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The Best Under-$40 Deals Hiding in Amazon’s Secret Summer Sale

It's time for some retail therapy.

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Time to treat yourself

The term “retail therapy” has never seemed so relevant. With everything going on in the world, you deserve to treat yourself this summer. And what better way to do it than with Amazon’s big summer sale event? From pet supplies to furniture to clothing and everything in between, Amazon has it all (but you already knew this). Scroll through to find the best hidden deals within the summer sale event. You can thank us later! After, check out these 13 things Amazon won’t sell anymore.

Note: Prices listed were accurate as of press time; pricing fluctuations may occur.

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AmazonBasics duvet cover setvia

AmazonBasics duvet cover set


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There’s nothing like the feeling of snuggling up in fresh sheets. Bonus points occur when said bedding is also new. I would say splurge on this delicious duvet cover set in a calming spa blue color, but at $24.99, there’s no splurge necessary—just drop it in your cart and order!

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Dash clear view toastervia

Dash clear view toaster


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Just because you may not be doing your usual commute to work right now doesn’t mean you should be forgetting about breakfast. Elevate your morning meal game with this sleek toaster complete with separate defrost, reheat, and bagel buttons. Extra points go to the fact that the toaster has a clear window so you can make sure your toast (or whatever else you may be putting in there) turns your preferred shade of brown crispness. Here are 61 other Amazon products you’ll definitely use every day.

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BISSELL handheld vacuumvia

BISSELL handheld vacuum


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This cordless handheld vacuum is every neat freak’s dream. Its small, flexible shape makes it easy to clear dirt and debris from just about any little crevice, from in between seat cushions to car mats to even your computer keyboard. With the possibility of more days working from home, this vacuum will become your new built-in best friend. Make sure you’re aware of these 10 places you’re probably not vacuuming—but should be.

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Traeger bamboo cutting boardvia

Traeger bamboo cutting board


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It’s time to up your game in the kitchen—and the grill, for that matter. This durable cutting board will support all of your culinary chopping desires. Now that you’ve got it, make sure you know how to clean it:

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Indoor succulent plants, 5-packvia

Indoor succulent plants, 5-pack


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Has staying inside made you feel down? You’ll perk right up again once you know this five pack of adorable indoor succulent plants are headed your way. They always say plants need water and love to grow, so give these little guys everything you’ve got. Do you know about these 30 brilliant buys on Amazon with practically perfect reviews?

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Rail Grips swimming pool hand rail covervia

Rail Grips swimming pool hand rail cover


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If you’re lucky enough to be spending your quarantined summer poolside, you’ll want to make sure all of your pool accessories are up to date in terms of safety. These royal blue rail covers will ensure that nobody slips and slides into the pool. Also, make sure you know about the 12 ways your swimming pool is making you sick.

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Legacy Manufacturing SmartFlex garden hosevia

Legacy Manufacturing SmartFlex garden hose


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We’re sure we’re not the only ones that has decided to take up some around-the-house projects while staying at home. This extremely flexible and durable garden hose will help you get that green grass you’ve always strived for.

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Canson XL Bristol paper padvia

Canson XL Bristol paper pad


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Quarantine brought out the artists in us. Whether it was you or your kid that had their artistic awakening, this extra large Bristol paper pad (at over 30 percent off the original price, mind you) will bring out the creative genius in everyone. And since it’s so big, multiple people can work on it at once! And while we’re talking about creativity: These are the 28 weirdest things you can buy on Amazon.

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OFM upholstered side chairvia

OFM upholstered side chair


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Home offices across the country have been getting a lot of TLC these past few months. Keep the love coming with this super clean and durable office chair which is perfect for working at your desk. Use the arms of the chair when your hands get tired of typing at the computer all day. And when you need a break from work, read up on these 21 little-known Amazon hacks every online shopper needs to know.

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Furinno decorative shelfvia

Furinno decorative shelf


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I mean, once you start redoing your home office, you might as well keep the momentum going with your whole house, right? This decorative shelf structure can fit into any room and can hold up to 15 pounds per shelf. And at over 50 percent off the original price, it would seem counterintuitive not to buy it.

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TaoTronics wireless earbudsvia

TaoTronics wireless earbuds


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I’ll be the first to say it: Wireless does make a difference! Whether you like to listen to music or podcasts while working out, doing the dishes, going for a walk, or just lying in bed, these reasonably priced earbuds will change your entire sonic experience for the better.

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RapidX X5 car chargervia

RapidX X5 car charger


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Most of us have gotten the memo on the importance of having charging outlets in our cars, but do you have five separate outlets? And more than that, do you have both iPhone and Android chargers? Yeah, we’re going for the hard-hitting questions with this one. With this product, you can kiss the days of fighting over a singular car charger goodbye. Learn how to charge your phone faster.

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Kidde AC carbon monoxide and explosive gas detector alarmvia

Kidde AC carbon monoxide and explosive gas detector alarm


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While this item may not be as fun as some others on the list, it can be lifesaving. This detector will sound an alarm if dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide or explosive gas are being detected in your home. At nearly 50 percent off the original price, this buy could be the difference between life and death.

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AmazonBasics pet bedvia

AmazonBasics pet bed


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We know you can’t resist buying something for your precious pooch while you also shop for yourself. This super comfortable (and stylish) pet bed will have your dog giving you puppy love kisses all day long. And with the large size on sale at 15 percent off the original price, it’s a steal! Check out these other dog beds for your pooch, too.

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WiOn outdoor WiFi switchvia

WiOn outdoor Wi-Fi switch


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We all know the struggle…it’s a beautiful day outside, but you have to be glued to your computer inside, doing work. Enjoy the day and call in sick, or be good and stay in? With this outdoor Wi-Fi wireless plug-in switch, you won’t have to choose since you’ll be able to use your Wi-Fi to work outside. You can use it for up to 12 devices at a time, plus it’s weather-resistant. Is there anything this item can’t do? And oh yeah, it’s almost 50 percent off the original price.

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Jointown face mask, pack of 50via

Jointown face mask, pack of 50


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If you were reading this list last year, I’m sure this particular item would give you pause. But in the world of coronavirus, owning multiple masks is necessary to maintain both your health and the health of others. Although this pack of 50 isn’t intended for medical use, for everyday wear these masks will protect you. And with each mask coming out to be only 54 cents, how can you pass up this essential (and essentially cheap!) item? If you’re still on the fence, reading up on these 11 eye-opening facts will convince you to wear a mask.

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Carhartt backpackvia

Carhartt backpack


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This roomy and comfortable backpack, emblazoned with the classic Carhartt logo, is perfect for everything from hitting the books to hitting the trail. With a front organization pocket and separate mesh water bottle pocket on the side, this backpack is an adaptable ally in our ever-changing world.

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Dirty dog doormatvia

Dirty dog doormat


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How a-door-able is this dirty dog doormat? The ultra-absorbent microfiber of the mat soaks up water and mud while the super-grip backing prevents your pet from slipping.

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Adidas women's leggingsvia

Adidas women’s leggings


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Are you one of the many that have taken up running, biking, or walking to keep in both your mind and your body in shape during quarantine? If so, you deserve to buy yourself some new athletic clothing—at a good price, of course! These Adidas leggings have a high rise and tight fit, so you won’t have to worry about adjusting them while you move.

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Columbia men's jacketvia

Columbia men’s jacket


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We found the leggings deal for the ladies, so now it’s time for a little wardrobe spruce-up for the men. This Columbia lightweight jacket is perfect for those cool summer nights when you just want a little extra layer of warmth. It’s also made from 100 percent organic cotton and is 58 percent off the original price—two things that make it a must-have.

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PetSafe 3 in 1 harnessvia

PetSafe 3 in 1 harness


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Let’s be honest: Has your dog been getting tired of all the extra walks you’ve been taking them on during quarantine? With this new harness from the makers of the Easy Walk Harness, your pet will be taking the extra laps in stride and style. Next, read up on the 34 things you should always buy from Amazon.

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