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13 Overly Honest Methods Researchers Admit They Use

When you think of scientists, isn’t the first image that comes to mind Dr. Victor Frankenstein slaving over his creation 24/7/12/365? Not so fast. Some scientists have opened up about their less-than-rigorous research methodology on Twitter’s #overlyhonestmethods.

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Next Time I’ll Use Dandelions

“The sample was biased because the plants were growing in a thorn bush, and I didn’t want to stick my hand in too far.” #overlyhonestmethods

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Now, What Was It I Had to Do …

“Incubation lasted three days because that’s how long the undergrad forgot the experiment in the fridge.” #overlyhonestmethods

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We’re Scientists, Not Heroes

“Blood samples were spun at 1,500 rpm because the centrifuge made a scary noise at higher speeds.” #overlyhonestmethods

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This Won’t Hurt a Bit, Chester …

“We tested the theory on undergraduates because they are cheap and available.” #overlyhonestmethods

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And We Kept the Towels, Too

“Case study location was determined by the availability of free lodging from researcher’s partner.” #overlyhonestmethods

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Quick! The Big Bang Theory Series Finale Is on in 10 Minutes!

“Cells were harvested at this low OD because I had someplace I needed to go.” #overlyhonestmethods

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Next Time I’ll Order the Lobster

“I let it react for 20 minutes because that’s how long it took me to eat lunch.” #overlyhonestmethods

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The Problem With Having Short Arms

“This dye was selected because the bottle was within reach.” #overlyhonestmethods

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Uh … Gotta Go!

“The experiment was carried out from 9 am to 5 pm because the lab is deserted and creepy after hours.” #overlyhonestmethods

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But I’m Sure This Is What They Would Have Said

“We didn’t read half the papers we cite because they are behind a paywall.” #overlyhonestmethods

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Sciency Stuff Happens in Barbados, Too

“Our sampling locations happen to match tropical resort towns because field work doesn’t have to be mud and agony.” #overlyhonestmethods

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Who Knew Ice Melted at 100 Degrees?

“The temperature controller on the spectrometer wouldn’t go any lower in July, so this is the temperature we used.” #overlyhonestmethods

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How Inconvenient

“The data is old because in between writing the first draft and doing the revisions I had a baby.” #overlyhonestmethods

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