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22 Unique Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

This Easter, take your eggs one step further with these different decorating techniques.

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Easter Background, Homemade Eggshell Bunnies And Yellow Chrysant
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Are you an avid craftsman? Are you someone who’s left decorating Easter eggs to family members until now? Whoever you are, you (and your family) will surely love these Easter egg decorating ideas. So get your eggs ready and make this Easter extra fun with these out-of-the-box Easter egg designs. Make a day out of it and turn on one of these Easter movies, learn why Easter falls on a different Sunday every year, and finish off with one of these mouthwatering Easter desserts.

unusual Easter unicorn eggs on a pink background
dvulikaia/Getty Images

Unicorn eggs

Don’t be intimidated! This design isn’t as difficult as it looks. All it takes is a little planning (online shopping) and glue. You can buy the horn and flowers pre-made and then there are only a couple more steps. The ears can be made with felt or construction paper by cutting a piece of your material into a triangle and folding the bottom two corners together. The leaves can also be cut out of that same material in a different color. Just secure everything with a little glue and you have yourself an adorable unicorn egg.

What You’ll Need: Unicorn horns, craft flowers, felt, construction paper

Close Up Of Easter Eggs painted to look like Minions
Stefanie Jost/EyeEm/Getty Images

Minion eggs

Everyone’s favorite little companions are now in egg form. Dye your eggs yellow and let them dry completely. Paint the bottom half of the egg blue to represent their overalls and glue on two googly eyes. A Sharpie will do for the tiny smiles and lines to make the goggles.

What You’ll Need: Blue paint, googly eyes, glue, thin Sharpie

cute blue,orange and green Easter eggs in funny bows
dvulikaia/Getty Images

Eggs with bows

The most beautiful little eggs! Dye each egg the color of your choice and glue on a colorful bow. To add the eyelashes, just draw in the tiny lines with a thin permanent marker. To spread more love this holiday, use these printable Easter card templates that everyone will love.

What You’ll Need: Bows, thin Sharpie

Blue colored striped Easter eggs and cotton yarn in decorative skeins on wooden background
Ladislav Kubeš/Getty Images

Eggs wrapped in yarn

This one requires a bit of patience and probably not the best idea to do with the kids, but they are definitely worth the effort on your part. To craft this Easter egg, you will need colorful yarn, mod podge, and an egg of your choosing. Coat your egg in the mod podge and wrap the yarn around it. Alternate colors or how close you lay the yarn down for more creativity. Pair craft night with one of these entertaining Easter games to keep the fun going.

What You’ll Need: Mod podge, colorful yarn

Easter egg covered in candy sprinkles
Jenny Dettrick/Getty Images

Eggs with sprinkles

All you will need is nonpareil sprinkles (preferably fun Easter colors), mod podge, and a paintbrush. Paint your eggs with the glue using the paintbrush and then cover them in sprinkles. You may need to use a spoon to press the sprinkles onto the egg after you’ve covered it or else, they won’t stick as well.

What You’ll Need: Mod podge, paintbrush, sprinkles

Painted easter egg business suit tie and bow
Kelly Mitchell/Getty Images

Eggs in business casual

These are some pretty dapper-looking eggs if I do say so myself. Even without a face, these little guys have lots of personality.

What You’ll Need: Assorted paint, paintbrush

Bejeweled Easter Eggs
Adrienne Bresnahan/Getty Images

Bedazzled eggs

After dying your eggs in various colors, whip out your favorite stones and get ready to glue. Some jewel designs may already have a sticky back that will adhere right to the egg. If your fingers feel a little too big for this, try using a pair of tweezers.

What You’ll Need: Craft jewels, tweezers

Colorful Easter Eggs
Enn Li  Photography/Getty Images

Sequined eggs

For this one, dye the egg your desired color and let it dry completely. Adhere the sequins with a little glue and a steady hand. That’s it! No need to stick with flowers either; use any design that tickles you.

What You’ll Need: Mod podge, sequins

Easter eggs painted with blue and green nail varnish
Westend61/Getty Images

Splatter painted eggs

This could be one of the messiest Easter egg designs on this list so beware! Mix and match contrasting egg and paint colors to create a bright, speckled collection. Pour a small amount of acrylic craft paint on a piece of wax paper. Dip an old toothbrush into the paint and dab the excess on the wax paper. Hold an egg over the wax paper in one hand, and with your other hand, hold the toothbrush about 2 inches over the egg. Run your thumb along the bristles to spray paint on the egg. You can also use just a regular paintbrush to flick the paint, but that is the messier option as illustrated above. On the bright side, your kids will have a blast.

What You’ll Need: Assorted paint

Painted easter eggs
ediebloom/Getty Images

Geometric eggs

This is another one of those designs that will look like a lot more effort than it actually is. No dying required here since the designs will be colorful enough. Pick out your favorite paint colors and with a tiny brush, paint on whatever shapes your heart desires. No matter what you paint, the colors will pop and make for some beautiful Easter baskets. For some inspiration, don’t miss these Easter basket ideas the whole family will love.

What You’ll Need: Assorted paint, paintbrushes

Painting easter eggs with a large yellow spot on each

Sunnyside up eggs

These look just like breakfast. All you need is a little yellow paint to create circles on the eggs that will give everyone a good chuckle.

What You’ll Need: Yellow paint

Two Easter eggs painted with blackboard paint and chalk hanging on blossoming twig
Westend61/Getty Images

Blackboard eggs

Write little messages on eggshells to exchange with friends and family. Coat eggs with a layer of chalkboard paint and let your chalk do the talking. If you fall out of love with a pattern or picture, wash the surface and draw again. Learn about these myths and legends about Easter.

What You’ll Need: Chalkboard paint, chalk

Painted Easter eggs on yellow background
Tina Terras & Michael Walter/Getty Images

Black-and-white eggs

All you need for this monochromatic look is a fine-tipped black permanent marker. Even though the eggs will all be the same color, there are endless opportunities to make each egg look unique.

What You’ll Need: Sharpie

Easter decoration with crafted Easter bunny in the sunny nest
Rike_/Getty Images

Bunny eggs

What’s cuter than the Easter bunny? Cut out ear shapes from white foam or card stock, dab flat ends of ears with glue, and adhere to the top of the egg. When completely dry, draw eyes and whiskers on the egg with a black marker. You can even use a tiny pom-pom for the nose. Learn how the bunny came to be associated with Easter.

What You’ll Need: Craft foam, glue, thin Sharpie, pom-poms

Decorated Easter eggs
Jorja M. Vornheder/Getty Images

Chick eggs

Ditch the paint with these and just go with felt stickers and googly eyes. Just cut out your desired shapes. You can also make the bunnies this way if you’re opting for less of a mess.

What You’ll Need: Felt stickers, googly eyes

White egg wrapped around with red ribbon on a toy watering can on blue background.
Yulia Naumenko/Getty Images

Present eggs

Just need some colored ribbon for this one! Wrap and piece of ribbon around the egg and tie in a bow. It’s quick, easy, and the eggs will still look pretty. For more simple craft ideas, check out these Easter crafts that will brighten any home.

What You’ll Need: Assorted ribbons

Forest themed Easter eggs decorated with natural leafs
Komorebi/Getty Images

Forest eggs

These are super easy, but the end result will definitely make people think you tried harder than you did. Just scoop up a handful of dirt from the backyard and glue your findings on the egg. Plus, they’ll blend in with the ground so they will be harder to find.

What You’ll Need: Mod podge

Easter eggs decorated with washi tape on wooden background
Nebelsee/Getty Images

Washi-tape eggs

Put metallic, patterned, and pastel Washi tape to good use with this cute no-dye egg-decorating option. This is also code for no-mess. Cut the tape into various shapes and stick to egg surfaces. Laugh around the table this holiday with these hilarious Easter jokes.

What You’ll Need: Washi-tape

Easter eggs with animal motif stickers in a bowl
Kolodziejczyk, Alicja/Getty Images

Stickered eggs

How easy is this? Sometimes we must admit that the best decorations come from other people, and that’s OK! Pick up the coolest stickers you can find and no doubt your children will have the best time decorating.

What You’ll Need: Stickers

eggs with Happy Easter stamped white eggs in stoneware pan

Stamped eggs

Stamps work on eggs too! Pick out some of your favorite designs and use a fresh ink pad. Just be gentle as not to crack the egg. Temporary tattoos will also work well. Simply apply fake tattoos to eggshells the way you would to your own skin. Instead of bright colors, you’ll get eggs stamped with spiders, superheroes, and more. Didn’t pay attention in Sunday school? Learn more about Good Friday and why we celebrate it.

What You’ll Need: Easter stamps, temporary tattoos

Hand painted easter eggs in a row

Hand-painted eggs

Skip the dye and just buy some brown eggs to use as your base. With a tiny paintbrush, white paint, and a steady hand, create squiggles, dots, and lines for more antique looking Easter egg designs.

What You’ll Need: White paint, paintbrush

Colorful striped Easter eggs
Enn Li Photography/Getty Images

Striped eggs

Sometimes the simpler Easter egg designs turn out to be the most impressive. Dye your eggs whatever colors you want (pastels look the best in my opinion) and take a thin paintbrush with a dab of white paint to draw on the stripes. It may be helpful to use a pencil first to get the spacing right before you go in with the paint. The good news is that since the eggs are round, you won’t be able to tell if the stripes come out a little crooked. For even more fun ideas, check out these Easter crafts that your kids can make with stuff around the house.

What You’ll Need: White paint, paintbrush

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