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36 Reusable Versions of Things You Use Every Day

Every day can be Earth Day when you switch your typically disposable products out for reusable versions. Picking just a few reusable items from our list can help you make an Earth-friendlier impact without much effort at all.

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Reduce, reuse, recycle

That’s the mantra these days. One way to reduce the amount of trash you throw away every day is to swap out single-use items for reusable ones. Many people don’t even realize these products exist. Add these reusable versions of things you use every day to your cart to do your part to save the environment.

hydroflask waterbottlevia

Water bottle

You probably already understand how bad single-use water bottles are for the environment, but if you think simply refilling them is helping, hold off. Experts actually say you should never refill a plastic water bottle to safeguard your health. Instead, opt for a stainless steel version like this one by Hydro Flask.

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Using disposable plastic straws made our list of bad Earth habits that need to go. Consider instead using these easy-to-clean stainless steel straws. Tuck one away in your favorite on-the-go bag, desk drawer, nightstand—anywhere you’re likely to find yourself craving a refreshing beverage.

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AmazonBasics Reusable Silicone Baking Cups, Pack of 24via

Baking cups

Goodbye greasy, paper baking cup; hello to your new best friend in the kitchen. These colorful, silicone baking cups can handle baking up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and also withstand the freezer and the microwave for all you batch-cookers. They’re non-stick, so you’ll never need to worry about a baking mess (or paper waste) again. You should never throw out these 80 things. Instead, here’s how to reuse them.

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Shopping bags

These reusable grocery bag are great for more than just groceries; use them to tote just about anything you pick up while running errands. Every time you use these reusable bags, you’ll know you’ve saved the Earth of one more plastic bag that could end up blowing in the wind or swirling out to sea.

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makeup removervia

Makeup remover pads

Those over-priced makeup removing wipes not only clog your plumbing lines but also end up in landfills. Opt for a reusable makeup remover mitty like this one from Take My Face Off to remove pore-clogging makeup from your precious skin. Think of the thousand cotton rounds each year you’ll avoid using—and the cash you’ll enjoy saving.

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paper towelvia

Paper towels

If your pantry is typically stocked with paper goods, consider these reusable paper towels from Bambooee instead. Each roll comes with 20 ultra-absorbent sheets you can machine wash up to 100 times. This means each single sheet can replace several rolls of typical paper. What a storage-saver.

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Sun protection

Nobody is arguing the value of using sunscreen when you head outdoors, but all those plastic bottles do add up. If you’re feeling guilty about your carbon footprint or just want to pack a lighter vacation bag, opt for clothes with built-in UPF 50+. No more worrying about when to reapply when you let your clothes do most of the work for you. Just remember to cover exposed areas like your face, neck, hands, and feet.

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Menstrual cups

Ordinary pads and tampons end up as landfill, while menstrual cups like the Lily Cup from Intima can be emptied, washed, and reused.

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Sandwich bags

Who knew your afternoon pretzels-and-almonds snack could play a small part in saving the planet? Instead of using disposable zipper seal bags, opt for reusable storage bags like these from Envirogen. They’re a cinch to use, wash, and reuse, and are just one of the best Amazon products you’ll use every day.

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drink boxvia

Juice boxes

Parents of young children depend on disposable juice boxes, but reusable ones do exist. They’re better for the planet, and because you can control the sugar content of what you pour into them, better for your kids’ health, too.

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Add “no chopsticks, please” to your takeout order, because you’re going to make the world a slightly better place by keeping dishwasher-safe reusable ones on hand from now on. They’re inexpensive, and each household member can pick their favorite color.

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target coffee makervia

Coffee makers with K-cups built-in

K-cup coffee makers are so popular, but the throwaway plastic-cups are not. Some manufacturers offer a reusable K-cup feature already built-in, like this Bella Single Serve Dual Brew Coffee Maker. Use your favorite grinds from local roasters or those rare beans your brother-in-law brought back from his trip to Jamaica. You’ll definitely want to try these unexpected coffee add-ins while you’re at it.

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coffee filtersvia


If you already own a standard K-cup coffee maker, there’s no reason to buy a new one. Just grab a pack of GoodCups reusable K-cups, which allow you to fill, filter, and brew any coffee your heart desires. Cheers!

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bags diapersvia


Disposable diapers in general stink (pardon the pun!), but these reusable diapers are a good alternative, as your average infant can go through 100s a month. When your kids ask how you saved up for their college fund, here you go.

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dog diapersvia

Dog diapers

Pet parents who are supporting elderly, impaired, or just accident-prone pups will find these reusable doggy diapers a real lifesaver. You’ll want to check out these pet products with nearly perfect Amazon reviews, too.

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sweeper padsvia

Sweeper pads

Stop wasting money on disposable paper mop pads. These reusable mop pads are made of microfiber that capture dirt and dust while preserving your hardwood floors. They fit most mop heads, absorb liquid, and cost less than their non-reusable counterparts. What more could you want?

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Consider using washable cotton dinner napkins instead of disposable paper ones. You can enjoy eating in style, without much added trouble. Just pop them in the wash with your regular laundry.

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Teeth whitening strips

You can stop buying single-use teeth whitening strips. Smile Direct Club Bright On teeth whitening kit features a reusable accelerator light that plugs into your smartphone for power. Brilliant, right? Better yet, the whitening gels are designed to be used multiple times, so you’re cutting down on waste. Here’s what really happens to recycled plastic.

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Bee's Wrap Assorted 3 Pack, Eco Friendly Reusable Food Wraps, Sustainable Plastic Free Food Storage - 1 Small, 1 Medium, 1 Largevia

Food wrap

No more struggling with sticky plastic wrap that doesn’t cling to your food; these beeswax wrappers are much easier to use and can last up to a year. A set of nine offers three sheets in each size: small, medium, and large. And the honeycomb print is a cute reminder of the bees that helped make wax paper possible. Discover more household items you didn’t know were reusable.

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water bottlevia

Coffee cup

On-the-go coffee cups made of recycled paper are still single-use items that end up as landfill. Consider switching to a dishwasher-safe reusable model like this Tervis tumbler that’s good for hot or cold beverages of all kinds.

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Craft glitter

Did you know that most craft glitter is made of plastic? But e co-glitter is a “thing” now, and it’s made with up to 90 percent less plastic than its counterpart.

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MOXIE Cup Sleeves – Premium Insulated Reusable Cup Sleeve for Coffee, Tea & Cold Drinks – One size fits all (5pk - Black)via

Coffee sleeves

Cardboard coffee sleeves are just more trash to toss. Carry one of these reusable coffee sleeves in your bag and use it next time you buy coffee to go. Saving waste and burned fingertips one step at a time!

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Trudeau Set of 8 Silicone Multi-Use Tie Wrapsvia

Food ties

These charming little reusable ties can replace the plastic tags and wire ties on individual serving bags. They’re made of silicone, which means they’re dishwasher safe as well as easy to use.

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Reusable Cotton Cloth Panty Liner Pads, Menstrual Liner Padsvia

Incontinence pads

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If you can’t make the leap to plastic menstrual cups, or your just looking for a little extra leak protection, WeWarriors makes reusable, washable pads.


Paper plates

Toss the single-use paper plates this barbecue season because ECOlunchbox stainless steel divider trays are the perfect solution. They rinse off easily, are dishwasher-safe, and perfectly portioned. This is what happens when you put the wrong thing in the recycling bin.

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jane iredale compactvia

Makeup compacts

You don’t have to dispose of makeup compacts every time your favorite eye shadows are used up. Beauty guru Jane Iredale offers a Refillable Compact—you choose what goes into it.

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dryer ballsvia

Dryer sheets

Skip the dryer sheets and opt for reusable wool dryer balls. They’re an affordable way to soften and fluff your laundry while it’s drying. Add a drop or two of essential oils to add a fresh scent to every load.

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Squooshi Reusable Food Pouch animalsvia

Fruit puree pouches

If you’re known to go through dozens of those deliciously easy fruit puree packets, know that reusable versions exist. Pack your smoothies, DIY apple sauce, or just about anything else for an eco-friendlier way to snack.

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lint rollervia

Lint rollers

You can still get all that cat hair off your favorite black pants with this reusable lint roller.

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8 Pieces Flatware Sets Knife, Fork, Spoon, Chopsticks, SENHAI 2 Pack Rustproof Stainless Steel Tableware Dinnerware with Carrying Case for Traveling Camping...via

Silverware sets

Stow one of these stainless steel dinnerware sets in your desk drawer at work and you can take a pass on the plastic cutlery from the cafeteria. Rustproof and lightweight, the flatware comes in a carrying case in your choice of color. Don’t miss these facts that’ll make you never want to use plastic again.

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Silicone lids

Have you ever stopped to think about how much food wrap you’ve gone through in your lifetime? Store leftovers more thoughtfully with these reusable silicone lids. They stretch to fit, wash clean in a cinch, and will help you cut down on waste.

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big red cupsvia

Party cups

So long, disposable red party cups! These 16-ounce reusable red cups will make your next game night that much better.

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false eyelashesvia

Fake eyelashes

We’re pretty sure almost nobody has stopped to think of all the plastic eyelash extensions floating out somewhere in the universe, but it can’t be good. Earth- and budget-minded beauty lovers can bat their eyelashes knowing Kiss Products Lashes are both reusable and made of natural hair, so even if you lose one or eventually wear them out, they’re biodegradable.

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reusable wipesvia

Toilet paper

It turns out reusable toilet paper is a thing. And, according to Amazon reviews, it appears to be catching on.

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dog matvia

Pet pee pads

If your “pet peeve” is purchasing expensive pee pee pads, rejoice! Now there are reusable ones that you can launder in the wash.

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Produce bags

You may be eating clean, but you’re probably being less than green every time you bag your favorite produce in plastic. Opt for reusable produce bags. They’re small, easy to carry in your favorite reusable tote, and some are even designed to help ripen produce faster. You can also feel good about shopping at these 22 big companies that are getting rid of plastic for good.

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