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What You Should Be for Halloween, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Trying to come up with a creative costume idea? Let your zodiac sign be your guide this Halloween.

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What You Should Be For Halloween Based On Your Zodiac Sign Infographic
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Halloween and your zodiac sign

Whether you’re stumped by what to be for Halloween or looking for a little celestial guidance on your Halloween costume choice, using your zodiac sign—aka your sun sign—as inspiration is an excellent way to align your Hallows’ Eve celebrations. “Your sun sign and its interrelationship to other signs give you a wealth of information to work with, as well as a source of inspiration for role-playing on Halloween,” says Angel Dawn, an international psychic astrologer, evidential psychic medium and spiritual teacher. Ringing in Halloween according to your zodiac sign can also ensure your ensemble stays true to who you are.

So before you browse the web for Halloween costume ideas for women or hit brick-and-mortar stores for Halloween costumes for men, pause to consider what your sun sign and astrological elements like your zodiac power color might indicate.

How to use your zodiac sign to decide on a Halloween costume

Choosing a Halloween costume based on the stars is a lot like picking a Halloween candy based on your zodiac sign. In both cases, you need to look at the characteristics of your sun sign and the energies you harness as someone born under that sign. But using your zodiac sign to decide on a Halloween costume is also about selecting something that makes you stand out—especially if you plan on winning a costume contest (or if you’re a Leo).

“The sun is at the center of the universe, so it follows that your sun sign is where you shine the brightest,” says Abigail Nora, a Chicago-based astrologer. “If you’re looking for a standout Halloween costume that’s sure to steal the show, tapping into the energies of your sun sign can be an excellent place to start.”

Get ready to celebrate Halloween, zodiac-sign style, with these recommendations from the pros. Whether you’re hunting for family costume ideas or last-minute Halloween costumes, you’ll find attire that speaks to the energy and characteristics of your zodiac sign.

Illustration of a zombie
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Aries (March 21 to April 19): Gory monster

As the zodiac’s bold leader, Aries might choose to break away from trends, opting for a legitimately scary Halloween costume. “Unlike fellow fire sign Leo, Aries might be the sign that cares the least about whether or not they look ‘good’ in their costume, and they aren’t afraid to get gory or truly scary,” says Nora. With that in mind, a full-on zombie costume with fake blood and guts spilling out might inspire an Aries this Halloween. “If that’s too much though, lean in to the active side of Aries and channel a favorite superhero,” Nora adds.

Aries will get a chance to impress lots of people in their costumes too. According to Dawn, they’re most likely to stop by a few parties on Halloween, or they might even take the initiative to host their own Halloween gathering—after all, they love to take charge. Forget about bobbing for apples or other wholesome Halloween party pursuits—a fright-night get-together is another opportunity for Aries to share the gory gimmicks of their costumes.

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Illustration of a crown
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Taurus (April 20 to May 20): Royalty

“Earth sign Taurus loves all things luxury, and that extends to holiday celebrations and Halloween costumes too,” says Nora. With that in mind, the perfect Halloween costume for a Taurus is someone truly regal and iconic. Those dressing as real-life royalty might imitate Queen Elizabeth II of England—or Beyoncé. For a fictional icon, there’s always King Arthur or the Queen of Hearts (who makes a fun best friend Halloween costume if you have a pal who could double as Alice).

And how would a Taurus ideally spend October 31? “[At] an adults-only Halloween party with an abundance of wine, candy and a banquet of decadent desserts,” says Dawn.

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Illustration of Starry Night
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Gemini (May 21 to June 20): A work of art

Quick-witted, playful and curious, Geminis are interested in dressing up as something that sparks a conversation—and bonus points if it has an intellectual edge or is a nod to pop culture. Nora suggests getting creative with a DIY Halloween costume: a Roy Lichtenstein or Van Gogh painting (or another famous artwork). “A character from the show of the moment is also a great option for this sign,” she says.

This Halloween, Geminis are most looking forward to “interacting with a diverse group of characters, playing games and having stimulating conversations,” says Dawn. And this environment lends itself well to an intellectual costume.

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Illustration of Lizzie McGuire
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Cancer (June 21 to July 22): TV character

Ruled by the moon and highly intuitive and sensitive, Cancers prefer a more nostalgic costume. Nora recommends going as an iconic character from a TV show, such as Lucy from I Love Lucy or someone a little more recent, like Lizzie McGuire.

And where will these throwback characters be hanging out? Probably not at a rocking Halloween party. Cancers will enjoy staying home and carving pumpkins with their family or passing out candy. “But if they were to go out, they would enjoy trick-or-treating with the youngest members of the family or attending festivities with their closest crew,” says Dawn. With that in mind, a nostalgic costume is a perfect choice for All Hallows’ Eve.

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Illustration of Elvis
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Leo (July 23 to Aug. 22): Famous icon

“Regal Leo lives every day believing they’re an icon,” says Nora. “For them, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to keep that going by dressing as a fellow icon.” She suggests choosing someone with an instantly recognizable look, “like Madonna [also a Leo!] or Elvis.” Any costume with an emphasis on hair or wigs is perfect for Leo—it taps into that lion’s mane.

These costumes are also aligned with Leo’s ideal Halloween plans: attending a Halloween concert in costume. “They appreciate the dramatic arts, music and all forms of creativity, especially if it’s rolled into one event,” says Dawn. Have a bunch of music lovers in your crew? Come up with a group Halloween costume and go to the concert together.

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Illustration of Sherlock Holmes' belongings
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Virgo (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22): Book character

“Detail-oriented Virgos are analytical and intellectual, so lean into that with a literary costume,” says Nora. A spine-chilling character from a favorite horror novel, vampire book or Halloween story for kids is a fun option. Better yet, Virgos can take Nora’s suggestion and play up their intellectual nature by channeling the smartest, most analytical character of the bunch: Sherlock Holmes.

“Virgos also combine that attention to detail with an appreciation for aesthetics,” she says. That’s why the best place for Virgos to wear their costumes is a fall craft night, where they can show off their costume-design skills.

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Illustration of Anna Wintour
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Libra (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22): Fashion icon

Libras’ zodiac element is air, and that—combined with their appreciation for harmony and beauty—makes a fashion- or art-inspired costume ideal. “Dress as your favorite fashion icon, whether it’s a designer like Karl Lagerfeld or a supermodel like Twiggy,” says Nora. Another standout costume idea for Libras: famous fashion editor Anna Wintour.

Dressing up as a stylish fashion icon also lends itself to a Libra’s ideal Halloween plans. “Sociable Libra will also host the chicest Halloween party, with an impeccable guest list and themed drinks and food,” says Nora.

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Illustration of a witch hat and broom
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Scorpio (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21): Witch

“Scorpios are known for their intensity and [as] the sign most associated with matters of the occult—Halloween falls during Scorpio season, after all,” says Nora. With this in mind, a Scorpio could go for an occult-inspired Halloween costume, like a witch or fortuneteller. People born under this sign can go full-on horror, warts and all, or have fun by dressing as one of the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus. And since witches do best with their familiars by their side, Scorpios can tote along their feline friends—decked out in cat costumes, of course.

Since Scorpios innately understand the darker elements of life, Dawn suggests they wear their witch costume to a séance, on a graveyard tour or at a historical haunted house. “Modern alchemy in the form of Halloween brews, cocktails or—better yet—elixirs infused with intentions, would make good use of this sign, which rules the house of mysteries, alchemy and transformation,” she adds.

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Illustration of Indiana Jones' belongings
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Sagittarius (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21): Famous archeologist

Sagittarians are knowledge seekers who are constantly learning and exploring the wonders around them. “Pop culture archeologists like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft are a great option for this adventurous sign,” says Nora.

On top of a lust for information, Sagittarians have an adventurous spirit and might enjoy putting their costume to the test at a Halloween theme park or escape room. “As an alternative, taking a night hike and telling ghost stories around a fire would be gratifying,” says Dawn.

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Illustration of Frankenstein's monster
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Capricorn (Dec. 22 to Jan. 19): Classic monster

Capricorns love traditions and, according to Nora, are most likely to dress up as a classic Halloween creature, such as a mummy or Frankenstein’s monster. “And they will be the absolute best version of this costume you’ve ever seen,” she notes.

Classics-loving Capricorns might plan on showing off their costumes at a screening of their favorite Halloween movie or at “a wine-and-candy-tasting party,” says Dawn.

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Illustration of an alien
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Aquarius (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18): Alien

“Quirky Aquarius is the most likely to pick a hyper-specific costume that requires lots of explanation,” says Nora. As fans of “out there” ideas, Aquariuses might also want to “lean in to their otherworldly vibe and dress up as an alien,” Nora adds. (Just be sure to stock up on Halloween face paint if you’ll be going as a being from another planet—or opt for an alien mask.)

These out-of-the-box thinkers might also choose to celebrate Halloween a bit differently. “They might dream up a spooky scavenger hunt or host a Nightmare Before Christmas party that combines the holidays in a nod to the film,” says Nora.

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Illustration of a mermaid
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Pisces (Feb. 19 to March 20): Mermaid

“Pisces is a water sign symbolized by two fish, so any aquatic-leaning costume is perfect for them,” says Nora. She recommends going as a mermaid, which is also a nod to Pisces’ dreamy nature. This sun sign loves the changing of the seasons and is especially drawn to the beauty of fall foliage, so Nora suggests dressing up for Halloween and celebrating the spooky season outdoors at a pumpkin patch or apple orchard.

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  • Angel Dawn, international psychic astrologer, evidential psychic medium and spiritual teacher
  • Abigail Nora, Chicago-based astrologer

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