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America at Sunset

From our We Hear You America campaign, a look at the most special sunsets in your town.

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Tangier, VA

From our We Hear You America campaign, your photos of day-to-night skies.

The sun illuminates the sky in Tangier, Virginia, a tiny island community of approximately 500 people in the Chesapeake Bay.

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Onekama, MI

Residents and golfers of Onekama can often catch a golden, glowing sunset like this one.

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Rossville, KS

A golden sunset makes a beautiful backdrop behind Rossville’s train tracks.

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Vidalia, LA

Vidalia, Louisiana sits on the banks of the Mississippi River, which provides lush, almost tropical-looking, scenery to compliment a beautiful sunset.

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Sackets Harbor, NY

Photographer and resident Joe Meirose says this is a scene on any given day in Sackets Harbor, New York. Lucky for them!

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Plymouth, MA

A beautiful night in historic Plymouth, MA, home of Plymouth Rock.

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Ericson, NE

A resident of Ericson, Nebraska fishes as the sun sets on Lake Ericson.
In 2010, a flood broke the lake’s dam, and now the lake is nearly dried

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