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12 Snapple Cap “Facts” That Are Actually False

Some Snapple facts are pretty mind-blowing, so mind-blowing, in fact, that they don’t seem true.

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Snapple facts

Besides the delicious, refreshing drink, the best part about getting a Snapple is the fun facts you get to read under the cap. But know that not every fact you read is true. Here are a few that we de-bunked for you.

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Snapple Fact #31       

This is one of the Snapple facts that probably grossed you out when you read it. Good thing it’s actually false. Spiders are pretty scared of people movements, including breathing, so the likelihood that they would go near the open mouth of a sleeping human is rare. It’s extremely unlikely that you’ll even swallow one spider in your life so you can rest easy. Check out these favorite facts you’ve always believed that are actually false.

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Snapple Fact #830     

We are able to measure how long a person is in the state of rapid eye movement (REM) while asleep, but measuring the actual length of a dream is much more subjective. “It’s hard to know how to measure [the real time of dream length],” Dr. Stickgold told The Daily Meal. “We’ve looked at this and some subjects reported, on average, a subjective length of five to 10 seconds, others of two to four hours, with still others reporting everything in between.” There’s no concrete evidence that the “average” dream in two to three seconds long.

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Snapple Fact #70        

Caller ID is, in fact, legal in California, so don’t think you’ll be able to get away with any prank calls. Some states do have some pretty wacky laws though. Read up on the strangest law in every state.

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Snapple Fact #868          

Thomas Jefferson invented a lot of things, including the wheel cipher and a revolving bookstand, but he did not create the coat hanger. Although, he did invent a “turning machine” for holding clothes and that may be the reason he gets credited with the coat hanger. This Snapple cap fact rumor was even denied by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation.

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Snapple Fact #179

The Souter Lighthouse in the United Kingdom was actually the first lighthouse to use electricity. Check out these interesting (and true) facts about basically everything.

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Snapple Fact #18

This fact isn’t completely wrong, but it is misleading. There are over 4,000 species of jellyfish and they’re all made up of a different percentage of water. Yes, some are made up of 95 percent water, but not all of them are. Some are made up of 99.87 percent water!

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Snapple Fact #89

If a person walked 18,000 steps, it would translate to about nine miles. That’s a lot of walking. The average U.S. adult walks about 5,900 steps every day. We bet you never knew these astonishing facts about each of the 50 states.

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Snapple Fact #840

Once again, one of the Snapple facts that is false. There are a lot of other foods that also don’t spoil including vinegar, salt, cornstarch, and hard liquor.

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Snapple Fact #878           

This isn’t true for all species of fireflies. For some species, the females can fly just as well as males.

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Snapple Fact #50

A mosquito actually doesn’t have any teeth at all. It has long hollow tubes with sharp ends that are used to suck blood. They’re called proboscis and mosquitoes have 47 of them. They’re not called teeth though because they aren’t used to chew food. If you knew that these Snapple facts were false, see if you can answer these pop culture trivia questions that people always get wrong.

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Snapple Fact #85

If you look at the Mona Lisa displayed today she doesn’t have eyebrows, but that doesn’t mean that she was painted without them. Art historians believe that she was originally painted with eyebrows and eyelashes, but over time the paint eroded making it appear as though she had none.

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Snapple Fact #36

Mythbusters proved this to be one of the Snapple facts that are wrong. A duck’s quack does indeed echo, it’s just “swallowed” by the original quack so it’s hard to tell the difference between the real quack and the echo. Next, see if you can answer these trivia questions only geniuses can get right.

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