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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

14 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Pets We Love

Whether the critter who stole your heart is a dog or a cat, or even a bird, ferret, or guinea pig, we found the perfect gifts for them.

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two dogs with a Mary Christmas sign Brown and White dog stockings Sean Leonard/Shutterstock

Don’t forget Fido!

Gifts are a part of the magic of the holiday season—and, of course, we can’t leave out our precious pets. Goodies for them may be small in size, but they will still bring them big-time joy and make us smile, too. But with so many options to pick from online and in stores, playing Santa can be tricky. To make things a whole lot easier, we rounded up the best stocking stuffers for your furry friends (and the fuzzy and feathered ones, too) that they’re sure to love. And if you feel like treating yourself, or a fellow proud pet parent is on your list this year, make sure to check out the best gifts for dog lovers.
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jingle jangle dog treats via

Old Mother Hubbard Jingle Jangle P-Nuttier Dog Treats


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Dogs love…well, food. Any kind of food, it seems. Give your best buddy a snack that’s good for him and also yummy, such as these holiday-shaped treats. The P-Nuttier flavor is full of real peanut butter. (We’ve never met a canine who didn’t go wild for peanut butter!) Plus, these have apples and carrots for fiber. By the way, this is the very best diet for dogs, according to vets.

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Bark Holiday Spectacular Dancers


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Is there anything funnier than this dog toy/tribute to a classic New York City holiday experience? No, there is not. “Straight from Playdio City,” this stuffed toy comes in small and large sizes, so all breeds can easily play with it. The “rope” is actually made of T-shirt material, so it stays stretchy, fetch after fetch. Here are some other smart ways to keep your pet busy while you’re at work.

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loofah cat toy via

Jackson Galaxy Natural Loofah Cat Toys


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This colorful pair of playthings is filled with organic catnip, so it’s bound to attract and engage your kitty. Each one weighs essentially nothing (all the better for batting around endlessly) and makes an enticing crinkly sound when your frisky feline pounces on it. So, what’s the story with catnip, anyway? We’ve got the answer!

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feliz navidog slippers via

Holiday Tails Slipper Dog Toy


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Maybe if you tuck one of these squeaky toys into his stocking, he’ll leave your slippers unchewed. Hey, Christmas miracle can happen! Fill out your pup’s stocking with these other things your dog wishes you’d buy at Petco.

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turkey sweet potato treats via

Plato Turkey with Sweet Potato Dog Treats


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Give your good boy a taste of your own holiday dinner with these seasonal tidbits. They’re made from USA-raised turkey and sweet potatoes, so he won’t feel like he’s missing out. And even better: They don’t contain grain, artificial colors and flavors, GMOs, and synthetic preservatives. Whether it’s the holidays or a random day, never give your pet these 11 foods.

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cat minnow treats via

Vital Essentials Minnows Cat Treats


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Just so you know, these treats are a little stinky. They are fish, after all. But knowing how nutritious they are, and after seeing how much your cat loves them, you won’t mind. They’re freeze-dried, so no nutrients are lost, and the minnows come straight from streams and lakes in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Here’s what veterinarians say your cat should be eating.

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faux fur collar dog via

Blueberry Pet Faux Fur Dog Scarf


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If you live for dressing up your dainty doggy, you’ll be as crazy about this vintage-style accessory as we are. She’ll sashay through the season in style sporting this plush scarf with rhinestone accents. It’s available in three colors. To keep your pup super warm during the coldest months, check out these 12 cozy dog coats for winter.

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santa hat guinea pig via

Santa Hat for Guinea Pigs


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Even the most doting guinea pig parents may assume their pets can’t really join in the fun of the holidays. Not so! Doll him up in this sweet Santa hat. The chin strap is soft and stretchy, so it’s comfy for your cavy. The pictures alone will be well worth the price of this stocking stuffer. Speaking of which, you have to see these 30 pictures of adorable pets filled with Christmas spirit.

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singing parakeet toy via

Living World Singing Parakeet


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Parakeets like company. But if you can’t accommodate more than one, you might wonder if yours is lonely from time to time. This stocking stuffer is the ideal solution. It’s a permanent “pal” for your ‘keet, and it has a motion sensor that triggers a chirpy song whenever your bird approaches it.

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critter cruiser car hamster wheel via

Kaytee Critter Cruiser


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Hamster wheels are fine, but why not treat your pet to an upgrade? Fun for mice and gerbils as well as hamsters, this adorable rodent roadster can be set to either remain in place or roll along. We predict this will be the hit of your holiday gathering this year.

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t bone dream bone treats via

Dreambone Grill Masters T-Bones Dog Chews


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Most dogs will turn on those puppy eyes big time when you’re eating steak, hoping they’ll get a share. But handing over people food can start a habit that’s hard to break, and it isn’t all that healthy for your dog either. Assuage your guilt by stuffing his stocking with a package of these tiny T-bone “steaks.” Made with beef and chicken, they even have a natural smokey-barbecue taste. Aside from this delicious gift, here’s what your dog actually wants from you.

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buffalo bacon health bars dog via

Blue Buffalo Bacon, Egg & Cheese Health Bars


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If your pup has a plaque problem (it’s common), then opting for baked treats like these can be a smart move. These mini breakfast bars contain no wheat or soy, and they’re crunchy, so your dog can keep his teeth cleaner as he snacks. And just so you know, this is how often you should be brushing your dog’s teeth.

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pet bow ties via

Bond & Co. Dog Bow Tie Set


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Why shouldn’t your best bud be decked out in holiday finery for the company? This irresistible stocking stuffer comes in knit and velvet styles, both equally dapper. It attaches to any dog collar with an elastic fastener in the back. For mini gifts for the humans in your life, check out these 100 stocking stuffers under $10.

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holiday antlers for ferrets via

Marshall Holiday Antlers for Ferrets


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Few pets can rival the affectionate nature and playfulness of a ferret. They bond with their owners almost to the extent dogs do, so naturally, their devoted parents want to share the joy of the season with them. These golden reindeer antlers just seem to suit a ferret’s personality, don’t they? Quirky, cute, and funny! (They fit guinea pigs and other small animals, too.) If you’re a fan of less common pets, be aware of the special considerations around adopting an exotic animal.

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