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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

20 Funny Photos of Pets with Perfect Table Manners

They would all make the perfect dinner guests.

dog and cat sitting at the tableJanie Airey/Getty Images

Table manners are serious business, yet not everybody has them

These cute cats and dogs though, it looks like they got it. From how to use cutlery to not eating with their mouth open, these adorable pets know just how you’re supposed to behave in a dinner setting. Don’t be surprised though, pets aren’t only good at polite dinner settings, they also work from home like pros.

Dachshund, Afghan hound, and wire-haired terrier sitting around dinner tableCatherine Ledner/Getty Images

This Dachshund, Afghan hound, and terrier having a casual dinner

They surely are having a wonderful time. For more laughs, check out these 25 hilarious cats working from home.

Dog with lobster dinnerPM Images/Getty Images

This adorable puppy with the fancy dinner

That lobster might be too big for him, but he definitely deserves the best.

Young Man And Dog With Food On Table Sitting At HomeTham Kee Chuan / EyeEm /Getty Images

This fluffy little guy accompanying his human

After all, it’s best if best friends get to eat together. Sometimes the bond between pets and their humans are so strong they even look alike.

Dog sitting on chairCatherine Falls Commercial/Getty Images

This beautiful dog eating a sunset meal

He’d definitely ask to help with the dishes if he could.

Portrait of a Serious Maine Coon Cat Sitting at a Table Waiting for ServiceCyndi Monaghan/Getty Images

This gray beauty waiting patiently for her meal

She looks very hungry! You will also love these 32 adorably funny cat and dog photos.

Dog's Dinner, two young sisters at Christmas table with pet dogJohnnyGreig/Getty Images

The world’s happiest trio

Don’t they look like they’re having the time of their lives? We wish we could join them.

Senior man in a pet friendly restaurantGoodLifeStudio/Getty Images

This little guy and his older friend

He looks so excited and ready for his food to come out.

friends doing a lunch in the farm villafranckreporter/Getty Images

This pretty boy joining an outdoor lunch

There are a lot of people at that table, but he certainly is the star of the show. These 30 funny dog photos will also make you laugh.

Spoilt DogKolbz/Getty Images

This puppy with the fancy steak dinner

He’s being treated so well by his humans.

Al Fresco Mealvgajic/Getty Images

The guest-of-honor of this backyard picnic

We bet everybody wanted to sit next to him.

Miniature poodle at the dinner table.MoniqueRodriguez/Getty Images

This miniature poodle at the dinner table

Look at how adorable he is!

girl with a dog waiting for dinnerigorr1/Getty Images

This unenthusiastic baby companion

Hanging out with a baby full time is no easy job after all. These adorable pictures of baby animals will also melt your heart.

Dog by the tablefotyma/Getty Images

This adorable guy with the prettiest eyes

Isn’t he the cutest thing ever? These funny baby pictures are also just as cute.

dog having a coffee breakdamedeeso/Getty Images

This happy little guy enjoying a lunch on the balcony

Who wouldn’t love to be sitting on a balcony with him?

Family At Christmas Table with A DogHollie Fernando/Getty Images

This fluffy white puppy with his humans

He seems to have enjoyed his dinner.

A hungry dog sits at a table in a kitchenPage Light Studios/Getty Images

This pretty little guy waiting for his plus-one

The kitchen dinner dates are just the best!

A hungry domestic cat is sitting at a table with an empty plate. Home cat is waiting for a delicious dinner.Nelly Senko/Getty Images

This funny little guy hungry for his dinner

He’s so excited to eat what his humans made for him.

Cute dog asking for foodhumonia/Getty Images

This fluffy white Maltese

He doesn’t look so excited about the healthy meal though. Make sure you also check out these pictures of funny animals.

Golden retriever eating at the tablechendongshan/Getty Images

This golden retriever with a big meal

He must be so hungry!

Feeding Dog at the Tablecrisserbug/Getty Images

This tiny pizza aficionado

Do you think if he likes his pizza with pineapple? Next, check out these 50 funny pictures that will crack you up.