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30 Photos of Young Princess Diana — Before She Became the People’s Princess

Before she garnered the love and attention from the world, young Princess Diana was just a regular person like the rest of us.

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Lady Diana SpencerTim Graham/Getty Images

On July 29, 1981, Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles wed in a fairytale wedding that would lead to Diana capturing the hearts of those worldwide. Before her marriage, motherhood, and life as an activist, Princess Diana was just as normal as the rest of us. Young Princess Diana spent time being a free spirit with friends and family, as the following photos show.

Following Princess Diana’s death, millions around the world watched her funeral and mourned the loss of the People’s Princess. Twenty-four years after Princess Diana’s funeral, Diana’s memory and legacy continue to live on. Below, we take a look at the girl and woman who became the Princess of Wales and went on to change the world.

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Birthday PrincessHulton Archive/Getty Images


The Spencer family welcomed their fourth child, Diana Frances Spencer, on July 1, 1961, in Sandringham, Norfolk. In 1962, young Diana celebrated her first birthday at Park House where she was born.

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Young DianaCentral Press/Getty Images


In a pram fit for a princess, Diana spent much of her childhood in Sandringham, where she spent time playing with Queen Elizabeth II’s two younger sons, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

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Baby DianaKeystone/Getty Images


A young Princess Diana makes the “terrible twos” look delightful! “From the moment I met her and worked with the family, I saw she was helpful, laughing, exuberant, loved by both her parents, and the apple of her father’s eye,” Mary Clarke, Princess Diana’s former nanny, wrote in her book, Little Girl Lost: The Troubled Childhood of Princess Diana by the Woman Who Raised Her.

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Young DianaCentral Press/Getty Images


Practicing for her future role as a mother, Diana spent time pushing prams and playing at home with friends and family.

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Young Princess DianaBettmann/Getty Images


Not only did she pull off her iconic haircut as an adult, but she also pulled it off as a toddler too! From bangs to a bob, nothing was stopping Diana from taking on the world by storm.

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Little DianaCentral Press/Getty Images


A young Lady Diana Spencer, looking just about ready to head out the door in her cute-as-a-button coat.

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Viscount And LadyHulton Archive/Getty Images


Lady Diana is seen here playing around with her younger brother, Charles Spencer.

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Young DianaCentral Press/Getty Images


While pictured here with her younger brother, Diana was actually the fourth child born to the Spencers. Diana’s siblings were Sarah, Jane, John, and Charles.

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Lady Diana Spencer in Cadogan Place Gardens, LondonPA Images/Getty Images


In the summer of 1968, Diana was just like your ordinary kid—ready to play in the sun at Cadogan Place Gardens in London!

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Golden WeddingHulton Archive/Getty Images


At her grandparent’s 50th anniversary celebration, Diana, alongside members of her extended family, came together for a portrait. Can you spot her without any clues? We’ll give you one: she’s wearing knee-high socks!

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Diana's MalletCentral Press/Getty Images


Looks like young Princess Diana was no stranger to croquet as she holds onto a mallet during a game.

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Diana's HolidayCentral Press/Getty Images


After Diana’s parents divorced in 1969, she spent holidays split between her parents. In this photo from 1970, Diana was spending her summer holiday in Itchenor, West Sussex!

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50 Years Since Birth Of Diana, Princess Of Wales On July 1Central Press/Getty Images


Diana, pictured here at age 10, smiled and posed for the camera while on holiday.

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Lady DianaCentral Press/Getty Images


In 1974, Diana switched from her preparatory school to West Heath, a boarding school near Sevenoaks, Kent. “At school, she showed a particular talent for music (as an accomplished pianist), dancing, and domestic science, and gained the school’s award for the girl giving maximum help to the school and her schoolfellows,” according to

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Diana with ponyPA Images/Getty Images


Splitting time again between her mother and father, Princess Diana spent some of her summer holiday at her mother’s home in Scotland with this adorable Shetland pony named Souffle!

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FELLOWES WEDDING : 1978PA Images/Getty Images


Sister duties for the Fellowes wedding! Diana served as a bridesmaid for her sister Jane during her wedding ceremony to Robert Fellowes, Baron Fellowes.

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Princess DianaMirrorpix/Getty Images


At her flat in Coleherne Court, London, the former kindergarten teacher at the Young England School in Pimlico spoke briefly to reporters about her new adjustment to life in the public eye.

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Lady Diana Spencer aged 19 at the Young England KindergardenTim Graham/Getty Images


Was there a color that Diana couldn’t wear? Nineteen-year-old Diana pulls off a monochromatic moment in shades of purple—something that would change as the soon-to-be Princess of Wales would later be styled in various shades of pink.

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Princess DianaMirrorpix/Getty Images


Not only did Diana balance her teaching job, but she also spent time working as a nanny for an American couple. This would make Diana the first person to ever have a paying job before marrying an heir apparent.

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Diana Spencer Stalls Her New Mini MetroTom Stoddart Archive/Getty Images


While getting in and out of our cars may seem like an easy task, it wasn’t for the soon-to-be princess. Labeled as “Shy Di,” life as she knew it would soon change drastically as she became the center of media attention as every move was closely watched—even getting into her red Mini Metro!

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Lady DianaPrincess Diana Archive/Getty Images


Before being styled by the British royal family, Diana had her choice of pickings. Following her marriage, her clothes had to change, but this didn’t stop Diana from keeping some of the old, tried, and true. “She had an ‘official’ wardrobe and a private wardrobe,” according to designer David Sassoon.

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Lady Diana SpencerTom Stoddart Archive/Getty Images


Diana embarks on a new outing while catching the attention of the media in her purple jumper outside her London home. Purple was often seen on the future Princess of Wales, and it was quite a fitting color—purple is known to represent royalty, nobility, wisdom, and peace. She also photographed beautifully in it!

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Diana SpencerCentral Press/Getty Images


The future Princess of Wales leaves her London flat in the months prior to her wedding, flashing a friendly smile to the media on her departure.

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Diana, Princess of WalesKypros/Getty Images


Princess Diana wasn’t the only thing popular in the ’80s—so was polo! Here, Diana watches a polo match in Hampshire.

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Lady DiFox Photos/Getty Images


Life’s a blur when you’re about to become engaged! A month before her engagement, Diana was the center of attention, as the media grew even more fascinated with her relationship with Prince Charles.

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Lady Diana At The RacesKypros/Getty Images


Let the race begin. Pictured here at Sandown Park Racecourse, Diana made sure we all knew brown was the new black. Diana was a trendsetter in this brown ensemble.

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Lady Diana At PoloPrincess Diana Archive/Getty Images


Diana is seen smiling and laughing at the Cartier International polo match on Smith’s Lawn, Windsor.

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Almost A PrincessTim Graham/Getty Images


Following the Ascot races, young Princess Diana reminds us of her earlier teenage years in her monochromatic purple outfit.

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Diana In TetburySerge Lemoine/Getty Images


Diana is a lady in red during her visit to the town of Tetbury in Gloucestershire following her engagement.

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Lady Diana Spencer And Sarah Ferguson Pre-marriageTim Graham/Getty Images


Diana and Sarah Ferguson, the future Duchess of York, enjoy a day of relaxing and catching up at a polo match before either one of them had a royal title.


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