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10 Things You Shouldn’t Own If You Have a Dog

You might not know these things are dangerous to dogs.

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trash can in the toiletMyibean/Shutterstock

An open trash can

Since dogs are known to get into trash cans, it’s best to have a lid on a trash can so they can’t start eating things they aren’t supposed to. Plus, some items in your trash could be indigestible for your dog and created a choking scenario. Beware: These are the 12 foods that dogs definitely can’t eat.

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Potpourri / Potpourri in a shell bowlrigsbyphoto/Shutterstock


Potpourri can make your dog sick if they ingest it and cause vomiting or diarrhea. Since potpourri comes in several varieties, those with tiny pine cones or bark chips can create a choking hazard. Here’s how to know if your pet has food poisoning.

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electric blanketmelissamn/Shutterstock

Electric blankets

Using your electric blanket on your dog isn’t a good idea because humans and dogs have different body temperatures. There are electric blankets available just for dogs that work on low voltage so they’re safe for dogs, according to the American Kennel Club. But be careful with older electric blankets because some may not have a chew-resistant cord. Here are some other products vets never buy—and neither should you.

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Cocked wooden mousetrap without a bait, viewed in close-up from above on white surface backgroundstockcreations/Shutterstock

Classic mousetraps

Classic, spring-loaded mice traps are not considered safe to use if you have a dog at home because they can get into them accidentally. Instead try a mousetrap that lures the mouse into a self-contained trap, like this one from Amazon. Add this to the list of household items that are dangerous for your pets.

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mothballsWinai Tepsuttinun/Shutterstock


Illegal naphthalene moth repellent products are hazardous to pets and young children and should not be used outside of what the product’s label allows. Most modern mothballs are not as toxic but they contain insect repellent, which can cause illness in dogs if ingested. Don’t miss these everyday habits that put your dog in danger.

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bounce dryer sheetsRick C Lanier/Shutterstock

Fabric softener sheets

Fabric softener sheets and dryer sheets can cause problems for your dog because they contain cationic detergent and fragrances that can cause skin and respiratory irritation, according to Pet MDs. These are the etiquette rules every dog owner needs to memorize.

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artificial dog bones with two knots the pet deliciousMoolkum/Shutterstock

Rawhide chew toys

Some people like to have rawhide chew toys around for their dog because it helps with their chewing needs but there are some risks involved with them. Rawhide chew toys can get contaminated and can contain trace amounts of toxic chemicals, according to WebMD. There is also Salmonella or E. coli contamination possibilities, too. Plus, the chew toys can be difficult for your dog to digest or it can get stuck in their esophagus or digestive tract. Getting a new puppy?

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Woman spraying air freshener at homePixel-Shot/Shutterstock

Liquid air fresheners

Liquid air fresheners, like with fabric softeners and dryer sheets, contain cationic detergent. If your dog shows difficulty walking, vomits, or paws at their face, they might have been poisoned from an air freshener, according to Cheat Sheet. Yikes. Don’t miss these 15 pet products with nearly perfect reviews.

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gorilla glueBrian Lam/Shutterstock


Adhesives that are diisocyanate glues are dangerous for dogs because the glue will expand in their digestive system. According to Pet Poison Control, the glue can cause an obstruction that often requires surgery to remove. Just 1 to 2 teaspoons can cause obstruction. Here are some of the signs your dog could be sick.

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xylitol or birch sugar in a wooden scoop and glass bowl on black background, selective focusnadisja/Shutterstock


Xylitol is used as an artificial sweetener that’s found in gum, candy, and toothpaste. While it’s safe for humans, it can cause low blood sugar in dogs and possible liver failure, according to NomNomNow. Next, find out the 53 mistakes every dog owner makes.

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