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30 Best Pregnant Halloween Costume Ideas to Show Off Your Baby Bump

Ready to show off your blossoming baby bump this Halloween? Check out these creative and adorable pregnancy Halloween costumes for October 31.

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Halloween costume on a pregnant woman Carol Yepes/Getty Images

Pregnant on Halloween?

Whether this is your first pregnancy or you have an entire family of little ones eager to put on their costumes, you won’t want to miss out on celebrating Halloween. We’ve found the best pregnant Halloween costumes for 2022 from over the top to DIY on a budget. In fact, some of the most creative pregnancy Halloween costume ideas are so low maintenance that you probably have the majority of clothing pieces and accessories hanging in your closet.

If you’re celebrating with your partner, don’t miss these couples’ Halloween costumes and if you already have a little one, you won’t want to miss these baby costume ideas or family Halloween costumes.

Ready to make this October 31st one that you and your growing family will never forget? Check out our fun list of pregnant Halloween costumes for 2022.

The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Halloween costume

If you or your partner are big fans of Disney+ on The Mandalorian, create your own pregnant Halloween costume featuring your bump as Baby Yoda in his floating bassinet.

bubble gum costume Courtesy Kristinashleydixon/Instagram

Gumball machine Halloween costume

A gumball machine makes for a super easy pregnancy Halloween costume and, since you already have the round shape it’s a great last-minute Halloween costume idea, too. All you need is a white t-shirt, a red bottom, some multi-colored pom-poms, and some glue.

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Disco ball Halloween costume

You might not feel like the life of the party these days, but that doesn’t mean that your Halloween costume can’t be! Dressing up like a disco ball is easier than it sounds—all you need is a black dress or t-shirt and leggings along with some shiny, mirror stickers to create the shiny disco ball. Have your man dress up as John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever for a fun couple’s costume.

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Prego Pasta Sauce Halloween costumevia claireeandrade/

Prego Pasta Sauce Halloween costume

A punny costume if ever there was one: All you need is a red apron announcing you’re “Prego.”

See More at @Claireandrade

71208910 2169631576675578 322259983601254325 Nvia johannamockett/

Juno Halloween costume

Of all the pregnancy-themed movies of our generation, Juno is at the very top. It’s a classic, coming-of-age comedy that features a pregnant teen and her unexpected baby-daddy. To pull off this costume, all you really need are maternity jeans, a striped shirt, and an oversized hoody. Oh, and a baby bump!

See More at @Johannamockett

Handmaids tale halloween costumeCourtesy Erin Zuckerman

Handmaid Halloween costume

If you’re a big fan of the hit Hulu show The Handmaid’s Tale, you’ve probably thought about what it’s like to be Offred (aka June) in a post-apocalyptic world. Considering that she is pregnant for a decent part of the show, this is a perfect pregnant Halloween costume. All you need is an oversized red cape or poncho and a matching red hat.

Shannon Simmons in a Mother Earth halloween costumeCourtesy Shannon Simmons

Mother Earth Halloween costume

You’re probably feeling very in touch with nature during your pregnancy, you might feel inclined to dress up as Mother Earth herself—and the costume couldn’t be easier. All you’ll need is a boho-style outfit that shows off your growing baby bump and some non-toxic body paint. If you like this idea, you’ll also want to check out these Halloween face paint ideas.

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Winnie the Pooh

He’s round, plump, and the only thing he loves more than his friends is honey. Whether or not this sounds like your pregnant self, Winnie the Pooh makes a precious pregnancy Halloween costume and is perfect for Disney fans. All you need is a yellow dress and a red crop top—oh, and some bear ears.

jack-o-lantern halloween costumevia

Jack o’lantern Halloween costume

If you can’t think of anything creative—that’s OK! Just opt for something simple and low-maintenance, like this maternity shirt that turns you into a scary jack o’lantern. Although it’s long sleeves, it’s super lightweight so you don’t have to worry about overheating—and you can wear it with any bottoms!

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Mama shark Halloween costume

If you don’t already have this hit kids’ song stuck in your head, you soon will once your baby enters this world and hears it for the first time. Mama shark is a super easy Halloween costume to DIY—all you need is a gray t-shirt, a sharpie marker, and something creative to serve as your fearsome fin.

See More at @Laurenleahnel

Basketball CostumeCourtesy 3D MaterniTees

Basketball player and hoop Halloween costume

Who knew that one of America’s most beloved sports could turn into a creative pregnancy Halloween costume? If you have a basketball to go in the hoop, even better!

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Kool Aid Costumevia beckyruckus/

The Koolaid Man Halloween costume

Feel as if your baby bump is busting out at the seams? Then this pregnant Halloween costume—the Koolaid Man—is fitting for you (pun intended). All you’ll need is a red outfit and some construction paper to create his face.

See More at @Beckyruckus

Skeleton Costume Via

Skeleton pregnancy Halloween costume

If you’re really ready to spook people out, consider this skeleton Halloween costume that not only shows your bones, but the bones of your growing baby too! It’s super low maintenance—it’s just a black long-sleeve shirt that you can wear with pretty much anything, whether it’s jeans or maternity leggings. Share these skeleton puns to crack people up even more.

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Kangaroo halloween CostumeVia

Kangaroo Halloween costume

If you don’t mind doing a little hopping around this Halloween, this kangaroo costume features an adorable joey in the mama’s pouch. It will keep you and your bump warm and toasty, too.

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Castaway Halloween costume

If you’ve seen this Tom Hanks movie, you’ll know exactly who this couple is dressed up as: main character Chuck Noland and his trusty friend Wilson (a volleyball). If your partner’s open to donning a super dirty shirt and a fake beard, you can easily dress up as Wilson by wearing a ripped white shirt with a red spraypainted hand.

See More at @Lizcarey92

Ruth Bader Ginsberg Halloween costume

In honor of the late, great Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, you can dress up as her for Halloween—baby bump and all. It’s an easier costume to pull together than you might think—all you need is a black outfit, a lacy neckline, some thick-rimmed glasses, and a gavel. Turns out the robs are very forgiving.

See More at @Alyssaivanson

Tamagotchi Halloween costume

Since Tamagotchis came in so many different colors, choose the hue that suits you best. For the screen, you can use a pillow and get creative with the imagery on the front—all showcasing your blossoming baby bump.

See More at @Saraheduff

Monsters Inc. Halloween costume

If you’re fans of the classic Pixar kids comedy, Monsters Inc., you’ll love dressing up as this dynamic duo: Mike and Sully. You can DIY this set of costumes easily with green and blue T-shirts and some construction paper.

See More at @Taytaypeirce

Mrs. Incredible Halloween costume

As a pregnant person, you’re probably feeling pretty heroic, almost like a superhero seeing as you’re pulling off one of the most miraculous feats: growing another human! So why not dress up like a superhero this Halloween? Don’t forget the boots!

See More at @Pregnant_sexy_

Pokémon Halloween costume

Gotta catch ’em all! Pokémon is a fun DIY costume to do if you have some non-toxic body paint—you can create pretty much any pokemon character out there!

See More at @Riotianna1408

Cow CostumeCourtesy ttcbabychevs/Instagram

Cow Halloween costume

Moove on over, farmer! A cow costume is easy to DIY with some construction paper and pink balloons for the udder.

See More at @ttcbabychevs

Wonder Woman Halloween costume

If you’re feeling like a superhero this Halloween, why not dress up as the one and only Wonder Woman! There are plenty of costumes you can purchase online in a larger size to accommodate your growing baby bump or DIY your very own!

See More @Caitsss23

T Rex Costume Via

Dinosaur Halloween costume

Want to get in on some roaring action? All you need is this fun-loving maternity shirt that says “I want a T-rex!”

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Thing 1 and thing 2 halloween costumeCourtesy Jenn Sinrich

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Halloween costume

If this Dr. Seuss story was one of your favorites, or you’re simply looking for an easy pregnancy Halloween costume Thing 1 and Thing 2 are an excellent choice. You can be Thing 1 and your baby-to-be can be Thing 2. DIY your costume with a red shirtdress and some construction paper and markers.

Devil Costume Via

Devil Halloween costume

Feeling particularly devilish this Halloween? There’s a maternity Halloween costume for that—clad with horns and a pitchfork!

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Willy Wonka Halloween costume

​If you’re looking to get your whole family in on the Halloween costume, dress up as Willy Wonka and some of his factory guests, like Violet Beauregarde, who becomes famously round after eating the blue bubble gum.

Peter Pan Halloween costume

This Disney classic makes for an adorable Halloween costume for you and your partner. Looking for a dog costume idea? Dress your pup up as Tick Tock the crocodile.

Mummy CostumeCourtesy natasha_yacono/instagram

Mummy Halloween costume

Here’s another punny one: Dress up as a “mummy-to-be.” Have a laugh at these Halloween jokes.

Olaf Halloween costume

One fun Frozen costume to pull off if for moms-to-be is Olaf the snowman who likes warm hugs. Your partner can be the trusty steed, Sven and, if you have a little girl, she can take her pick of Elsa or Anna.

See More at @Nlp1233

Avocado Costume Via

Avocado Halloween costume

One of the best foods for pregnancy is actually one of the easiest costumes to pull off with a bump! Avocados are also carrying a little something in their mid-section—a pit! This is an easy-to-pull-off pregnancy Halloween costume.

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