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31 Super Cool Teen Halloween Costume Ideas

Choosing a costume for a teen doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Even the pickiest teenage witch (or wizard) will find the costume of their dreams on this list.

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four smiling teen girls dressed in halloween costumesElenaNichizhenova/Getty Images

Teenage dreams

Teens aren’t always the easiest to please. You probably know that from being a teenager yourself once upon a time or, if you’re a parent, from the situation in your house right now. When it comes to the spookiest day of the year, it’s tricky to come up with the perfect teen Halloween costume ideas—especially if you’re looking for a Halloween costume for a teen girl. They want to strike just the right balance of clever and cool, with a hint of mystery, fright, or (age-appropriate) sexiness thrown in for good measure. Lucky for you, we’ve got so many options, your teen’s biggest problem will be choosing just one!

Whether your teenage witch (or wizard) wants to go solo with one of the best Halloween costumes or opt for a coordinated costume with a best friend or a group, you’ll find something they love on this list. When you do, make sure to bookmark these Halloween Instagram captions because they’ll definitely want to post pics of their getup—and so will you!

Glinda the Good Witch Halloween Costume

“Are you a good Halloween costume for teen girls? Or a bad one?” The answer is pretty obvious with this retro costume inspired by Glinda the Good Witch. Sparkles, magic, and mischief? Sign us up!

Comic Book Character halloween costumeCourtesy @han.glam/Instagram

Comic Book Character Halloween Costume

Makeup-obsessed teens will love this take on dressing up as a comic book character. All you need is some Halloween face paint and creativity—your face is your canvas for this one.

Harley Quinn and the Joker Halloween Costume

You can’t go wrong recreating the ultimate baddie duo of Harley Quinn and the Joker from the DC Comics universe. This costume works well for couples, best friends, or even solo—just choose the villain you prefer and go all in.

Zombie Prom Queen Halloween Costumevia

Zombie Prom Queen Halloween Costume

What’s better than a prom queen? A zombie one, of course. It’s time for the undead to take the stage with this cute and creepy costume.

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Queen Of Hearts Halloween CostumeCourtesy Allison Stock/Courtesy @jackalope_cc/Intsagram

Queen of Hearts Halloween Costume

Play your cards right with this Queen of Hearts Disney-inspired costume. A deck of cards collar, red dress, and red wig will help you transform into the Alice in Wonderland villain.

Casey Becker Halloween Costume

Your teen will be screaming about how easy and cute this Halloween costume is. Drew Barrymore’s memorable character in the scary Halloween movie Scream has never looked better.

Princess Leia Halloween Costumevia

Princess Leia Halloween Costume

The Force will be with your teen when she dons this iconic costume. Star Wars-obsessed teens, take note! Dressing up as your favorite intergalactic princess is easier than it looks. Remember: It’s all about the side buns.

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Alice in Wonderland Halloween Costume

Fall down the rabbit hole with this Alice in Wonderland–inspired costume. Teens will adore the fun take on a childhood classic. If you have a Cheshire Cat of your own, check out these purr-fect cat Halloween costumes and get your kitty in on the action!

Shego Halloween Costume

What’s the sitch with this teen Halloween costume idea? Arguably one of Disney Channel’s most fashion-forward villains, Shego from the hit animated series Kim Possible is sure to be a favorite costume among teen girls. Once your costume has been chosen, you’ll need to make sure your decor is up to spookiness par by using these DIY Halloween decoration tips and tricks.

Cruella de Vil Halloween Costume

If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will—and that’s certainly true for this picture-perfect Halloween costume for teen girls. A black and white dress (and matching wig) will have your teen looking exactly like the Disney villainess from 101 Dalmatians.

Powerpuff Girls Halloween Costume

This Halloween costume is most certainly sugar, spice, and everything nice—just like your teen. To transform into the Powerpuff Girls, team up with two besties and wear anything pink, blue, and green. If you’re planning on trick-or-treating this year, here’s when you can expect it to start.

Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume

Be afraid…be very afraid of the original Goth girl who loves the dark side of life. For this look, pair Wednesday’s iconic white collar and black dress with a pair of pigtails and/or black lipstick. This classic character is a completely work-appropriate costume, to boot.

Winnie the Pooh Halloween Costume

Take your teen back to their childhood growing up in the Hundred Acre Wood with this un-bear-ably adorable Winnie the Pooh costume.

Cher and Dionne Halloween Costume

The ’90s are back! Your teen and her best friend will love dressing up like Cher Horowitz and Dionne Davenport from Clueless. Ugh, as if we wouldn’t come up with awesome Halloween costumes for teen girls!

Stranger Things Halloween Costume

Netflix’s Stranger Things is still one of the most popular teen television shows out there, and teen lovebirds can’t go wrong dressing up as Mike and Eleven. Don’t forget your Eggos! If this puts you in the mood for, well, strange things, curl up on your couch with these Halloween movies on Netflix.

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Spice Girls Halloween Costume

If what you want, what you really, really want is a good teen Halloween costume idea for a group of besties, look no further. Grab your friends and deck yourselves out as the Spice Girls. It’s time for a world tour!

Cat Emoji Halloween Costume

Turn your teen’s emoji obsession into a bona fide Halloween costume hit. It’s purr-fect! More of a dog person? These dog Halloween costume ideas are for your four-legged BFF, but who knows, they might give you a few ideas, too!

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Tina Belcher and Jimmy Jr. Halloween Costume

Because what teen doesn’t love Bob’s Burgers? Here’s another teen Halloween costume idea that can be done as a couple, with a best friend, or alone.

Mermaid Halloween Costume

Have your teen transform into a beautiful undersea creature with this dazzling costume idea. You can even use coffee filters and paint to make it yourself! If you get into the craft zone, take a look at these easy DIY Halloween costumes you can make for yourself, too.

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Cheerleader Halloween Costume Via Spirithalloweenvia

Cheerleader Halloween Costume

Who has the most Halloween spirit? The teen in this costume certainly will! Get ready to give goblins and ghouls the pep rally of their dreams…or, better yet, their nightmares.

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Elle Woods Halloween Costume

What, like it’s hard to find a cute teen Halloween costume idea? Not if your teen dresses as the heroine from Legally Blonde. All you need to do is think pink to recreate Harvard Law’s most stylish student.

Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones Halloween Costume

The CW’s Riverdale is one of the most popular shows on TV right now, which is why teens will love becoming these Archie comic characters on Halloween. The best thing is that nearly everything can be found in their own closets, which is perfect for those last-minute Halloween costumes.

Dancing Emojis Halloween Costume

It’s time for your teen to show off their best moves with this dancing emojis costume. All you need is a black leotard, a hair bow, and a bestie to dress up with.

Deviled Egg Halloween Costume

If your teen is something of a comedienne (or comedian), they’ll really appreciate this punny costume idea. One deviled egg, coming right up!

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Miss Universe Halloween CostumeCourtesy Jackie Giardina

Miss Universe Halloween Costume

This Halloween costume for teen girls is perfect for all aspiring pageant queens. Forget queen of the world—try queen of the universe with this cute and easy costume.

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Stitch Halloween Costume Via Amazonvia

Stitch Halloween Costume

This one is a great idea for a couple of reasons. For starters, what teen doesn’t love the world’s most adorable extraterrestrial from Disney’s hit animated series Lilo & Stitch? Also, who would pass up the opportunity to wear a cozy onesie all night? The way we see it, this costume is a win-win. Turn it into a family Halloween costume by adding Lilo, Nani, Dr. Jumba Jookiba, and Cobra Bubbles.

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Dorothy Halloween Costumevia

Dorothy Halloween Costume

Click your ruby heels together three times and your teen will be magically transformed into Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz this Halloween. As every adult knows, the right shoes, dress, and hairstyle can make all the difference!

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Wonder Woman Halloween Costumevia

Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

Help your teen become an Amazon in an instant with this Wonder Woman costume. Who knows—maybe she’ll develop superhuman strength while she’s at it.

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Witch Halloween Costumevia

Witch Halloween Costume

Sometimes it’s best to stick with the basics. You can never go wrong dressing up as a witch on fright night. While we’re talking classics, this is why we carve pumpkins on Halloween.

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Miss Devil Halloween Costumevia

Miss Devil Halloween Costume

Whether your teen is naughty or nice, she’ll enjoy dressing up in this red-hot (yet age-appropriate) Miss Devil costume. Pitchfork included!

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Unicorn Halloween Costumevia

Unicorn Halloween Costume

If your teen is a lover of all things fantasy, she’ll be obsessed with this sparkling unicorn costume. It’s time to bring on the magic! Next, turn your attention to your littler ones with these baby Halloween costume ideas.

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