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49 Unique Gifts for Book Lovers (That Aren’t Books)

Think beyond the page with these literary-themed gifts for book lovers.

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50 Unique Gifts For Book Lovers (that Aren't Books) Opener, Via, Via, Via, Via, Via, Via

Read ’em like a book

What are the top gifts for book lovers? Surprisingly, not always the year’s must-read books. You can think outside the box for this crowd. Book lovers are romantic, maybe even a little obsessive when it comes to their love affair with words, knowledge, and literature. The best gifts for book lovers go beyond books. They offer an unexpected surprise, a dash of comfort, and a little (or a lot of) romance.

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for those just-right gifts for readers (and everyone else on your list). We’ve rounded up gift ideas that are practical, funny, best-selling, highly reviewed, or just all-around hits with book fans. You’ll find selections like gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for Harry Potter fans, and gifts for coffee lovers. (On that note, be sure to browse a list of the best coffee table books, which make stellar gifts for this crowd.) Read on for the most clever, funny, punny, and flat-out awesome gifts to give even the most discerning book lovers in your life.

Audible Gift Card Ecomm Via Amazon.comVia Merchant

Audible Premium Plus Gift Membership

Best for: Audiobook lovers

The only thing better than gifting someone a great book is gifting them a way to read it on the go. Audible Premium Plus gift memberships offer all the perks of a subscription without the commitment. That means audiobooks to thousands of bestsellers, plus originals you can only get on Audible, sleep tracks, meditation programs, and podcasts. And with a Premium Plus gift membership, your favorite book lover will also get an additional title every month from an extended list of bestsellers and new releases not available with a standard Audible subscription. Not sure how long your giftee will want to listen? Gift memberships range between one month and one year.

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Just One More Chapter Pillow CoverVia

Just One More Chapter Pillow Cover

Best for: The partner who says up late reading

Gifts for book lovers should woo them with wit and comfort. How many times have you heard a bookworm say, “Just one more chapter?” Don’t forget to buy the pillow to go inside this perfect statement pillow cover. If you’re looking for can’t-put-down books—the kind that keeps you turning pages ’til late at night—try any of these best mysteries and thrillers.

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The Antiquarian Sticker Book BibliophiliaVia

The Antiquarian Sticker Book: Bibliophilia

Best for: Crafters and historical fiction lovers

Fall in love with this literary-themed miscellany, which makes one of the best gifts for readers. It’s a gorgeous collection of more than 1,000 stickers featuring Victorian flora, nature, book quotes, and unique letter designs. It’s the perfect gift for your historical romance–loving mom—as are these other great gifts for moms.

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This Is My Bookstore PostcardsVia

This Is My Bookstore Postcards

Best for: World travelers

These fascinating postcards showcase gorgeous bookshops around the globe. They come in a box of 100 and are a unique gift for world-traveling book lovers. Another idea: Give them one of the best fantasy books to really send them on a voyage.

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Dabney Lee Faux Leather Bookmarks With Sayings Via Target.comVia

Dabney Lee Faux Leather Bookmarks with Sayings

Best for: Multitaskers

These wonderfully inspiring bookmarks make the perfect gifts for book lovers—especially those reading several books at a time. Practical yet fun, they feature witty quips like “Mark my Words.” If you’re always looking for page-turners, these are the best romance novels of all time.

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Out Of Print Bookstore Cats Relaxed Fit T ShirtVia

Out of Print Bookstore Cats Relaxed-Fit T-Shirt

Best for: Cat lovers

Bookstores and cats go together like Lizzie Bennet and Mr. Darcy. This popular T-shirt explains just how sweet that is—with an adorable cat on an open book too. It’s comfy perfection and the perfect gift for cat lovers.

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Dayna B Small Iron Sculpture Via Amazon.comVia

Dayna B Small Iron Sculpture

Best for: Art lovers

Art imitates life. This artsy iron sculpture is doing what all book lovers dream of doing: settling in with a good book. It’s small—just under eight inches tall—but solid and substantial. The perfect gifts for Dad are hard to find, but this would make an elegant addition to the bookshelf in his study.

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Out Of Print Where The Wild Things Are PouchVia

Out of Print Where the Wild Things Are Pouch

Best for: Wild things of every age

This zippered pouch is absolutely adorable and perfect for carrying pens, pencils, and even makeup necessities. It features cover art from Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are, considered one of the best children’s books of all time.

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Stet! Dreyer's English GameVia

Stet! Dreyer’s English Game

Best for: Word nerds

Based on the best-selling grammar manual, Dreyer’s English, this fun game offers a huge challenge, one that will delight book lovers and grammar geeks. “Stet” means “let it stand” in editor speak, so that’s what you yell in this game if you think a sentence is correct. Players need the keen eyes of a copy editor for this one. It’d make a fun white elephant gift too.

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My Weekend Is All Booked T ShirtVia

My Weekend is All Booked T-Shirt

Best for: Busy moms

Comfy and covered in a hilarious quip, this cute tee makes a great gift for book lovers of all kinds. We love it for the busy mom who just wants to settle down with a warming cup of tea and the latest true crime thriller. Find more of the best gifts for book lovers on this list of the best books of all time.

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Baltic Club Diy Book Binding Kit Via Macys.comVia

Baltic Club DIY Book-Binding Kit

Best for: Writers and crafters

This do-it-yourself book-binding kit comes with everything your recipients need to craft two beautiful notebooks: the tools, instructions, and paper. Once finished, they can buy more paper and then use the kit’s tools to make more notebooks – making it a perfect gift for writers.

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Pottery Barn Cozy Pom Pom Sherpa ThrowVia

Pottery Barn Cozy Pom-Pom Sherpa Throw

Best for: Cozy Mystery Readers, Snuggle-in-with-a-good-book types

There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a great book, but you’re going to need a soft blanket to make the experience complete. This is one of the best throw blankets, crafted from plush, Sherpa-like material and made to last. It makes for a lush and luxurious gift for readers.

Shop Now Compliment Pencils Via Amazon.comVia Compliment Pencils

Best for: Teachers and students

It’s easy to give a compliment with these best-selling pencils, which come in bright, lively colors and feature the best compliments you can ask for. Your gift recipient gets to read things like “You’re straight-up magic” and “Yes, you totally can.” These make the perfect gift for anyone who you want to make smile.

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Hog Wild Peeramid Bookrest RedoVia

Hog Wild Peeramid Bookrest

Best for: Hands-off readers

Convenience meets comfort in a good-looking book pyramid that holds tablets and books. It’s easy to use, soft, portable, and features a long tassel that doubles as a bookmark. This would make a great gift for a brother who’s hard to shop for.

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Well Read Wuthering Heights Green Book Handbag Cross Body ClutchVia

Well Read Wuthering Heights Green Book Handbag Cross-Body Clutch

Best for: Romance lovers

True romantics will get swept away by this ode to Catherine and Heathcliff from Emily Brontë’s classic novel. These whimsical cross-body bags come in several book cover choices, including Wuthering Heights, one of the best romance novels of all time.

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A Jane Austen Tarot Deck Via Wordery.comVia

A Jane Austen Tarot Deck

Best for: Bookish mystics

Fans of Jane Austen’s wit and wisdom will love this quirky, beautifully illustrated card deck. You’ll find 53 lush cards with traditional tarot symbolism revamped using lore and love stories from Austen’s canon. When it comes to books by female authors, Austen is queen.

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Out Of Print Read Banned Books PinVia

Out of Print Read Banned Books Pin

Best for: Rebel readers

This cool enamel pin will give your gift a literary flair. For the true bibliophiles in your life, pair the pin with a few famous banned books. Read on, rebel.

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Galison Plant Shelfie Puzzle Via Bloomingdales.comVia

Galison Plant Shelfie Puzzle

Best for: The reader with a green thumb

Puzzles are perfect for relaxing and passing the time. Book lovers will adore this pretty, 1,000-piece puzzle, which features an overflow of plants on bookshelves filled with books. Two loves come together in artistic harmony. Want to give someone a greater challenge? Pick up one of the hardest puzzles on Amazon.

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Cavallini & Co. National Parks Mini Notebooks Via Barnesandnoble.comVia

Cavallini & Co. National Parks Mini Notebooks

Best for: Nature lovers

Every reader needs a notebook for sketching, jotting down inspiration, and taking down the details of life. These small notebooks make the perfect journal for travelers, students, teachers, and anyone else inspired by nature. The design features vintage artwork of the National Parks.

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The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild First Lines Coffee MugVia

The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild First Lines Coffee Mug

Best for: Coffee lovers

There are quote from books, and then there are quotes that become so iconic they land on a coffee mug for your caffeine-obsessed bestie. This ceramic mug features the most memorable first lines in literature, and it’s a fan favorite, with nearly 1,000 five-star reviews. You’ll find lines from Virginia Woolf, Franz Kafka, Herman Melville, and all the greats.

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Tilisma Walnut Book Page HolderVia

Tilisma Walnut Book Page Holder

Best for: Teachers

Readers love the convenience of this handmade bookmark. Place it between pages, slip your thumb in the hole, and you can more easily read with one hand. Teachers and lecturers in particular love this simple, artisanal accessory, which makes it easy to hold a book open in front of a classroom and leaves one hand on the book and one free. It’d make a great stocking stuffer idea for men, women, or children.

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Jiazhenep Handmade Metal Feather BookmarkVia

Jiazhenep Handmade Metal Feather Bookmark

Best for: Collectors and bookshelf decorators

When it’s time to mark their place, plenty of readers make do with the nearest piece of paper. But bookmark collectors will love this gorgeous option, handmade with vintage style. It’s lightweight, with delicate charms that’ll dangle outside the book when tucked between the pages. Or keep it poised in your favorite classic hardcover for literary ambiance.

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Glocusent Led Neck Reading Light Via Amazon.comVia

Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

Best for: Bedtime readers of all ages

This around-the-neck reading light is a colossal fan favorite, with more than 38,000 five-star reviews. It boasts can’t-live-without-convenience, is comfy and adjustable, and can be used for any hard-to-see endeavor that calls for hands-free action.

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Kate Spade New York Canvas Tote BagVia

Kate Spade New York Canvas Tote Bag

Best for: Style icons

The stylish book lovers in your life can use this trendy yet practical tote to carry their library hauls. It’s made from heavy canvas, with a design of stacked books featuring Through the Looking Glass, Romeo and Juliet, a Modern Art tome, and other snazzy literary titles.

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Radley London Book Street Leather Cross BodyVia

Radley London Book Street Leather Cross-Body

Best for: Dog lovers

This showstopping designer purse—in the shape of a beautiful book—is perfect for the most special book lovers on your list. Radley London, a British brand famous for adding little Scottie dogs on accessories, works the cute pup onto each of three purse design options. It makes for a fashion-forward gift for dog lovers.

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Stemless Wine Glasses With PunsVia

Stemless Wine Glasses with Puns

Best for: Book Club hosts

If you know a punster who hosts book clubs (or any brand of literary parties), these funny wine glasses are sure to be a hit. This six-count collection features terms with double meanings—think “lit” and “shipfaced”—that are sure to bring chuckles. These are made of luxe plastic, so no worries about breakage. They’re a fantastic gift for wine lovers with a sense of humor.

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Barnes & Noble Bookshelf Tote Via Barnesandnoble.comVia

Barnes & Noble Bookshelf Tote

Best for: On-the-go book lovers

Why does your loved one need a durable, chic tote? To carry her books, of course! This tote features lovely bookshelf artwork, complete with heart bookends, a potted succulent, lots and lots of books, and a cat. Purr-fection. While you’re at Barnes & Noble, shop the best biographies and slip one in the tote before gifting it.

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The Literary Witches OracleVia

The Literary Witches Oracle

Best for: Creatives

This 70-card deck can be used for divination or to prompt creative journeys and breakthroughs. The cards feature literary legends like Octavia Butler, Virginia Woolf, Toni Morrison, and Joy Harjo, as well as symbols ready for interpretation. Even better: Gift it alongside an astrology book.

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Paladone Harry Potter Coaster SetVia

Paladone Harry Potter Coaster Set

Best for: Potterheads

Gryffindors and Slytherins alike will love these metal coasters, feature an embossed design of the house crests made famous in the Harry Potter series. They’re the perfect gift for fans of the series or anyone who’s part of the fandom thanks to the films.

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Cody Foster & Co. Stacked Books Ornament Via Nordstrom.comVia

Cody Foster & Co. Stacked Books Ornament

Best for: Home decorators

This may look like a simple Christmas tree decoration, but you can put it anywhere as a year-round decoration. Set it on the bookshelf. Dangle it from the curtain rod in your reading nook. The vibrant colors and blown-glass design will bring your favorite book lover joy.

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Lavley So Many Books, So Little Time SocksVia

Lavley So Many Books, So Little Time Socks

Best for: The comedian of the group

Here’s one for pals who like to put their feet up. After all, that’s the only way people in the room can read the witty quip on the bottom of these great socks. The crew-length knit will keep them warm as they curl up with a good book. Functional and funny, just like our picks for the funniest books of all time.

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Rbg Quote T ShirtVia

RBG Quote T-Shirt

Best for: Feminists

Late, great Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said, “Never underestimate the power of a girl with a book.” This ultra-popular design is offered in a variety of sizes; sold in styles for men, women, or kids; and comes in ten colors.

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Bibliophilia 100 Literary Postcards Via Amazon.comVia

Bibliophilia: 100 Literary Postcards

Best for: Quote collectors

In this little pack, your gift recipients will find 100 artsy postcards—two of each design, so they can send one and cherish the other. The selection of quotes spans the literary canon, all of them inspiring and profound. The accompanying artwork is modern and soul-stirring. A good add-on gift would be one of the best poetry books of all time.

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Hemingway Pencil Cup Via Amazon.comVia

Hemingway Pencil Cup

Best for: Desk jockeys

Typewriters are making a comeback, and this little version won’t cramp small spaces. The wonderful vintage typewriter sculpture has an open-top design that’s perfect for storing pens and pencils. It’s an inspiring object for the desk of any book lover, writer, student, or office operative.

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Jane Mount Bibliophile Magic Key ChainVia

Jane Mount Bibliophile Magic Key chain

Best for: Students

This exquisite enamel key chain makes one of the greatest gifts for book lovers. Not only is it adorable, but it’s also practical, making it a thoughtful gift for teens who just got their licenses. The word “bibliophile” (which means book lover) is embossed on the sparkling charm.

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Jic Gem Agate BookendsVia

JIC Gem Agate Bookends

Best for: Decorators

One of the greatest things about books—aside from reading them, of course—is how beautiful they look when displayed. These artsy bookends are handcrafted from genuine polished agate. Each set of two bookends will be one of a kind and unique.

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Smirly Bamboo Cheese Board SetVia

Smirly Bamboo Cheese Board Set

Best for: Book club hosts

This gorgeous cheese board set is perfect for book club party hosts. Just add wine, and they’ll be ready to welcome the local literati. Cheers!

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Bamfan Bamboo Bath Tray Via Amazon.comVia

Bamfan Bamboo Bath Tray

Best for: Bath time readers

A bubble bath and a good book—what more could a book lover want? This sleek bamboo tray adjusts to extend across tubs of various sizes, and it has a place to rest a book for the ultimate relaxation session. There’s even a secure slot for a wine glass.

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Top Collection Mini Reading Dragon FigurineVia

Top Collection Mini Reading Dragon Figurine

Best for: Fantasy book fans

This wee bookworm—er, dragon—measures only about three inches long, perfectly delightful for a fairy garden or whimsical bookshelf display. Get it as a gift for the sister who gobbled up Naomi Novik’s Temeraire Series or the friend who identified with Game of Thrones‘ Mother of Dragons.

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Build Your Own Christmas Movie Romance Via Barnesandnoble.comVia

Build Your Own Christmas Movie Romance

Best for: Romance readers

Know someone who loved to read “Choose Your Own Adventure” books as a child? Does that same person now love Hallmark Christmas movies in a guilty-pleasure sort of way? Then you’ve found a spot-on (and supremely hilarious) gift. Will your friend be the big-city businesswoman who learns a lesson after moving to a small town? Will she find true love with a secret prince? Only she can choose her favorite cliché.

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Punderdome Card GameVia

Punderdome Card Game

Best for: Word Nerds

Punderdome, a game that originated in a Brooklyn bar, will appeal to logophiles and lovers of classic board games alike. It’s the perfect gift for people who need any excuse to flaunt their punny bone. To play, come up with the best pun before the clock runs out. It’s pun and games for the whole family!

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The Book Lover's JournalVia

The Book Lover’s Journal

Best for: Epic organizers

This journal makes the perfect gift for voracious readers who speed through the titles on their nightstands. Bibliophiles can keep track of the books they’ve read and write down their thoughts and impressions, creating their own volume about a well-read life in the process. There are also pages for books to read in the future, a “pages turned” log, and a checklist of the world’s greatest books. Pick up one of these as a gift for your sister-in-law.

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Amber Light Night Reading Light Via Amazon.comVia

Amber Light Night Reading Light

Best for: Night owls

Book lights make foolproof gifts for book lovers who tend to stay up all night turning the pages. This one comes with an amber hue to alleviate eye strain in the wee hours. It has a bendable neck, an easy-to-use clip, and three brightness settings. Give ’em something to read with the light, like one of the best books by Latinx authors.

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Aslidesign Little Women Infinity Scarf Via Etsy.comVia

Aslidesign Little Women Infinity Scarf

Best for: Fashion-forward bookworms

“Let us be elegant or die!” writes Louisa May Alcott as sisters Meg and Jo March get ready for a dance in the classic Little Women. Quotes from the novel adorn this comfortable scarf to be read, worn, and adored by book lovers and style makers.

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Paddywax Jane Austen CandleVia

Paddywax Jane Austen Candle

Best for: Hosts and Hostesses

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Jane Austen lover in possession of romantic sensibilities must be in want of a literary candle. This sweetly packaged soy wax candle, a stylish hostess gift, comes with a bookplate-style label featuring the brilliant author’s signature. It’s scented with English garden favorites like tuberose and gardenia, with a few hints of a marriage proposal from Mr. Darcy.

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Bibliophile An Illustrated Miscellany Via Amazon.comVia

Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany

Best for: Artsy types

This vibrantly illustrated book makes the ideal gift for book lovers, wordsmiths, artists, and pretty much everyone else. Author Jane Mount features book trivia, facts, and fancies as well as gorgeous illustrations of books.

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Knock Knock Personal Library KitVia

Knock Knock Personal Library Kit

Best for: Book collectors and lenders

Gifts for book lovers should have an air of bookish charm and whimsy. So when a person on your gift list has a book collection that rivals a small (or large!) library, buy something to keep track of all those tomes. This kit comes with old-fashioned check-out cards and stamps, just libraries used to use. Don’t be surprised if you need to check out via library card next time you ask to borrow one of their favorite beach reads.

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Novel Teas Bag Ladies TeasVia

Novel Teas Bag Ladies Teas

Best for: Tea aficionados

If you know someone whose favorite pastime is curling up with a cup of tea and a good book, then look no further. These English Breakfast tea bags each come with a literary quote by such authors as Rita Mae Brown, Louisa May Alcott, and Alice Hoffman.

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Bookworm Library Card Socks Via Uncommongoods.comVia

Bookworm Library-Card Socks

Best for: Librarians, Teachers, Students

These socks, which feature a print that resembles library cards of yesteryear, are ideal for librarians, bibliophiles, style mavens, and anyone nostalgic for library lending of old. Socks make great gifts for people who are always cold, like your favorite bookish guy or gal.

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Little Cutees Studio Reading Squad ShirtVia

Little Cutees Studio Reading Squad Shirt

Best for: Book clubbers

Rock your vibe and wear it proud! Book lovers will adore this comfy T-shirt, which makes a statement that’s both bookish and stylish. This unisex shirt comes in a bunch of colors for bookish types, including basic black, heather gray, pink, ice blue, and more.

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