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The 12 Best Toiletry Bags of 2022, According to Frequent Fliers

The right toiletry bag is a smart traveler's secret packing weapon.

Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. We may earn a commission from your purchases.

The 12 Best Toiletry Bags Ft Via MerchantRD.COM, VIA MERCHANT (3)

Packing toiletries is an art. You may not realize how many bottles of products you use on a daily basis until it’s time to travel. Then in the midst of packing, you’re faced with a mountain of haircare items, cosmetics, skincare serums, body washes, contact solution, sunscreens and fragrances. Shoving them straight into your suitcase is a mistake no traveler ever makes twice, as they inevitably end up leaking. Having your favorite luggage set be ruined by a shampoo is probably the last thing you want. The solution, of course, is not to skimp on toiletries, but to buy a toiletry bag.

Not just any toiletry bag will do—you have to find the one for your needs, and they vary quite a bit in terms of size, materials, organizational options and features. When shopping, you’ll notice they are sometimes categorized by gender (men’s toiletry bags and toiletry bags for women), though most are unisex. If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll want a few different types of toiletry bags on hand, as the amount of products you pack may change per trip.

“While I use one larger toiletry bag for road trips, so I can fit larger bottles and makeup in one place, I prefer a TSA-approved sturdy, clear plastic toiletry bag when I fly,” says publisher and editor of, Susan Lanier-Graham, who has flown almost 700,000 miles and clocked more than 1,600 hours in planes over the last five years.

Read on to shop the best toiletry bag option in every category.

Best Overall: BagSmart Toiletry Bag

Best Hanging Bag: Scout Beauty Burrito

Best Budget: Wandf Toiletry Bag

Best Splurge: Briggs & Riley Rhapsody Hanging Toiletry Kit

Best for Kids: Iscream Feelin’ Groovy Set

Best Men’s: Public Rec Pro Travel Kit

Best Sustainability: Wearwell Ted Travel Case

Best for Camping/Backpacking: Osprey UltraLight Roll Organizer

Best Organization: 42Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag

Best TSA-Friendly Design: Packism Toiletry Bag

Best Water-Resistant: Meridian The To-Go Bag

Best Durability: Bravo Sierra Toiletry Bag

Bagsmart Toiletry Bag Travel Bag Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Best Toiletry Bag Overall

BagSmart Toiletry Bag

It’s impossible to overlook a travel toiletry bag with over 34,000 reviews, especially when 96% of them are four stars or higher. The BagSmart toiletry bag has four separate compartments for easy organization, offers elastic straps to keep bottles upright and has a 360-degree swivel hook for maximum versatility. Learn more about it here.


  • Water-resistant material with transparent sides
  • Comes in medium and large sizes
  • Available in six colors


  • All three panels must be fully unfolded to access belongings

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Scout Beauty Burrito Hanging Toiletry Organizer Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Best Hanging Toiletry Bag

Scout Beauty Burrito

Since the bathroom counter and faucet area is one of the dirtiest spots in every hotel room, it’s not a bad idea to choose a toiletry bag that hangs. However, the hook is not the only reason Chantae Reden, travel writer and founder of ocean adventures website The Salt Sirens, is obsessed with her Scout Beauty Burrito.

“I’ve traveled to over 40 countries, usually with just my carry-on. I’m often staying in small spaces, like sailboats and campervans, so I need a toiletry bag to be functional, organized and lightweight,” says Reden. “The Beauty Burrito rolls into a compact toiletry bag that’s easily stowed away and unfurls to hang on a wall. Clear pouches make everything easy to spot, and a main zippered compartment holds larger items. Packing and unpacking takes just seconds, thanks to an elastic band. The thick water-resistant material prevents any unfortunate spills from leaking onto clothes.”


  • Sturdy hanging hook
  • Secure elastic band closure
  • Patterns with personality make this an enticing travel bag for women


  • May not be large enough for bigger bottles

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Toiletry Bag Small Nylon Dopp Kit Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Best Budget Toiletry Bag

Wandf Toiletry Bag

If you’re more interested in spending money on your actual trip and not on gearing up for it, then check out this budget-friendly toiletry bag. It won’t take up much space in your luggage, won’t cost more than an Alexander Hamilton and has various compartments for separating essentials. Not keeping your toiletries well contained is one of the suitcase packing mistakes that could ruin a vacation, and even an inexpensive option could save your trip.


  • Less than $15
  • Comes in 13 colors
  • Internal mesh pockets


  • At 9.5 inches long, it may not hold larger products

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Briggs And Riley Womens Rhapsody Hanging Toiletry Bag Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Best Splurge

Briggs & Riley Rhapsody Hanging Toiletry Kit

I’ve traveled to 35 countries, and my Briggs & Riley luggage has stood the test of time. The brand’s durability, functionality and style are second-to-none, so you can imagine my delight at discovering that the hanging toiletry kit is just as amazing as my beloved Rhapsody carry-on spinner and Rhapsody Essential Tote. This chic trifold toiletry bag features three compartments (including one that’s moisture-resistant) durable handles, a full-zip closure and a hook to save space on often-crowded hotel bathroom counters.


  • Slim silhouette with self-repairing zippers
  • Made with soft, yet durable, micro weave nylon fabric
  • Hidden hook to hang up


  • Pricey, but includes an unconditional lifetime guarantee
  • Only available in black

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Feelin Groovy Set Of 3 Cosmetic Bags Ecomm Via Nordstrom.comvia merchant

Best Toiletry Bag for Kids

Iscream Feelin’ Groovy Set

Help your little ones stay organized on family vacations with a set of three toiletry bags. The Feelin’ Groovy style is colorful, whimsical and comes with a convenient handle on the larger, transparent bag. The other two are zippered pouches that are ideal for packing smaller kids’ cosmetics, such as sunscreen, or organizing chargers. Honestly, this also makes for a cute toiletry bag for adults!


  • Eye-catching, bright design
  • Three bags in different sizes meet your child’s needs
  • Bags nest inside each other when not in use
  • Clear bag makes it easy to see what’s inside


  • Design may be too bold for some

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Pro Travel Kit Ecomm Via Publicrec.comvia merchant

Best Men’s Toiletry Bag

Public Rec Pro Travel Kit

Everything you need and nothing you don’t—that’s exactly how Public Rec’s Pro Travel Kit rolls. With two-side zipper pockets and a hook for hanging, you might be surprised by how much room is inside this men’s toiletry bag. Verified buyer, Billy Q., says, “I am a very extra person, and bring a lot. This held all of my stuff: toiletries, masks, shaving, scrubs, etc.”


  • Sleek, no-nonsense design
  • Water-resistant and durable poly-twill fabric
  • Works well in a gym bag, too


  • Limited color options

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Ted Travel Case Ecomm Via Shopwearwell.comvia merchant

Best Sustainable Toiletry Bag

Wearwell Ted Travel Case

Made with recycled organic cotton and eco-leather, the Wearwell Ted Travel Case is designed for the minimalist traveler who pays attention to their carbon footprint. Choose the small or large travel toiletry bag, depending on your needs and packing tendencies. Either way, you’re treated to a sophisticated pinstripe design.


  • Made with eco-friendly materials
  • The brand donates 1% of each sale to environmental organizations
  • Comes in two sizes and both have a carrying handle


  • Minimalist design with just two interior pockets

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Osprey Ultralight Roll Organizer Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Best for Camping/Backpacking

Osprey UltraLight Roll Organizer

As a personal travel planner, full-time digital nomad and travel blogger with over 10 years of experience on the road, Alex Tiffany swears by the Osprey UltraLight Roll Organizer for backpacking, hiking and other outdoors adventures. “This product is versatile, well-built, incredibly light and packs down very small,” he says. “It has a large, secure pocket to hold all of your essential toiletries, several sub-pockets for organizing everything and a built-in mirror. I also love its hanging clip loop, which can be used to hang the open bag from any hook, ledge, tree branch or bunk bed step.”


  • Ultra slim design rolls up and doesn’t take up much space
  • Four interior zippered pockets
  • Mirror feature is nice for camping
  • Osprey brand is durable and built to last


  • Only available in the green and orange design

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42 Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Best for Organization

42 Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag

You want organization? The 42 Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag has nearly 3,000 glowing Amazon reviews and 17—yes, count them, 17!—compartments. That makes all the difference in staying sane while packing and during your travels. Verified customer, BC, says, “I upgraded from the standard guy bag and glad I did. The various pouches let me keep my stuff separate which made for a less annoying time on the road.”


  • 17 compartments guarantee a well-organized bag
  • Large enough to hold standard shampoo bottles
  • Durable construction and water-resistant


  • Only available in black

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Clear Toiletry Bag Packism 3 Pack Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Best TSA-Friendly Design

Packism Clear Toiletry Bag

Hate digging around in a dark toiletry bag for the product you need? Switch to Packism’s Clear Toiletry Bag. Sure, it’ll take some of the mystery out of your unmentionables, but the convenience is worth it.

“This keeps everything handy without risking spills, has ample room for those 3-ounce bottles and is much more reliable than a 1-quart plastic baggie that can tear partway through a trip,” says Lanier-Graham. “It’s easy to keep the plastic bag in my carry-on, quickly pull it out going through security and repack it without missing a beat. For me, the balance between functionality, ease going through TSA and not having to check a bag makes this the only option for flying.” After all, every avid traveler knows that doing anything you can to avoid getting your luggage flagged by TSA is worth the effort.


  • Quart size follows the TSA 3-1-1 rule
  • Crystal-clear design makes it easy to find things
  • Three-pack is a great value


  • Bags are quite stiff, restricting flexibility with products

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The To Go Bag Ecomm Via Meridiangrooming.comvia merchant

Best Water-Resistant Toiletry Bag

Meridian The To-Go Bag

Whether you’re headed into the great outdoors or are prone to dropping your toiletry bag in the hotel bathroom sink, The To-Go Bag from Meridian has you covered. How do they do it? With a water-resistant waxed canvas exterior and a water-resistant nylon interior. Plus, the metal zipper ensures everything stays closed up tightly.


  • 100% water-resistant waxed canvas exterior
  • 100% water-resistant nylon interior
  • Two interior mesh pocks


  • No additional colors or sizes

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The Toiletry Bag Ecomm Via Bravosierra.comvia merchant

Best Durability

Bravo Sierra The Toiletry Bag

If you’re hard on gear while traveling, know that you can count on The Toiletry Bag from Bravo Sierra. It was tested in the roughest environments by military field testers to ensure that it’s built to last. Thank the heavy nylon body, sturdy seatbelt handle and black zipper closure for keeping belongings safe and sound no matter where you throw your bag.


  • Tested with military field testers
  • Made in the USA
  • Brand contributes 5% of sales to military Quality of Life support


  • Only available in black
  • No pockets or separate compartments

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