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7 Perks Only Wegmans Shoppers Know About

To help you shop smarter, we’ve uncovered the lesser-known perks of getting your groceries at Wegmans.

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Food Wegmans The Wegmans grocery store in Fairfax, Va., is seen onJacquelyn Martin/Shutterstock

There’s a reason people love Wegmans: It’s a store that turns an everyday errand into an experience. Whether you need to find brie for the puff pastry app you’re making for your next party (they have 300 cheeses at each store!) or just want to grab something for dinner on your way home, there’s something for everyone… and plenty of shopping rewards, too. Browse the benefits below before heading to the mega grocery store, in order to make the most of your trip. You can thank us later. Don’t forget to check out these other shopping secrets from America’s top grocery stores.

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Food Grocery Dining Customers shop at the salad bar for lunch at the Market Cafe in the Wegmans grocery store in Fairfax, Va., . The prepared supermarket food available today is a far cry from the modest offerings of fresh coffee, potato salad and rotisserie chickens of years pastJacquelyn Martin/Shutterstock

You can eat (and drink) while you shop

Sip on a latte from the coffee bar as you wander the aisles. Then, before you leave, enjoy a bite to eat from one of their many hot food bars offering everything from sushi to comfort food. And if you want a slice of pizza? They have a pizzeria for that, too.

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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS - MAY 25, 2017: Wegman's gluten free products, snacks, and ingredients for people with Celiac Disease and wheat allergies/sensitivities. Grocery store gluten free section signMichael Moloney/Shutterstock

There are tons of gluten-free goodies

Wegmans has a health section called Nature’s Marketplace that’s stocked with all the specialty products you could ever dream of. Don’t miss these 10 secrets for shopping healthier at any grocery store.

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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS - MAY 22, 2017: Inside the Wegman's Grocery Store cereal aisle with various cereal brands on the shelves. Gluten Free options at the supermarket or grocery store.Michael Moloney/Shutterstock

You’ll save money

The store’s line of goods may be much cheaper than the brand-name ones but it doesn’t lack quality. Psst: Their prices are 13 percent lower than the average prices at Giant and Safeway.

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Returning products is never a problem

If you’re unsatisfied with a purchase or simply bought more coffee beans than you needed, no worries. Wegmans offers extremely friendly customer service along with a lenient return policy (no receipt required!).

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You can double up on coupons

Not only can you stack coupons (that means you can use multiples in one transaction), Wegmans will double any manufacturer’s coupon valued at 99 cents or less.

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The app is like a super helpful shopping sidekick

Not only does it help you navigate around the huge store, the Wegmans app lets you create lists, scan the items in your cart to make paying easier, and even remember past purchases. They have plenty of recipes, too, with all the ingredients you need at the press of a button.

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Customer giving card to supermarket workerOlena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock

Join the club for even more rewards

Like most grocery stores, Wegmans offers a customer loyalty program known as the Shoppers Club. You can swipe each time you shop to build up savings for future purchases. Bonus: You can also put “WDollars” on your card which act as cash whenever you’re checking out (so you don’t even need your debit card).

Wegmans might not be for everyone, but there’s no argument that it’s a supermarket in a league of its own. So grab your phone (for the app, of course), your grocery list and your appetite. Next, check out these 29 things your grocer won’t tell you.

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