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13 Household Items That Make Travel a Breeze

Try one of these brilliant travel hacks for keeping you organized and comfy on your next trip.

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For tangle-free necklaces: tape

Store all your necklaces in one pouch and you could end up with a tangled mess. To keep jewelry in control, cover the chains with tape before packing them to prevent them from making knots.

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For makeup: pencil case

Throw a loose pair of stockings into your luggage and they could end up with unsightly runs. Keep them safe from catching on unruly objects by storing rolled-up pairs in a pencil case when you’re packing. Pencil cases also make handy containers for makeup. Pick up a plastic waterproof one instead of a pricy cosmetic bag and you’ll save some money.

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For a comfy ride: bubble wrap

Travel in comfort during long road trips by covering the seat and back with two layers of bubble wrap, with the bubbles facing out. The bubbles will add a boost of comfort while you sit for hours in the car. Read this to learn how to recover from a long day of sitting.

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For earrings: pill box

Pill containers make a handy storage for jewelry. Put a pair of earrings in each compartment to avoid digging around in a big pouch for a match.

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To fake “blackout” shades: clothes pins

The curtains at some hotels won’t stay fully closed, meaning you lose privacy and light gets in while you’re trying to sleep. Store clothes pins in your bag to clamp draperies together if they don’t shut.

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For fast first aid: balloon

An uninflated balloon takes up next to no space in your luggage but can turn into a handy makeshift heat pad or ice pack. If your muscles are sore or you have an injury, fill the party product with hot or cold water at a hotel or rest stop, and press it against the pained spot.

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For sharp objects: binder clip

Clamp a large binder clip over the head of your razor to protect the blade in your toiletry bag.

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To fake “trial size” liquids: contact case

Large bottles and jars for toiletries can waste precious luggage space, especially if you’re flying and have limits to your liquids. Instead of packing full-size containers of face creams and liquid makeup, fill a contact case with the products so you have just enough for your trip.

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To fake an air freshener: dryer sheets

Stick a dryer sheet between clothing items as you pack. You’ll arrive at your destination with fresh-smelling wardrobe. Plus, you can put the sheet in front of the AC in a hotel to blow a pleasant scent into the room.

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For spill-free shampoo: plastic wrap

Unscrew the lid of a toiletry bottle and cover the opening with a layer of plastic wrap before putting it back. The plastic wrap will help seal the bottle to keep liquids from spilling if the lid opens.

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For easy luggage retrieval: ribbon

To make your suitcase stand out from the crowd, tie a brightly colored ribbon around the handle with your luggage tag. The vivid color will catch your eye as you scan through a sea of suitcases. Avoid making these suitcase packing mistakes.

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For crunchy snacks: coffee creamer container

Convert an empty plastic coffee creamer bottle into a snack carrier. Wash out an empty container, leaving it filled with vinegar overnight if you can’t get rid of the smell, then fill it with snacks like Goldfish or dry cereal. Unlike a zip-lock baggie, the stiff plastic will keep your snack from getting crushed in your bag.

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For a cleaner suitcase: shower cap

Place shoes in a shower cap before packing them in your suitcase to keep dirty footprints off your clean clothes.

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