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6 Things You Won’t Find in Movie Theaters Anymore

Headed to the movies? Things are going to look a bit different!

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Avid movie-goers rejoice! At long last, movie theaters are now preparing to reopen all over the United States. Of course, reopening won’t be possible without new health and safety guidelines. For those of you wondering how different going to see a movie might look like, here are a few things you won’t find in movie theaters anymore. Make sure you also check out the things you won’t see in schools anymore.

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People without masks

At this point, being required to wear a mask in a public place is very common. Therefore, it is no surprise that masks will become a part of going to see movies as well.  According to a statement by Regal Cinemas, guests and employees are now required to wear face masks in the lobby, hallways, and restrooms (and can only remove them while eating and drinking). While not all movie theaters will be imposing this rule (like AMC theaters, according to Variety), it is still best to make sure you wear an appropriate face covering in public places. Check out the things you won’t see in hotels anymore.

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Hanging out in the lobby

If you’re someone who made sure to arrive at the movies well in advance, you might have to change your habits for a while. According to a statement on their website, Regal Cinemas will encourage guests to head to their auditorium as soon as possible and leave the theatre as soon as their movie ends.

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A full concession stand menu

Missing your usual movie theatre treats? You might not be able to find all of them. “A reduced menu offering will be temporarily available,” says a statement on the Regal Cinemas website. Check out the things you won’t see in airports anymore.

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Full-capacity auditoriums

When it comes to coronavirus, safety is not in numbers. Therefore, many movie theaters will not be operating in full capacity when they reopen. Regal Cinemas will be operating at a 50 percent capacity, while AMC theaters will start with 30 percent of capacity and gradually bring it up to 50 percent. According to Deadline, Cinemark will also operate in a reduced capacity. Here are the things you won’t see in hair salons anymore.

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Sitting next to people

“Our reservation system will maintain two empty seats between groups (1 seat at recliner locations) to maintain proper social distancing throughout the movie,” says a statement on the Regal Cinemas website.

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Seeing movies in large groups

Hoping to see a movie with a large group of friends? You might have to wait on that for a while. While it won’t be the case for all movie theaters, a statement on Regal Cinemas website says that group sizes will be limited according to state regulations.

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