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12 Gorgeous Pictures That Capture the Striking Beauty of Tulip Farms

Welcome the warmer weather with these beautifully vibrant flowers.

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Michel Hersen/Country Extra

Tulips bordering a forest

Tulips sprout up in the spring and cover the ground with a beautiful patterns of color. There are 75 different wild species of tulips. One tall green stem produces 6 petals that cup around each other to form the flower. The first official flowering of tulips took place in the Netherlands in 1594 starting the tulip industry. It triggers what is known as ‘tulip mania,’ when the value of tulip bulbs shot up so much that they were used as a form of currency. They then came to the United States in 1847 when a wealthy man planted them all around his estate in Salem, Massachusetts. Tulips range from white to a mix of oranges; the only color that tulips don’t come in is blue. This gorgeous landscapes show a rainbow of flowers that will make you want to get outside and celebrate spring. Don’t miss the most beautiful gardens in America.

-Michel Hersen, Country Extra, March 2014

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Endless rows of color

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The brightness of spring

Each spring, millions of tulips bloom in Holland, Michigan—making it a great place to visit when the weather is warmer. Don’t miss these beautiful American spring destinations.

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Rebecca Cox/Country Extra

Reds and whites with a blue sky

—Rebecca Cox, Country Extra, March 2015

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Windmill and flowers

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Rows and rows of color

Although they are beautiful, store-bought tulips are actually harder to care for and are unlikely to last more than five or so days. Here are the cut flowers that last the longest in a vase.

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Deborah Carson/Country Extra Magazine

Pretty in Pink

—Deborah Carson, Country Extra, March 2016

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Multicolored beauty

Tulips are usually planted in the fall before the ground freezes.

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Rolling hills of color

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Natalia Karapunarly/Country Magazine

A walk through the tulips

—Natalia Karapunarly, Country, April 2014

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Beauty on the horizon

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Jacqueline Klose/Shutterstock

Cloudy skies, bright flowers

Bright, red tulips could be a welcomed change to red roses for Valentine’s Day. These are other things your florist won’t tell you.