortable
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Impeccable timing

You might as well be summoning them to you. For something a little more heartwarming, these mother-daughter quotes will remind you how great it is to be a mom.

Welder. MEME TEXT: Trying to scrub dried Rice Krispies out of a bowl
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Why is it so hard?!


Two women touching elbows. MEME TEXT: When I see another mom with her screaming two-year-old in a store
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I feel your pain

Soldier on, comrade.

Lion being attacked by her cubs. MEME TEXT: When my kids follow me into my room after the sixth time I put them to bed
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So no one’s sleeping tonight

Mom needs to go to bed too!

Child upside down laughing. MEME TEXT: When I tell my kid to smile for a picture
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Just smile normally…just once?!

I mean, hey, it’s still cute. These funny baby photos will make you laugh out loud.

Woman being covered with steam from the dishwasher. MEME TEXT: The closest I can get to a spa day...
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How refreshing

Bonus: You don’t have to pay anything!

Child looking up at mother. MEME TEXT: What I say: "No" What kid hears: "Ask again, Mom didn't understand the question!"
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No means what?

And on and on it goes.

Two children in front of TV. MEME TEXT: Feel guilty that your kids watch too much TV? Mute it and put subtitles on—now they're reading!
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Pro parenting tip(?)

TOTALLY the same. Maybe you can try some of these Mother’s Day movies this year.

Throwing money in garbage. MEME TEXT: Parenting summed up
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Where’d all the money go?

Sure, you knew kids would be costly, but sometimes it really can feel like this.

Woman thinking. MEME TEXT: What if I told you Dad also knows how to pour milk?
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Give Mom a break

The kicker: when they walk right past Dad sitting on the couch to get to you.

Woman face down in laundry basket MEME TEXT: How was your day with the kids?
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My aura of exhaustion says more than words ever could. Sounds like Mom deserves one of these thank you memes along with a mom meme.

Child throwing tantrum on the floor. MEME TEXT: I've never wrestled a bear, but I have pulled a splinter from a two-year-old's finger
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You don’t know the struggle

The jury’s out on which is more treacherous.

A mother goose and her goslings. MEME TEXT: That first-time mom look
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Oh good, they’re all here

Parenting will get easier…right?! We have plenty more wholesome memes where this came from.

Dog sticking head out window. MEME TEXT: Me on my way to run cumbersome, boring errands without the kids
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A moment alone?!

I am READY to hit Costco.

Woman with arms crossed, smiling. MEME TEXT: Thinking about the junk food I'm going to eat after the kids are in bed
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Guilty pleasures

What they don’t know won’t hurt them.

Figure Skaters performing a Death Spiral on Ice MEME TEXT: When you ask your kid to hold your hand and stay close
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An art form

Is walking in a straight line too much to ask?

When your child gets mad at you and says they won’t talk to you anymore
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Who is the real winner here?

Let’s see how long this will last.

Being a mom means always having snacks
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A walking CVS

Goldfish in one pocket, fruit gummies in another and cookies in your purse. If you want to remind your mom how much you love her, see where you can find the best Mother’s Day flowers.

When you open a snack for yourself
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Ears like elephants

How can they possibly hear all the crinkling wrappers?

Me remembering that one time I made dinner and all the kids ate it
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A fond and distant memory.

When you’re trying to get your baby. Into the onesie
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Today’s puzzle

Almost as mind-bending as the daily Wordle.

When you’re trying to go to sleep, but remember you left your reheated coffee from the morning in the microwave
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A constant cycle

You know it will be a good day when you actually have time to drink your coffee.

When your child ate cheese all day yesterday, but today they declare they don’t like cheese
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What changed?

Someone explain.

When your toddler took a longer nap so now they’re going to be up late
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Please no

But what about naps for Mom?

When someone asks you what you do all day
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Where’s my paycheck?

Being a mother is a full-time job.

When your kid asks for help with their math homework
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Why does math always seem to change?

When someone asks how your day was
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Battle scars

Exhaustion doesn’t even begin to cover it.

When you’re trying to get the kids to bed, but your husband says they can stay up a few more minutes
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Is this a joke?

A few more minutes feels like a few more years.

When they tell you the birthday party has been canceled
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How many children’s birthday parties can you really attend?

When you hear about other moms making their kids organic food and you’re serving your kids Kraft mac and cheese every day
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Soup’s on!

You have to do what you have to do.

When you finally sit down and hear someone call “Mom!” from the other room
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Please no

Maybe it’s time for a name change.

When you tell your child not to touch something
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Don’t touch

Maybe a little reverse psychology is needed here.

When your kid strolls back into your room for the fifth time after putting them to bed
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Go to bed

Welcome to the no-sleep club!

As a mom, my diet consists of everything my child doesn’t finish.
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A half-eaten cheese stick: Yes! Apple slices: Sure! Goldfish crackers: You bet! 

Your kids when you’re trying to rush them out of the house
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Move, move, move

Can they be any slower? Now that you’ve laughed your way through these mom memes, get ready to celebrate your other favorite parent with these Father’s Day memes.

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