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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

15 Cute Photos of Wet Dogs You Can’t Help But Smile At

These pups can't wait to dry off.

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High Angle View Of Dog Swimming In PoolRodrigo Vieira / EyeEm/Getty Images

Meet this pool-loving little guy

He sure loves playing in the water more than most. Make sure you also check out these other funny dog photos.

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Midsection Of Woman Bathing Shih Tzu Puppy In Sink At HomeRachelle Yingling / EyeEm/Getty Images

Meet this little Shih Tzu

He seems to be a little confused by his bath, but we’re sure he’s enjoying it.

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Domestic dogs. Labrador and Golden Retrievers. (PR: Property released).Martin Harvey/Getty Images

Meet these two best friends

These adorable guys look just like twins! Don’t miss out on these hilarious cat and dog photos animal lovers will love.

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Happy flying wet Havanese puppy!Martin Harvey/Getty Images

Meet this Havanese puppy

Has anybody else been this happy about going to the beach?

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Dog carrying stick in his mouth coming out of the lakeCatherine Ledner/Getty Images

Meet this lake-loving good boy

The water might be a little cold, but he still went in to get the stick. These photos of dogs “working from home” will also crack you up.

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Front view of dog cooling under garden sprinkler on a hot daybeverley clark / 500px/Getty Images

Meet this sprinkle-loving guy

Looking at this picture makes us want to turn on the sprinklers and jump in the middle.

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Wet dog in bathtubGeoff Griffiths / 500px/Getty Images

Meet this cute somber puppy

He doesn’t look so happy about his bath! We’re certain these dog adoption photos will melt your heart just as much as this one does.

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labrador retriever puppy dog running through water sprinklermeaghanbrowning/Getty Images

Meet the world’s happiest labrador

This picture would make anyone want to run through sprinklers!

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Wet dachshundWestend61/Getty Images

Meet this sweet little daschund

Who can say no to this face? Here are some other funny dog photos you absolutely have to see.

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Wet corgi dog carries ball out of swimming poolPurple Collar Pet Photography/Getty Images

Meet this wet little corgi

It looks like somebody enjoys the pool!

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Dogs getting a bathPriscila Zambotto/Getty Images

Meet these two brothers having a good time

They just love the water so much. These adorable sleeping puppies are just as cute as these guys.

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Chihuahua puppy wrapped in towel on sink, close-upGK Hart/Vikki Hart/Getty Images

Meet this super cozy Chihuahua

Who wouldn’t want to give him a bath?

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Bulldog Bathing In WashtubDann Tardif/Getty Images

Meet this disgruntled little guy

Some dogs just don’t like baths. These cute animal pictures will surely make your day.

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Dog climbing up boat ladder after swimming in lakeThomas Barwick/Getty Images

Meet this shocked-looking fella

It looks like he didn’t intend to be in the water.

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Chihuahua dog taking a shower with soap and waterKanok Sulaiman/Getty Images

Meet this soapy Chihuahua

He’s all wet, soapy and super adorable! Next, check out these photos of hilarious people who look just like their pets.