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105 Silly Valentine’s Day Puns to Make Your Sweetheart Smile

These adorable Valentine’s Day puns include the perfect message to write in your love’s card this Feb. 14

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Valentine I Love You A Whole Watt
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Valentine’s Day puns you’ll love

Valentine’s Day rolls around every year on Feb. 14. And whether you’re single on the holiday, you’ve just started a new relationship or you’ve been married to your sweetheart for years, it’s always a nice Valentine’s Day idea to send a heartfelt or funny message to a loved one. (Even a Valentine’s Day meme can suffice.) But these Valentine’s Day puns and jokes are sure to warm their heart and make them laugh, and even kids will get a kick out of them! If you’re happily hooked up, you’ll also want to check out these couples Instagram captions to show off your love.

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Valentine Youre On In A Chameleon
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Cute Valentine’s Day puns

1. I love you a whole watt.

2. I’m hoppy you’re mine.

3. My heart is gushing—I lava you.

4. Looking forward to spending koala-ty time together this Valentine’s Day.

5. I can’t bear to be without you.

6. Pining fir you.

7. Yoda best, valentine.

8. You’re one in a chameleon.

9. You’re just plane awesome!

10. My significant otter.

11. We mermaid for each other!

12. I wheel-ly like you!

13. We’ve got great chemistry.

14. I love you once and flor-al!

15. Sealed with a kiss.

16. I’ll never dessert you.

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Are You A 90 degree Angle Pun
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Cheesy Valentine’s Day puns

17. This may be corny, but you are a-maize-ing.

18. Are you a 90-degree angle? Because this feels just right.

19. You’re a cutie 3.14.

20. Are you a keyboard? Because you’re just my type.

21. Are you a locksmith? Because you have the key to my heart.

22. Are you a needle? Because you are sew special to me.

23. You must be glue, because I am sticking with you.

24. We have a great connection, since you’re Wi-Fi material.

25. Your name must be Summer, because you are hot.

26. If you were a triangle, you’d be acute one.

27. Are you copper and tellurium? Because you are Cu Te!

28. You can donate blood to me anytime, since you’re just my type.

29. You must be a bowling ball, since you’re right up my alley.

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Valentines Day Pun King
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Romantic Valentine’s Day puns

30. You’re the king of my heart!

31. I’ll owl-ways love you.

32. You octopi my heart!

33. When I’m with you, my heart is always ready for takeoff.

34. So mushroom in my heart for you!

35. You are my sole-mate.

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Valentine Cacti To Cactus
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Funny Valentine’s Day puns

36. Your dress must be made out of wife material.

37. You sweep me off my feet.

38. I could TSA pre-check you out all day long.

39. I glove you, and I am s’mitten.

40. I was soapin’ you’d be my valentine.

41. You give my life porpoise.

42. Went from “cacti” to “cactus.”

43. I think you’re porcu-fine.

44. I mustache you a question: Will you be my valentine?

45. You had me at “aloe.”

46. Life would succ without you.

47. Do you be-leaf in love?

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Valentine Youre All That And Dim Sum
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Food Valentine’s Day puns

48. Brie mine.

49. You’re my everything bagel.

50. Don’t go bacon my heart.

51. My heart beets for you.

52. You are one in a melon.

53. Just in queso you didn’t know, I love you.

54. I only have fries for you.

55. You make miso happy.

56. Muffin can ever come between us.

57. Words cannot express hummus I love you.

58. You’re my jam.

59. You make me Snicker.

60. Will you peas be mine?

61. There’s no reason to wine about you.

62. I love you from my head to-matoes.

63. We make a great pear.

64. Pie like you berry much.

65. You’re all that and dim sum.

66. You got a pizza my heart.

67. Olive you.

68. I donut know what I’d do without you.

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Valentine I Puggin Love You
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Dog Valentine’s Day puns

69. I ruff you.

70. You’re my pup of tea.

71. Hey, corgeous!

72. You look awfully fetching.

73. I puggin’ love you!

74. I’m mutts over you.

75. You are my pup of tea.

76. Urine my heart forever, so let’s ignore that puddle in the kitchen.

77. Doggone it, will you paw-lease be my valentine?

78. I’m pawsitive I want you to be my valentine.

79. I’m here to whisker you away!

80. You’re making me say bow-wow-WOW, valentine.

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Valentine Im Not Lion I Love You
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Cat Valentine’s Day puns

81. Meow and forever, I love you.

82. You are purr-fect for me!

83. When I’m with you, I’m feline good.

84. I’m not kitten around: I love you.

85. I’m not lion: I love you.

86. I’m definitely feline a reaction between the two of us.

87. I think you’re one cool cat.

88. Meow + you = together fur-ever.

89. What do you say to fur-ever?

90. You’re simply meowvelous!

Valentines Day Puns Drink
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Drink Valentine’s Day puns

91. I love you a latte.

92. You’re my cup of tea.

93. I can’t tell you how matcha you mean to me.

94. I want to espresso my love for you.

95. I soda think you’re cute.

96. You had me at merlot!

97. The boba us were meant to be together.

98. You’re ex-straw-ordinary!

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Valentines Day Puns Fawn
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Animal Valentine’s Day puns

99. I whale always love you.

100. I’m bananas for you.

101. I’m so fawned of you, deer!

102. I love ewe from the bottom of my heart.

103. I’m batty for you.

1o4. Will you bee mine?

105. You quack me up, valentine.

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