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What Color Should I Paint My Room?

Color expert and interior designer Elaine Ryan unveils Pantone’s recent color trends to help you choose the perfect shade for your home.

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“Pale green imbues you with a sense of well-being,” says Ryan. Try it out in a master bedroom to create a peaceful sanctuary … and remember to also paint the ceiling! “Peripheral vision is so important, and you don’t want your eyes to stop at the ceiling. It will make the room look much smaller,” Ryan says.

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Be strategic with this delicate shade. “I love it for a guest room,” says Ryan. “The muted tone is relaxing and will make visitors feel more comfortable.” For a trendy color combination, try accessorizing with chocolate brown pillows and throws.

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Don’t be afraid to go dark in the paint department, especially with blue. Paint a big swatch—roughly 30 inches by 30 inches—at waist level on a wall. Stop by the room at various times throughout the day for a week to see if you like how the shade shifts. “You try on a shirt. You try on shoes. You have to try on color,” says Ryan.

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Perk up your foyer with this color. “It creates such an inviting and warm environment,” explains Ryan, who suggests a soft shade with a pink or yellow undertone.

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To try this happy hue, look for a deeper shade with orange-based undertones. “If you go with a pale shade for a brightly lit room, the sun will wash away the golden undertones, making the color appear white instead of golden,” Ryan says.

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