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30 Things in Your Home You Should Get Rid of by Age 30

These items may have served you well in college, but it's time for more grown-up replacements.

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Copious shot glasses

One is a reminder of your spring break in Cancun, the other was a gift from your fraternity. We get it! You may be sentimental, but how many do you need stacked up in your cabinets, taking up space and truly never being used? It’s time to part with the majority and keep just a few of your all-time faves. Try stocking up on some of the things everyone should own by age 30 instead.

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Kitchen Warren Price Photography/Shutterstock

Your first kitchen tools

If you haven’t gotten rid of your first set of kitchen tools, chances are you have duplicates that are in much better shape. Take the peeling, rickety, stained, and downright crusty ones out of the mix and say sayonara.

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Old bedding

From your dorm room to your first apartment, your old bedding has seen it all. Especially if it’s the set your parents gave you, you know it’s time to toss out the old linens and make room for a grown-up set.

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jeansBillion Photos/Shutterstock

Clothes that no longer fit

You keep around clothing that you may wear again even though it’s not functional, and you store up old clothes from college that you hope one day to squeeze into for a second go around. But if your dresser and closet are filled to the brim, it’s time to do some recon. Pack up those old jeans and give them to Goodwill. Wearing clothing that doesn’t fit is just one of the ways what you wear affects your mood.

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Memorabilia boxes

Old family photos are one thing, but letters, concert ticket stubs, dried up flowers from an old flame, etc. all stored in boxes just take up space in your home. Spend an afternoon sifting through such things and get rid of what can’t be displayed out in the open. If you’re struggling, take photos of things you want to remember, and then let them go.

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CDs and DVDs

Hopefully, at this point, you no longer have useless cassette tapes (or heaven forbid 8-track tapes!) hanging around. You may, however, still be holding on to CDs and DVDs despite their overwhelming irrelevance. Unless you have a CD or DVD player you use regularly, it’s time to toss your discs.

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phone maryolyna/Shutterstock

Your old cell phones

At first, keeping your old cell phone around was just a precaution, but if you have one that dates back to the age of the Blackberry or the flip phone, it’s time to get rid of it. Just be sure you do this before recycling your cell phone.

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girlReal Deal Photo/Shutterstock

Your futon

It served you well through college and your various apartments throughout your 20s, but your futon is no longer your couch that can double as a bed. Now it’s just uncomfortable and unsightly. Upgrade your living room with a couch that’s built to last.

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sofakasarp studio/Shutterstock

Hand-me-down furniture

Antique furniture can be quite beautiful in the right setting, but if your hand-me-downs look more beat up and useless than rustic and vintage, it’s time to move them along.

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Wire Hangersndquang/Shutterstock

Wire clothing hangers

Just as much as you should have an organized and functional closet full of things you actually wear, you should also have decent hangers. The wire ones you collect from the dry cleaner just don’t cut it. They bend easily, cause snags, and are just plain ugly! A lot of these items are just causing clutter anyway. Here’s why getting rid of clutter can make you feel happier.

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platesRoman Babakin/Shutterstock

Plastic dinnerware

Eating off plastic dinnerware surely got you through your most frugal of times, but as someone well into adulthood, it’s time to upgrade. Eating off of a real dinner plate is so much better!

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Cheap rugs

Rugs can transform a room, turning an otherwise bland space into an interesting space. However, if you still have an old polyester rug from your dorm room or first apartment, it’s going to bring down the aesthetic of your home. Vintage wool rugs are a great alternative, as they get better with age.

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spoon SimonSPb/Shutterstock

Beaten-up flatware

If you’re planning on hosting guests, having quality, matching flatware is important. Stained, mismatched flatware says you’re not paying attention. Invest in a quality set and donate your old stuff to Goodwill! Silverware is always appreciated by thrift stores, but make sure you aren’t sending them any of the items that thrift stores don’t really want from you.

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bowl Jit-anong Sae-ung/Shutterstock

Mismatched dessert plates and bowls

Much like old flatware, your plates and bowls should come in sets with a color palette that complements your style and other pieces in your home. They should also be free of any chips!

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ikea nomadFra/Shutterstock

Flat-pack furniture

By your 30s, flat-pack furniture (ready-to-assemble, like IKEA), should be minimal, not the majority. Investing in good-quality furniture will allow you to enjoy pieces for years to come.

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Worn-out bed pillows

No pillow lasts forever. This means the pillow that’s followed you since college is definitely shot. The National Sleep Foundation says pillows should be replaced every one to two years! So throw out that nasty thing you call a pillow and invest in a well-respected brand, choosing a shape that will provide you a restful night’s sleep.

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Bean bag chairs

Bean bag chairs are OK if you have children, but to carry your dorm room bean bag into your adult home simply because you want to save on seating is a no-no. Invest in a beautiful floor cushion as a sophisticated alternative.

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women antoniodiaz/Shutterstock


Let’s be honest, roommates may be economically sound, but if you’re trying to have a grown-up home, sharing it with someone else can make for a messy space with a lot of clashing decor. If you’re in a situation where you can live alone, be sure you do it by the time you’re 30.

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Mismatched or warped food storage containers

Despite not having found the bottom or top to your storage containers in years, you’ve kept them around anyway. You even go out of your way to search for the missing piece on occasion. Or perhaps your containers are warped from the dishwasher. Whatever the case, if they’re old, it’s time to toss them. Glass containers with rubber tops ensure safe food storage, and they look so much better! This one is a huge source of clutter. There’s a reason it’s on the list of 30 things you need to throw out ASAP!

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cables Dja65/Shutterstock

Random chargers and cords

That box full of cords seems like a good idea, but if after months of sitting in the corner you have no idea what any of those chargers and cords belong to, then it’s time to clean house.

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Mismatched socks

The chances of a pair of socks staying together forever aren’t very high. When you can barely open your sock drawer because of all the mismatched loners in there, it’s time to toss them!

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MakeupJunjira Limcharoen/Shutterstock

Old makeup

Stop sifting through your makeup drawer looking for things you actually use and instead throw out that two-year-old tube of mascara and dried-up foundation to make room for what’s new and effective. Keep the adulting going by taking a look at some of the secrets personal organizers would never tell you and finding ways to incorporate organization into your life.

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Takeout menus

The Internet makes takeout menus totally obsolete, so free up space in your kitchen drawers for other essentials and toss out those stacks of paper!

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ToiletriesKaren Culp/Shutterstock

Mini hotel toiletries

Every time you go to a hotel, you pick up those mini toiletries and bring them home. However, if you’re not going through them, then they’re only adding up and creating clutter in your bathroom. Many social service agencies will take donations of these items.

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giftssoo hee kim/Shutterstock

Unwanted presents

Perhaps they’re still in their original packaging in your closet or garage, but it’s time to free up space and part with those unwanted gifts. Donate them to Goodwill or regift like a pro with these clever tips.

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InstrumentsAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

High school band instruments

Your old clarinet may conjure up memories, but if it’s collecting dust under your bed in its case, it’s time to part with it. You can sell it or donate it to someone who will actually play it!

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book alexkich/Shutterstock


You’ve been keeping your high school literature book around just in case you want to reread something, while your college books seemed important to keep because they pertain to your career. But you know that you can find all of that information elsewhere, so donate those books and fill up your bookshelf with your favorite books and more that you’re looking forward to reading.

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diceDiane C Macdonald/Shutterstock

Incomplete games

You keep hoping that incomplete deck of cards will come in handy or that you’ll find those missing board game pieces, but you won’t. Let them go.

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CamerasVictoria Kalinina/Shutterstock

Old cameras

A vintage camera can be beautiful when used as decor, but if you have a bunch of digital cameras from decades past that are irrelevant at this point, then it’s time to say goodbye. If you’re storing them because they have photos on them, this is your opportunity to print, upload, or delete.

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Old magazines

Do you have a stack of magazines you’ve been saving because you think you’re going to reread them? You won’t. No one is really interested in reading dated news, so just recycle them. Then, treat yourself to a subscription to a great magazine! Next, find out the milestones everyone needs to reach by age 30.

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