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15 Adorable Photos of Royals’ First Days of School

They're just as cute as you'd imagine!

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Rarely-Seen-Photos-of-Royals-First-Days-of-SchoolDaily Mail/REX/Shutterstock

Prince Edward starts school

At four years old, Prince Edward (Queen Elizabeth II’s youngest son) started attending lessons from Adelaide Griggs with Katherine Hussey, the daughter of Her Majesty’s Lady-in-Waiting Susan Hussey. Brush up on your royal knowledge with this easy chart that explains the royal family tree.

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Rarely-Seen-Photos-of-Royals-First-Days-of-SchoolJames Gray/Daily Mail/REX/Shutterstock

Prince William starts nursery school

When a three-year-old Prince William went to his first day at a private nursery school in September 1985, both Prince William and Princess Diana dropped their son off with headmistress Jane Mynor. Check out these other 11 rarely seen photos of Princess Diana.

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Prince WilliamDavid Bagnall/Shutterstock

Prince William in stripes

He wore a very cute striped sweater, with matching red shorts and shoes. 

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Rarely-Seen-Photos-of-Royals-First-Days-of-SchoolSteve Back/Daily Mail/REX/Shutterstock

Prince William starts pre-preparatory school

After a summer break, Prince William headed back to Wetherby in September 1988, with his mom and little brother by his side. (Find out what William and Harry really ate as kids.)

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Rarely-Seen-Photos-of-Royals-First-Days-of-SchoolMike Forster/Daily Mail/REX/Shutterstock

Prince Harry starts nursery school

The whole family came along when Prince Harry started his first day at Chepstow Villas School in September 1987. Even though Prince William had graduated up to pre-prep school, he was there for his little brother. Learn what really happened between Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

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Rarely-Seen-Photos-of-Royals-First-Days-of-SchoolSteve Back/Daily Mail/REX/Shutterstock

William goes back to school

In January 1987, Prince William attended his first day at the London pre-preparatory school Wetherby School. Things must have gone well because he flashed a thumbs-up while showing off some artwork to the press.

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Rarely-Seen-Photos-of-Royals-First-Days-of-SchoolMike Forster/Daily Mail/REX/Shutterstock

Harry has some fun

Who says school is all work and no play? At his first day of school, Prince Harry—with a Thomas the Tank Engine bag in tow—kept things interesting by spying on reporters through toilet paper binoculars.

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Rarely-Seen-Photos-of-Royals-First-Days-of-SchoolMichael Fresco/Evening Standard/REX/Shutterstock

Prince Harry goes to pre-preparatory school

Eventually, the royal brothers would get to go to school together. In September 1989, William returned to Wetherby while Harry started his first-ever day at the school.

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Princess Diana Leaving Harry's School With Prince William On His First Day BackMike Forster/Daily Mail/Shutterstock

Leaving school

Princess Diana leaves Harry’s school with Prince William after dropping off her youngest son on his first day back. 

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Prince William starts college

The family was all smiles in 1995 when Prince William started his first day of school at Eton College, a boarding school for boys aged 13 to 18. Don’t miss this story of the hilarious surprise Diana gave William for his 13th birthday.

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On the eve of school

Prince Harry got to meet with Dr. Andrew Gailey, the master of Eaton House, on the eve of his first day of boarding school. 

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Rarely-Seen-Photos-of-Royals-First-Days-of-SchoolDuchess of Cambridge/PA Wire/REX/Shutterstock

Prince George starts nursery school

Before the world cooed over Prince George’s first day of school, he went to nursery school at Westacre Montessori in January 2016. Learn the last name Prince George uses goes by class.

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Prince George arrives for his first day at Thomas's School, Battersea, London, UK - 07 Sep 2017Shutterstock

Prince George starts school

Prince George was a little nervous for his first day of big boy school in 2017. He holds his Dad’s hand as well as the headteacher, Helen Haslem.

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Princess Charlotte, first day at the Willcocks Nursery SchoolHrh The Duchess Of Cambridge/Shutterstock

Princess Charlotte starts nursery school

Princess Charlotte was all smiles for her first day of nursery school in her adorable scarf and red coat with matching shoes. 

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Princess Charlotte's first day at schoolShutterstock

Princess Charlotte’s first day of school

The little princess was very excited for her first day of school at Thomas’s Battersea, in South London in September of 2019. She arrived for her first day with her parents and big brother, George. The royals do a lot more than just attend school—take a look at these candid, rarely seen photos of the family.

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