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What Your Favorite Handbag Says About Your Personality

By looking at your purse, we can tell whether you prefer stability or making wild memories—and, to think, you were just worried if it matched your shoes.

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What-Your-Handbag-Says-About-Your-PersonalityTatiana Ayazo/

Backpack wearers seek adventure

If you’re someone who dreams of traveling the world with nothing but the essentials, we guarantee you’ll love having a backpack slung over your shoulder. “Comfort and style is your mantra,” says Sugandh G. Agrawal, Designer and Founder of Gunas New York, a 100-percent vegan handbag brand. “Women who love their Gunas Cougar quilted backpack want a hands-free lifestyle, without compromising on their fashion statement. They believe in healthy living and just like their mind, their backpacks are clutter-free. They value reliability and a sense of belonging, keeping their backpack as a close companion on their adventure-filled life,” Agrawal says. Looking for your next vacation destination? Check out these 12 best islands you can hit—no passport required.

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What-Your-Handbag-Says-About-Your-PersonalityTatiana Ayazo/

Tote lovers are opinionated and steadfast

Are you someone who is going to voice your opinion, even when it’s unpopular? If you’re a goal-setter with a strong sense of initiative, we bet you carry a tote bag. “You have a lot to juggle in your life and the tote fits just about everything you need to help accomplish your goals,” says Agrawal. “You are an organizer who is not afraid to take an initiative and taking a stand for your strong beliefs.”

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Cross-body fans don’t need to carry a million products

To you, a bag should only carry the necessities. You need your phone, wallet, keys, and very little else when you head out the door, which is why a small cross-body is ideal. “Less is more, ‘fun’-ctional, and subtle yet bold are some of the adjectives you’d use to define your bag preferences,” Agrawal says. With a cross-body like the chicest Gunas Ridley bag, you aren’t weighed down, yet you still make an impression when you’re on the move.

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What-Your-Handbag-Says-About-Your-PersonalityTatiana Ayazo/

Briefcase wearers are confident and determined

You’d laugh if someone told you briefcases are designed for men. After all, you’re a busy woman with a sense of direction, so you rely on your briefcase to keep your professional life in order. “Modern and independent, you are a goal-oriented woman with a clear point of view and a strong self image,” says Agrawal. You’ve got things to do, places to be, and people to meet. Anyone who doesn’t understand your determination can step aside.

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Shoulder-bag girls like to show their status

Admit it: You love to turn heads and impress people with your fashion choices. To you, a covetable shoulder bag is the ultimate marker of status and success, so you’re always working hard to expand your collection. “Your bag is a status symbol,” admits Agrawal. “You care about utility, but also about displaying all the bells and whistles,” which an iconic shoulder bag does perfectly. Next, find out what your favorite lipstick says about your personality.

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Hard shell-clutch fans love hitting the town

If you had to be summed up in four words, everyone would agree on this: lLife of the party.” You live to laugh, socialize, dance, and feel young —preferably all whilst in a little black dress. “If you love carrying that hard shell clutch, you are evidently outgoing,” Agrawal says. “You’re a real people person who will tear up the dance floor before you call it the night.”

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Wallet carriers never expect the worst

As an ultimate idealist, when you leave your house, you assume a wallet is all you need. You’re so positive and upbeat that you’d never expect something to go wrong. But while this quality makes you so pleasant to be around, it also means you’re pretty unprepared when accidents happen. “Your nature is easy going and you love to be surrounded by people with a passion for life,” says Agrawal. Perhaps it’s time for you to start carrying hand sanitizer and band-aids, but don’t bother dragging these useless items around.

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Bucket-bag lovers prefer consistency

Are you averse to change? If you’re someone who wants to use the same bag every day for years on end (until you literally wear it down to the point it’s unusable), we bet a bucket bag is your favorite style.”Your bag is your precious ornament. You don’t enjoy change easily and find familiarity attractive,” Agrawal says. “Bucket bags bring this exact, signature no-fuss quality to your wardrobe.”

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What-Your-Handbag-Says-About-Your-PersonalityTatiana Ayazo/

Soft clutch carriers are super feminine

Do you love flowing fabrics and soft pastels? Do you live for new nail polish and lipstick shades? If so, we can guess that you’re truly a sweetheart that wouldn’t hurt a fly, and you adore wearing a soft clutch. “You don’t shy away from flaunting your feminine side,” Agrawal says. “The simplest things like flowers bring you joy and act as a reminder of many happy memories. The softness of your clutch is a reflection of your own tender personality.”