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30 Free Pumpkin Carving Templates to Take Your Jack-o’-Lantern to the Next Level

From the classic to the creepy to the cute, these pumpkin templates will have you carving a Halloween masterpiece that is the envy of the neighborhood.

group of Halloween Jack O Lanterns Carved From Printable Templates; orange backgroundTMB Studio

Ready, set, carve!

This Halloween, get creative with your jack-o-lantern and go beyond basic triangles for eyes using these pumpkin carving templates along with these pumpkin carving tips to create a work of art. Print the stencil you like, tape it on your hollowed-out pumpkin then “trace” the pattern’s lines by poking pinholes over them. Pull the paper off, carve over the pinhole lines, and you’ll have a show-stopping Jack-o-Lantern to display. Insider tip: in areas where intricate cuts are required, instead of struggling through tough pumpkin skin, etch or peel it away, exposing easier to cut flesh. If you would rather not carve your pumpkin, try one of these cute no-carve pumpkin ideas instead. What are you waiting for? These are the best pumpkin patches in every state, find yours, then go grab your gourd!

bat pumpkin

Bat pumpkin stencil

A colony of vampire bats on a jack-o-lantern is scary, but not as terrifying as the origins of these Halloween monsters.

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candy corn pumpkin

Candy corn pumpkin stencil

Everyone loves trick-or-treating for the goodies, including candy corn.

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cat pumpkin

Cat pumpkin stencil

A purr-fect way for cat lovers to celebrate the season, stencil this adorable cat face onto a pumpkin.

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clown pumpkin

Clown pumpkin stencil

If you suffer from coulrophobia, scroll past this clown pumpkin carving stencil is not for you. If you’re looking for some decor that will come straight to your door, check out these Amazon Halloween decorations that are worth buying early.

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Cyclops pumpkin

Cyclops pumpkin stencil

Like one of these spooky Halloween monsters, this mythical cyclops makes a spooky good time.

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dog pumpkin

Dog pumpkin stencil

Although this adorable dog stencil is more cuddly than nightmarish; blinking lights and ringing doorbells can frighten all the members of your household. Try dressing your pup up in one of these Halloween costumes for dogs.

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Dracula pumpkin

Dracula pumpkin stencil

Complete with pointed collar, fangs, and widow’s peak, this is one spooky pumpkin carving template.

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dragon pumpkin

Dragon pumpkin stencil

The glow from the jack-o-lantern will make this fabled fire-breathing creature even more realistic.

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eyes pumpkin

Eyes pumpkin stencil

The spooky eyes on this pumpkin are designed to follow your every move.

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frankenstein pumpkin

Frankenstein pumpkin stencil

Complete with bolts in his neck, this Frankenstein is one of those pumpkin carving stencils that guarantees a frighteningly good jack-o-lantern.

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ghost pumpkin

Ghost pumpkin stencil

While this pumpkin carving template of a ghost is friendly, not all ghosts are as these spooky stories prove.

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haunted house pumpkin

Haunted house pumpkin stencil

Haunted houses are meant to be a little off-kilter, making this one of the best pumpkin carving stencils if straight lines is not your thing.

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medusa pumpkin

Medusa pumpkin stencil

With snakes for hair and a drop-dead glare, this stencil captures Medusa’s hair-raising portrait in jack-o-lantern form.

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mermaid pumpkin

Mermaid pumpkin stencil

Skip the spooky and go for whimsical with this under-the-sea, fantasy figure. Instead of pretty creepy, this mermaid Jack-o-Lantern is just pretty.

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moon pumpkin

Moon pumpkin stencil

One of the easiest pumpkin carving stencils to follow, this is a perfect choice for beginner carvers. Use this stencil to capture a crescent moon on a shadowy night.

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mummy pumpkin

Mummy pumpkin stencil

A corpse coming to life is what nightmares are made of. Use this pumpkin carving template to transform plain pumpkins into a frightful jack-o-lantern, like this one.

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ogre pumpkin

Ogre pumpkin stencil

Call him an ogre, a troll, or a hobgoblin. This fabled creature makes for a surprising, if not slightly terrifying, jack-o-lantern choice.

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owl pumpkin

Owl pumpkin stencil

Do I hear a hoot? Sure, they might look cute; but owls have a creepy side. Just like some of the characters in the spookiest horror films, their head can swivel almost all the way around.

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pirate pumpkin

Pirate pumpkin stencil

Let this pirate keep watch over the Halloween booty—aka candy.

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raven pumpkin

Raven pumpkin stencil

Often thought of as the bearers of ominous news, ravens with their pointed beaks and razor-sharp talons are not a bird you want to meet on a dark night.

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scarecrow pumpkin

Scarecrow pumpkin stencil

With its grizzly grimace and eerie eyes, this is not the likable scarecrow from children’s movies. It’s enough to frighten not only the crows but your neighbors as well.

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skull pumpkin

Skull pumpkin stencil

Score your ghoulish gourd into a skull, complete with a jagged mouth and hollow eyes. Memorize a few skeleton puns to entertain your visitors.

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snakes pumpkin

Snakes pumpkin stencil

Slithering snakes are scary and beautiful at the same time. Use this pumpkin carving stencil to whittle a scaly reptile jack-o-lantern.

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spider pumpkin

Spider pumpkin stencil

Etch an eight-legged arachnid onto your gourd for a skin-crawling decoration.

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squirrel pumpkin

Squirrel pumpkin stencil

Not just for Halloween, this pumpkin stencil creates an adorable squirrel scampering through the fall foliage. This scene is pretty during the daytime and turns cozy when lit up at night.

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unicorn pumpkin

Unicorn pumpkin stencil

No one can resist a mythical unicorn with a flowing mane and cone-shaped horn. This design is easier to slice than you might expect, the fantastical results are worth it.

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werewolf pumpkin

Werewolf pumpkin stencil

You can almost hear this nightmarish beast howling in the moonlight. Complete with fangs, this werewolf jack-o-lantern pumpkin stencil is sure to frighten.

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witch pumpkin

Witch pumpkin stencil

Witches are one of the many Halloween traditions, but only you know if this one flying on her trademark broomstick is good or wicked. She’s so realistic, you can practically hear her cackle.

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wizard pumpkin

Wizard pumpkin stencil

This wizard looks like he stepped right out of one of the best fantasy books. Sure to put a spell on you, he makes for an unexpected Jack-o-Lantern.

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zombie pumpkin

Zombie pumpkin stencil

Is there anything more frightening than a hand rising from a misty grave? Returning from beyond, this spine-chilling zombie is on a ghastly mission to steal all your treats.

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