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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

10 Trips Moms and Daughters Should Take Together

Moms make the best travel buddies, don't they?

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Go on a spa retreat

After all the hard work of raising you, don’t you think your mom deserves a nice spa trip? The two of you can get massages, facials, and other relaxing treatments, then soak up some sun by the pool. Take the opportunity to do a digital detox, too: turn off you phone and have some valuable face time with mom instead. Check out any one of the Canyon Ranch locations for a relaxing and beautiful mother daughter vacation package. For the more adventurous relaxation seekers, check out this list of 16 beauty destinations from around the world.

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Visit a foreign country

To shake things up and make memories that you and your mom will cherish forever, do something really outside of the norm: visit a foreign country. Go to Thailand and peruse one of the floating markets, visit some of the castles of Wales, or see Japan’s famous Cherry Blossom Festival in the spring. You won’t have to worry about the language barrier much in most major cities, but, in case you do need to make some new friends in your foreign travel destination, here’s how to say “cheers” around the world.

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Go camping

Reconnecting with nature and taking a break from city life can do wonders for your mood—and even your sleep, new research says. While you may think camping isn’t the most feasible for your mom depending on her age and physical ability, there are plenty of ways to have an outdoor adventure for all levels of mobility. You can rent an RV for your trip, scout out accessible campsites with, and check the difficulty level of most hiking trails on before you go.

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Go on a wine tasting tour

Do you and your mom share a love of wine? There’s no better way to celebrate that love and spend some quality time than by going on a wine tasting tour through vineyard country. Whether you choose Napa, Sonoma, Bordeaux, or Rioja, there are tour companies with knowledgeable guides who will drive you through the countryside to visit all the vineyards worth visiting. Or, you can simply hire a car for the day and do a self-made tour.

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Visit your motherland

Whether your mother’s family hails from Ireland, Sudan, or Colombia, visiting your motherland will no doubt be a meaningful and unforgettable experience for the two of you. Do some research into your genealogy beforehand and see if you have any living relatives you could visit while there, and make sure to learn some of the native language. Make a list of personally important places to visit, like the cafe where your grandparents first met or the village your ancestors lived.

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Go on a road trip

The legacy of the ‘great American road trip’ usually brings to mind manly, literary men like Jack Kerouac and John Steinbeck, but ladies have more than their share of road trip stories, too! You and your mom can make a master plan for your road trip to visit national parks or kitschy Americana pit stops (world’s largest ball of twine, anyone?), or you can take a more free form approach and simply see where the wind takes you. You’ll want to check out Roadtrippers either way for travel guides, places to stop for the night, and road-tripping tips and pack these must-have items.

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Visit New York City

New York is its very own kind of trip, and one that every mother and daughter should take together at some point. See a show on Broadway, take a ferry around the Statue of Liberty, stroll through beautiful Central Park—all the typically touristy stuff is popular because it’s worth doing, so don’t be shy! After a long day of walking the city, stop at Momofuku Noodle Bar for some perfect ramen or pork buns, then get a scoop at the nearby Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Shop.

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Have a picnic on the beach

Sometimes simple trips make for the best memories. You and mom can work together on putting together a tasty, healthy picnic basket the day before—complete with a bottle of wine or a thermos full of Arnold Palmers to wash it down. Then find a sunny beach to spend the afternoon at, relax, and have a good time. And don’t forget some sun protection!

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Go on an art tour

Art tours are a great way to learn about a place and its local art scene, whether it’s your hometown or in a foreign country. There’s plenty of tours you can book on TripAdvisor like CAMIBAart Tours in Austin and Mexico. You can also simply visit your local art museum and ask about guided tours through their collections. If you and your mom share a love of art and learning, this is a great easy trip!

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Visit a national park

There are hundreds of beautiful national parks all over the country: there’s likely one within driving distance of you. And if you’ve yet to visit one, you’re missing out on a quintessential American experience! If you live in Texas, pay a visit to Big Bend, where you’ll find breathtaking views and secluded natural hot springs. If you’re in California, go to Yosemite or Joshua Tree. Or, if you’re looking to go somewhere off the beaten path, try one of these practically secret national parks. Wherever you go, you’ll undoubtedly have a fantastic adventure and bonding experience with your mom!

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