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These Are the Most Stressful Jobs in America

CareerCast.com evaluated professions across all industries, looking at factors like physical demands, competition, deadlines, potential for career growth, and risk of injury or death. Here, the nine worst offenders for stressful jobs in 2018.

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9. Senior corporate executive

Although people in high-ranking corporate positions are well compensated (the median salary for senior corporate executives is $183,270, according to careercast.com), that doesn’t change the fact that they are faced with long hours and high-pressure situations, a common theme between these stressful jobs. They are seen as the faces of their companies, which means they take the blame if any scandals or financial crises arise.

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8. Public relations executive

Much like senior corporate executives, PR executives get a hefty paycheck (with a median salary of $111,280) in exchange for upholding their companies’ reputations and improving public image. If a company isn’t well liked by the public to begin with, the work becomes that much more difficult.

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7. Broadcaster

Between hard deadlines and covering breaking (often depressing) news, even outside normal work hours, broadcasters earn a rightful spot on this list of stressful jobs. What’s more, the median pay is only $40,910 with a projected job growth of -9 percent.

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6. Newspaper reporter

The media industry is notorious for its stressful jobs, particularly for newspaper reporters, who have the lowest median salary on this list ($39,370). They’re faced with long hours, tight deadlines, and pressure to report breaking stories first while still providing accurate, up-to-date information. Reporters in the field often have to talk with witnesses to traumatic events, which only adds to the stress. Nonetheless, they can enact change within their communities based on their work.

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5. Event coordinator

To some, being an event coordinator may seem like a dream job, combining an artistic flair with a business sensibility. However, between juggling schedules and communicating constantly with multiple vendors, it’s difficult to make sure a client’s every request is met. If that client happens to have a less than pleasant personality, that adds even more stress.

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4. Police officers

It’s no surprise that police officers have a high ranking on this list, considering the physical, mental, and emotional stress they endure. They put their lives at risk on a near daily basis in order to keep their communities safe, while some professionals don’t even think about getting injured on the job as a possibility.

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3. Airplane pilot

While pilots get to travel the world and are well compensated for it (with a median salary of $111,930), they are also charged with safely transporting hundreds of passengers on tight schedules. What’s more, CBS News reports that nearly 13 percent of all airline pilots could be depressed.

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2. Firefighters

When the words “fire” and “fight” are in a job title, it’s fairly obvious that position is going to be more stressful than most other professions. Like police officers, firefighters also risk their lives on a regular basis in service of others and their communities. Their irregular work hours can cause stress, as can their median salary of less than $50,000 annually. Look out for these signs that you’re heading for a work burnout.

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1. Enlisted military personnel

Topping the list of most stressful jobs in America for 2018 is enlisted military personnel at the E3 level, meaning they have at least six years of experience. Those enlisted in the military are faced with traumatic, life-threatening situations and can spend years living in hostile environments away from their homes and families.