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75 Work Cartoons to Help You Get Through the Week

Beyond Dilbert: Take a break at the office and laugh with our collection of Reader's Digest cartoons about work and office life.

Businesswoman working at her office desk with documents and laptopjacoblund/Getty Images

Too much work

For some of us Monday through Friday are the worst days of the week. To help you get through those five days, read through these cartoons for some much-needed humor. Next, check out these work from home cartoons we can all relate to right now.

andrewgenn/Getty Images

Communication is key

Huh, isn’t that a crazy idea!

Continue To Holdandrewgenn/Getty Images

Turning to bones

Answering phones will be the death of me.

andrewgenn/Getty Images

Plan = money

I think that’s everyone’s basic plan. If you’re a technophobe, you will probably appreciate these tech cartoons.

andrewgenn/Getty Images

Jump first

I don’t think this falls under my responsibilities as the team leader.

New Regulationsandrewgenn/Getty Images

Confusing rules

Great, we’re going to have to read between the lines.

Big Guysandrewgenn/Getty Images

The big guys

They look intimidating. These love and marriage cartoons are hilariously accurate.

"Rock On" Advertising Sloganandrewgenn/Getty Images

New marketing slogan

We could have come up with this on our own.

Specific, unknown objectivesandrewgenn/Getty Images

New assignments

Thanks for being specific, Boss.

andrewgenn/Getty Images

Easy fix

How long will it take these two men to figure out the issue?

Same principals

That’s a very good question.

Budget Needs Helpandrewgenn/Getty Images

Budget crisis

If only we could come up with a money-making solution as fast as we brainstormed the word, “help.”

andrewgenn/Getty Images

Wicked change

Such a strong commitment to her work.

work cartoonsandrewgenn/Getty Images

Company remodel

Starting from square one.

Change Managementandrewgenn/Getty Images

Walk to change

That’s a big drop. You can go first.

andrewgenn/Getty Images

Dreaming of answers

Can you remember the answers?

Declining Salesandrewgenn/Getty Images

Flip charts

Wow, how did I not think of that?!

Millennial target audienceandrewgenn/Getty Images

Millennial perspective

I knew I should have shaved before this interview.

Helpful Customer Serviceandrewgenn/Getty Images

Product help

I’m only paid to help you half-way.

Musical chairs

The perfect way to show these candidates that we respect them.

andrewgenn/Getty Images

No feedback

Then why did you include it?

Expecting a Challenging Meetingandrewgenn/Getty Images

Protected from the meeting

You really never know who’s going to come after you at these things.

Recommendation is Overly Complexandrewgenn/Getty Images

Crazy chart

Can we get a simplified version?

Lost Our Marketing Planandrewgenn/Getty Images

Napkin notes

Really, neither of you came prepared with a notepad?

Outstanding Leaderandrewgenn/Getty Images

A good and bad quarter

Never let them see your emotions.

Misunderstanding Feedbackandrewgenn/Getty Images

Painting the walls

I wish we could all paint our boring office walls. Take a look at these funny photos of dogs “working from home.”

Moral ChartCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Morale chart

High morale has to equal high sales.

Team buildingCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Team building

We’re not sure this was the best exercise.

TimelinesCartoon Resource/Shutterstock


Yeah…we’re going to need an extension. Need a break? These Christmas cartoons will make you chuckle at any time of year.

Black smokeCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Black smoke

Maybe we should call in the experts?

C. S. Calvert for Reader's Digest

For your benefit

Trust us.

Friendly emailCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Friendly email?

Sometimes sarcasm is the only way to get through the workday.

Dave-carpenter-gpsDave Carpenter for Reader's Digest

This office is A-Maze-Ing!

If you get lost, call HR. Don’t miss these hilarious excuses people actually used to get out of work.

work life balanceCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Work-life balance

Hmmm, we wonder what it’s like there.

work cartoonJ.C. Duffy for Reader's Digest

Dog-tor’s Dilemma

At least he’s honest. These doctor cartoons that will make you laugh through the pain.

work cartoonJohn Caldwell for Reader's Digest

Please hold…

What about unplugging it and plugging it back in? Try these funny work jokes to defuse awkward situations.

work cartoonsDan Reynolds for Reader's Digest

Help wanted

The government always knows best, right?

work cartoonsNAF for Reader's Digest


Yikes. It sounds like this guy could learn from these outrageous true stories of dumb employees.

work cartoonsJohn Caldwell for Reader's Digest

Virtually unstoppable

We all have dreams; some are just more realistic than others.

computer coffeeCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Computer coffee

Who do I talk to to get one of these?

Ralph Hagen for Reader's Digest

Paint job

Now might be a good time to tell you that I’m colorblind.

Treacherous commuteCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Treacherous commute

Or maybe just work from home twice a week.

M. Nadler for Reader's Digest

Hedge your bets

Don’t panic!

Never-ending paperworkCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Neverending paperwork

Don’t try to hide, you can never escape it.

Mark Anderson for Reader's Digest

Breach of code

Good news: It can stay in Des Moines, too.

too many hoursCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Too many hours

Maybe we should go easy on them?

Office mazeCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Office maze

Where is my desk again?

work cartoonJoe Di Chiarro for Reader's Digest

Who’s a good salesman?

“Ruff” day at the office?

work cartoonJohn Caldwell for Reader's Digest

Hiring process

But that’s nothing compared to these work mistakes that could cost you the job.

Profits downCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Profits down

Putting in a good effort doesn’t make money.

reynolds_supermanDan Reynolds for Reader's Digest


Brush up that resume, stat! No need for superpowers; just make sure you have these soft skills employers are looking for.

Broken faxCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Broken fax

I think it’s time to call the IT guy.

work cartoonNAF for Reader's Digest

Just business

All in a day’s work.

Casual Friday gone too farCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Casual Friday gone too far

But, I work best when I’m comfy.

work cartoonRoy Delgado for Reader's Digest

Heavy findings

I’ll be carrying it with me for a while.

Happy quarterCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Happy quarter

Just smile to get through it.
work cartoonJohn Caldwell for Reader's Digest

How crafty

Don’t forget to mention these invisible job skills you didn’t know you have.

Pointless meetingCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Pointless meeting

If you can write it in an email, don’t call a meeting.

work cartoonMark Anderson for Reader's Digest

Only words

Sticks and stones.

work cartoonsJohn Caldwell for Reader's Digest

Assistant reaper

Hopefully, she won’t make any grave errors.

Work islandCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Work island

That might be a little too remote.

work cartoonsMartha Gradisher for Reader's Digest

Part-time job

It’s better than fetching coffee all day, at least.

work cartoonsMike Lynch for Reader's Digest

New incentive

That’s nothing compared to the worst bosses you could ever work for.

work cartoonsNick Downes for Reader's Digest

Send in the…

They look a little funny, though.

Chris Wildt for Reader's Digest

A practical app

Mind. Blown.

work cartoonAm Derosa for Reader's Digest

Breaking the news

Do you need me to spell it out for you?

16 Political Cartoons That Prove Humor Is a Bipartisan IssueCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Best chip

Is it the crunchiest one or the saltiest one? The world may never know.

work cartoonJohn Chase for Reader's Digest

Off sides

You’ll never guess who it is.

Scott Masear for Reader's Digest

Just a thought

The power of positive thinking can go a long way.

Dan Reynolds for Reader's Digest

Mail sorting

It really is rocket science.

work cartoonScott Nickel for Reader's Digest

Fond farewell

Anyone can pull off these April Fool’s Day office pranks.

16 Political Cartoons That Prove Humor Is a Bipartisan IssueCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Cheap meeting

It’s pretty close to what the Capitol Building looks like, right?

work cartoonsMike Lynch for Reader's Digest

Financial planning

The choice is yours, and the price is right.

work cartoonJohn Caldwell for Reader's Digest

Corporate qualifications

But it’s nothing to brag about.

RobotsCartoon Resource/Shutterstock


They’ll probably take everyone’s jobs someday soon.

work cartoonP.C. Vey for Reader's Digest

A bit delayed

Corporate punishment. These cartoons hilariously describe everyday life.