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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

Everyday Wonders You Shouldn’t Take for Granted

Take a deep breath.

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nitrogen earthMarcelC/Getty Images

Everyday wonders

Sometimes it’s important that we take a few minutes to count our blessings. You don’t have to go anywhere to appreciate these little, daily joys and say a quick thank you for them.

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Laundry basket with dirty towels on floorPixel-Shot/Shutterstock

Wearing clothes just out of the dryer

So fresh and so clean and so warm!

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Young mother with baby boy in front of a supermarket.Halfpoint/Shutterstock

When cashiers open up new checkout lanes at the grocery store

Now you can get home faster to get your milk in the fridge. These stunning photos will make you appreciate the beauty of life.

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Cute little girl dancing on her father's feet in room with balloonsAquarius Studio/Shutterstock

Intergenerational dancing

Father-daughter dances are always so sweet.

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us coinsJeramey Lende/Shutterstock

Paying with exact change

No need to fumble putting the change back in your wallet while the customer behind you in line waits patiently. We’d like to write this one down in our gratitude journal. Not sure how to start one of your own? Here’s what a gratitude journal really looks like.

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Father and mother with their daughter, playing in the snow.Halfpoint/Shutterstock

Snow days

Enjoy these while you’re a kid.

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TV remote control, the hand with a remote control.Morgentau/Shutterstock

Fixing electronics by smacking them

One hard hit does the charm. These arrestingly beautiful photos stand the test of time.

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Soft pillows on comfortable bed, top viewNew Africa/Shutterstock

The other side of the pillow

Nice and cool.

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nice girl lying on her cheerful father, side view photoUfaBizPhoto/Shutterstock

Making a baby laugh

It’s one of the best sounds in the world. We’re also pretty grateful for these funny baby photos that will make you laugh out loud.

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sweet skyNisachon Poompuang/Shutterstock

A beautiful sunset

There is nothing like a cotton candy sky to end your day.

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Cooling rack with chocolate chip cookies on marble background, top viewNew Africa/Shutterstock

Freshly baked cookies

The whole house will smell like sweet chocolate chips. Check out these jaw-dropping photos of the world’s most beautiful countries.

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finance and currency concept - dollar money in pocket of denim jacketSyda Productions/Shutterstock

Finding money in your pocket

Especially if you find it before it goes through the washing machine!

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Macro snowflakes in snowVeronika Tendetnik/Shutterstock

The perfect snowflake

Finding a perfect snowflake in freshly fallen snow is truly magical.

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Hands of young woman holding handwritten letter Janna Golovacheva/Shutterstock

Getting snail mail that isn’t a bill

Seeing your name written out on an envelope and knowing it’s from someone special. These are the most incredible underwater photos ever taken.

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White caucasian and black afro american hands holding together, friendship conceptAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Holding hands

It feels so good to be connected with someone you love.

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White flowers on mock-orange shrub with bokeh background, macro, selective focus, shallow DOFArgenLant/Shutterstock

Seeing the first buds of spring

The first sign that winter is finally over.

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Group of friends at restaurant outdoors. People having dinner in a home garden, having fun and enjoing summerMarharyta Demydova/Shutterstock

Enjoying a meal around the dinner table with your family

Whether it’s take-out pizza or a home-cooked meal, spending time with your family is priceless.

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Woman legs in bath foam. Top view. Enjoying and relaxation in spa hotelBreslavtsev Oleg/Shutterstock

A hot bubble bath

Soaking after a long day gets all the stress out. You’ve probably never heard of the beautiful natural wonders around the world.

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Lawn mower on the grass during the summer daytriocean/Shutterstock

Freshly cut grass

Such a nice smell.

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Burning candles on table indoorsAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Lighting a candle and relaxing in a freshly cleaned room

All the clothes are put away and all of the dust swept up.

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Rain in the cityFototaras/Shutterstock

Watching a summer storm roll in

The smell of rain cooling down the street is an added bonus. To capture more of these moments, make sure you add these one-of-a-kind adventures to your bucket list.