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10 Things That Have to Go from Your House in 2019

Update your home decor by eliminating some of these fading trends.

Lamp in modern style with Edison's light bulb. Warm tone light bulb lamp. Stylish interior.
Igisheva Maria/Shutterstock

Industrial everything

Edison bulbs, exposed brick, all that metal—there is such a thing as too much industrial. If you want to go for an industrial look, stick with just a couple elements such as a pegboard backsplash or some modern pendant lights.

Comfort bedroom in luxury style. Scandinavian style stone and natural wood.
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Reclaimed wood overload

That rustic barn door looks great in your home’s den, but don’t go overboard. When it comes to trendy wood accents such as reclaimed barn wood projects and wood accent walls, one is plenty—less is more. Check out these other 12 home renovations you’ll probably regret.

Copper kitchen saucepans standing at the counter
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Copper materials

Rose and copper finishes had their moment, but 2019 is seeing a major decline in these finishes on large surfaces. Gold, silver, and bronze are beginning to take their place.

Ultra Modern Bathroom in Stark White with Silver Faucet
travis houston/Shutterstock

All-white bathrooms

While all-white makes for a sleek look, the trend has grown tiresome. White will always be around, but be sure to include some pops of color so your bathroom doesn’t look too sterile. Ready to add some color? Here are 12 bathroom color trends you’ve got to try.

Brass handles with white doors
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Brass hardware

Metals may be in when it comes to accessories, but avoid shiny brass as it can make a kitchen look dated. Instead, replace cabinet hardware with brushed nickel, glass or stainless steel. Another good way to update your kitchen is to install a ceiling light in a black matte finish.

Seamless classic white metro ceramic tile texture.
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Subway tiles

Subway tiles are fading from popularity, with terra-cotta tiles in varying geometric shapes taking their place. Check out these 10 common tiling mistakes and how to avoid them.

Man in the kitchen

Over-the-range microwave

Instead of saving space in the kitchen by putting the microwave over the range, move it to a built-in cubby under the counter. You may also be able to mount it under the cabinets, just above the counter. While over-the-range microwaves have been stylish for years, this kitchen trend is on the way out in 2019.

Background vertical office light blinds in backlight. Black and white monochrome image
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Vertical blinds

If you have vertical blinds, you know how they can be a pain to open and close and how they can easily become tangled. Instead, update to some mini blinds, fun DIY window treatments, or lightweight curtains.

Terrazzo tile texture background
SEE D JAN/Shutterstock

Terrazzo tile

Terrazzo is an interesting mix of stone chips (traditionally marble) either embedded in concrete or encased in resin. And it’s a unique type of flooring that can be used as an upgrade from linoleum or vinyl. It was hot for a quick minute, but interior designers are shying away from it in 2019. Check out these home improvements that can double the cost of your home.

Shabby chic interior decor for farmhouse. Lavender in pitcher, books and wooden letters on a vintage shelf over pastel wall. Provence home decoration.
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Word art

For 2019, designers are voicing their fatigue with word art in homes. Apparently there is a ceiling for motivational messages displayed in a home.

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