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11 Strangest Things Caught on Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras not only help protect your home—sometimes they show some bizarre happenings right outside your front door. Ever wonder what happens when you're asleep or away from home? Here are 11 of the strangest things caught on home security cameras.

11 Strangest Things Caught on Home Security CamerasArtsiom Petrushenka/Shutterstock

Goats on the loose

“I have my house surrounded by CCTV cameras,” said one Reddit user who lives in Flushing, part of New York City. “One day, just all of a sudden, an entire heard of goats just randomly walked into the area where our tiny front yard is. They stood there and nobody came to get them. It was completely bizarre. My mailbox was eaten off the fence post. They were around for 20 minutes. I’ll never know why they were there.”

11 Strangest Things Caught on Home Security CamerasGualberto Becerra/Shutterstock

Bird watching

One Reddit user said he set up cameras around the home and caught a cute moment between a bird and his daughter. “Every few days or so a hawk or some other kind of large bird would land on the outside of the window,” he wrote. “The bird and my daughter would sit there for a good ten minutes bobbing their heads at one another. It was adorable, despite the fact the bird probably wanted to eat her.” These are mistakes that home security experts never make.

11 Strangest Things Caught on Home Security CamerasTodd Klassy/Shutterstock

Neighborhood fire

One man was at work when he got a notification from his home security system of a fire in his front yard! An apartment building behind the home caught fire and the flames spread to the man’s front yard, where neighbors worked to put it out. You can see the video on the Ring Home Security Blog. Here are some bizarre things homeowners have found in their backyards.

11 Strangest Things Caught on Home Security CamerasGarrett Aitken/Shutterstock

Vacation scare

A Reddit user was watching his parents’ house while they were on vacation. “They left for the airport and my brother and I started watching TV; it was after dark. Suddenly the lights started flickering in the house,” he recalled, noting it scared them. “A couple minutes later I get a text from my mom that said, ‘Sorry, we’re about to take off. Your father is sitting here cackling, watching you guys jump around as he turns the lights on and off.'”

11 Strangest Things Caught on Home Security Camerasnito/Shutterstock

Killer clown?

While some clowns are in it for entertainment, others may be out there to do harm. A clown carrying a knife was caught on a home security system trying to break into a home in the middle of the night, according to the Daily Record. After realizing all the doors were locked, the clown walked away. These are the 20 secrets a home security installer won’t tell you.

11 Strangest Things Caught on Home Security CamerasChendongshan/Shutterstock

Cat love

“My girlfriend’s (now fiancée’s) parents have security cameras. I used to pretend to not care much for my girlfriend’s cat around other people,” one Reddit user said. “Then when they were out of town, they saw me on camera holding the cat over my head and dancing softly in a circle while looking into his cat eyes. The jig was up.”

11 Strangest Things Caught on Home Security Cameraskuzmaphoto/Shutterstock

Crooked contractor?

A homeowner on Reddit posted about catching his contractor trying to break into his home, thanks to his home security cameras. He says the contractor had a key and tried to enter the home, but the locks were changed. Check out the craziest things found during home inspections.

11 Strangest Things Caught on Home Security CamerasVioletStudio/Shutterstock

Naked window peeper

A video on YouTube shows a naked man in a Ronald Reagan mask peeking in windows on a front porch. The footage caught the would-be intruder lurking around outside the home until something spooked him, causing him to run off.

11 Strangest Things Caught on Home Security CamerasKobzev Dmitry/Shutterstock

Quiet clown

Home security cameras in Florida captured a clown outside a home, making a “Shhhh” gesture with his hand to the camera. The clown also had some kind of device in his hand that lit up when he made the gesture. It was one of several clown sightings captured on home security cameras in Jacksonville, Florida, a few years ago. You can see some of the footage on YouTube. Here are more majorly creepy things caught on security cameras.

11 Strangest Things Caught on Home Security CamerasArmen Khachatryan/Shutterstock

Masked man

Seeing a masked man at your door is unsettling enough, but imagine a masked man who returns to your home three times in one week! According to the Ring Home Security Blog, a family in Connecticut caught a masked man on home security cameras. The man came back a couple days later, followed by a third time, when police were waiting for him.

11 Strangest Things Caught on Home Security Camerasitor/Shutterstock

Workers on break

One Reddit user said his brother set up a camera in the basement for safety reasons. He hired workers to fix some basement drain issues and caught the workers drinking alcohol from the basement bar and refilling the bottles with nail polish remover.

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