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16 Adorable Photos of Puppies Playing in Leaves

Dogs love the fall just as much as we do.

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Border Collie and autumn colorsFenne/Getty Images

Puppies in leaves

The autumn leaves bring out the puppy in every dog, no matter their age. We’ve gathered up some of the cutest pups playing in leaves to help you celebrate the fall season. Here are some funny dog photos that you need to see.

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dogs in leavresCourtesy Tami Gingrich

Pumpkin carrier

Look at the grip on that pumpkin. Impeccable! These adorable animal pictures will make you say, “aww.”

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Courtesy sirhoovington/instagram

Soft smiles

Hoover knows his coat looks good with the autumn backdrop and he wants everyone to know. Check out these funny photos of dogs “working from home.”

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dogs in leavesCourtesy Cathy Huffman

Happy face

He has to carry every stick he finds, no matter the size. These before and after dog adoption photos will melt your heart.

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dogs playing in leaves fallCourtesy life_with_louie_the_lab/instagram


Louie the chocolate lab likes to throw the fall leaves up into the air. See if you can guess the dog breed based on its puppy picture.

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dogs in leavesCourtesy Malia Severt

Blue-eyed beauty

This pup is so excited about the leaves they don’t know how to act.

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dogs in leavesCourtesy chesteronstilts/instagram

Curious leaf peeper

Can I smell it? These adorable puppy pictures will make you melt.

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dog playing in leavesCourtesy the_mini_aussie_ollie/

Leaf pile

Ollie is proud of the leaf pile he has created.

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dogs playing in fall leavesCourtesy Lisa Spoone

Action shot

Oh my god! Leaves falling everywhere! If you don’t have a pug, these pictures are going to make you want one.

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leaves dogsCourtesy snickers.the.miniaussie/instagram

All smiles

Snickers the mini Aussie is enjoying fall in Texas. Here are the cutest photos of puppies sleeping.

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dogs playing in fall leavesCourtesy Christy Warden

Jump high

This pup isn’t afraid to get buried under the leaves. Check out these funny photos of pets acting like people.

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dogs fall leavesCourtesy littleursabear/instagram

Puppies first fall

Bear, a bulldog Chow Chow mix, can’t contain the excitement for leaves.

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dogs playing in leavesCourtesy Kallie Kantos

Autumn eyes

This beauty stands out against their leaf pile. If you want your pup as happy as these dogs, make sure you know about these habits of great dog owners.

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dogs playing in leavesCourtesy ohmy_sweetcharlie/instagram

In the breeze

Charlie could sit on the grass all day long and watch the leaves fall.

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dog playing in leavesCourtesy momothestaffy/instagram

Yummy snack

Momo thinks this leaf is a treat. These adorable animal friendships will fill your heart with happiness.

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dogs playing in leavesCourtesy lbarer32/instagram

Jumping for joy

During his first fall, Bodhi went crazy for all of the crunchy leaves on the ground.

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dogs playing in leavesCourtesy tailoftwobostons/instagram

Tiny pup, big leaf pile

This Boston Terrier will pose for a pic, but when the camera is away it’s time to play. Next, you have to see these puppies that look like teddy bears.

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