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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

13 Adorable Pictures of Farm Life That Will Make You Want to Move to One

The perfect place to meet new pals might just be down on the farm.

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little-girl-and-goatFarm & Ranch Living/courtesy Jessica Roberts

Goat head tap

“Although this goat was not a beloved pet, I adore this photo of it with my eldest daughter, Adeline, now almost 7. This scene played out at a pumpkin patch petting zoo five years ago. The two have the same expression, and even Adeline’s pigtails and the goat’s ears match. The image embodies the love of animals that runs deep in my family.” –Jessica Roberts, Camarillo, California

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Little-boy-and-pigFarm & Ranch Living/Courtesy Briggs Stikeleather

Piglet friend

“Our family owns Stikeleather Genetics, a show pig operation. ‘Were you raised in a barn?’ applies to our son, Briggs. From day one he has tagged along, and he’s developed a deep love for Duroc pigs. He can’t wait to start showing them this summer.” –Hannah StikeleatherLaura, Ohio

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Little-girl-and-cowsFarm & Ranch Living/Courtesy Chelsea Williams

Talking to cows

“My 3-year-old, Reagan, loves her animals. Last Memorial Day I was able to snap the perfect candid of her talking to a pair of Ayrshires. The best part is the cows seemed to be listening.” –Chelsea Williams, Lebanon, Connecticut

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Horse-and-dogFarm & Ranch Living/Courtesy Karen Evans

Run like the wind

“Our very first bucket calf was named Little Red. We took this photo the first time we put him in the corral with our horse Chance. I was lucky to get this shot of them having some fun together.” –Karen Evans, Eckley, Colorado

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Little-boy-baby-cowFarm & Ranch Living/courtesy Shelby Hill

Start ’em young

“Baylor, my 2-year-old son, is the sixth generation on our ranch. Here he stands proudly with his dogie calf. He was pretty much born in the saddle, carrying a rope in his hand since he could walk. This photo really shows his love for animals. He’s going to be an amazing cowboy.” –Shelby Hill, Tonto Basin, Arizona

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Little-girl-and-cowFarm & Ranch Living/Courtesy Sandy Kline

Catching some Zs

“Becky Wheeler and her friend Daffodil had just finished a livestock-judging event. Both were tired but still shared their silent love.” –Sandy Kline, New Haven, Connecticut

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Pig-dogFarm & Ranch Living/courtesy Cathy cooper

Pigs and pups

“We brought home a runt piglet to raise, and a couple of days later this adorable puppy showed up, too. They became fast friends.” –Cathy Cooper, Covington, Indiana

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SheepFarm & Ranch Living/courtesy Carol Schmidt

Special wool blend

“Our Nubian keeps secret why she mixes with the sheep. Whatever her reason, she is often in their pen rather than her own.” –Carol Schmidt, Noblesville, Indiana

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Girl-on-horseFarm & Ranch Living/Courtesy Charles McKay

Farm team

“Competing on my horse Frosty, Kenly Kelso, my 8-year-old great-granddaughter, won a junior princess title. I raised this horse myself, and I still ride at age 86. We are the best team, my great-granddaughter, Frosty and me.” –Charles McKay, Mount Pleasant, Utah

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Goat-on-donkeyFarm & Ranch Living/Courtesy Richard Fischer

Back seat driver

“Maxine the Nubian goat is the only member of the herd at our farm that Derby, the miniature donkey, allows to hitch a ride on his back. They really do make an amusing pair.” –Richard Fischer, Calico Rock, Arkansas

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Girl-with-baby-pigFarm & Ranch Living/Courtesy Jessica workman

This little piggie

“My little girl Savanah was born without radius bones. Yes, she struggles, but the pigs she raises on our farm are helping her learn life lessons. In this photo, I see the true meaning of farm life: struggle, perseverance, work, joy and new beginnings.” –Jessica Workman, Mindenmines, Missouri

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CowFarm & Ranch Living/Courtesy Annie Melton

She takes a licking

“I was trying to get Fall, my favorite Jersey cow, to look at the camera, but she thought licking my face was a better idea—and turns out, it was! We may look silly, but this is my favorite picture, and I wouldn’t change anything about it.” –Annie Melton, Dadeville, Missouri

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HorseFarm & Ranch Living/Courtesy Hannah Strom

Cowboy at heart

“Samuel is the biggest littlest cowboy in this county and the next, and just like the rest of us, he adores this sandy mare. It isn’t fair to pick favorites, but she’s definitely one of them. We shower her with “scratchies” and look forward to her foals as they are always beautiful.” –Hannah Strom, Lake Park, Minnesota

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