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6 Facts You Never Knew About Your Own Money

Are you current on our currency? Test yourself on these money facts below.

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“In God We Trust” used to read differently

The motto, tweaked from the original “In God is our Trust,” first appeared on the two-cent coin in 1864. A year later, an act of Congress declared that the motto should be placed on all gold and silver coins. “In God We Trust,” showed up on paper money in 1957, when it was printed on the one-dollar silver certificate.

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This is the bill with the shortest lifespan

According to the Federal Reserve Bank, the average lifespan of a $50 bill is 3.7 years. Next in line is the $10 bill at 4.2 years, followed by the $5 at 4.9 years. Here’s how you can find the 15 valuable coins that could be in your piggy bank.

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There are no $500 bills

The $100 bill has been the largest denomination of currency in circulation since 1969.

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You can fold a bill a lot of times

The government says you’d have to fold a bill 4,000 times before it tears. Can you say task for a Federal Reserve Bank intern? This is the funny reason money is green.

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Your cash isn’t made of paper

Currency is 3/4 cotton and 1/4 linen. It also has small red and blue synthetic fibers woven throughout the bill.

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There was once a $100,000 currency

Printed in 1934, $100,000 Gold Certificates bearing a portrait of Woodrow Wilson were used, but only for official transactions between Federal Reserve Banks. Learn more trivia with these 16 mind-blowing facts about money.