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11 Working from Home Cartoons We Can All Relate to Right Now

Being stuck in the home office can get old very fast. Remember to stay focused, don't start going on a cleaning frenzy, and take a little break for some laughs.

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cartoon work from homeRolli for Reader's Digest

Morning checklist

I already feel accomplished. If you commute to the office every day, these work cartoons will help you get through the week.

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work from home cartoonJimmy Craig/

Distracting co-workers

Of course, he decides to break things during your meeting. 

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cartoon work from homeMike Shapiro

Don’t try to work at the coffee shop

Unless you plan on eating and drinking your way through the workday. These daily life cartoons will have you laughing at your desk.

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Work Remotelyandrewgenn/Getty Images

That’s too remote

Working in my living room is no problem. But from a deserted island? I’m not sure about that.

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Dress Codeandrewgenn/Getty Images

Casual Monday through Friday

At home, you can wear whatever is comfiest. All technophobes can appreciate these funny cartoons

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work from home cartoonandrewgenn/Getty Images

Eating from home

Learning how to eat while answering emails is a necessity when you work from home and are constantly snacking.

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Email Overloadandrewgenn/Getty Images

Please send around to your team

Hey, at least all of these emails aren’t meetings. If you’re an introvert then working from home is a dream come true. 

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Shared Office Space Warsandrewgenn/Getty Images

Apartment living

You better hope your walls are thick if you work from home in your apartment building.

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Dog prefers to work remotelyandrewgenn/Getty Images

From the dog house

That’s where I’m most productive. Check out these family life cartoons that everyone will find funny.

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Too Many Emailsandrewgenn/Getty Images

Neverending emails

That’s not what you want to see when you start up your computer in the morning.

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Work Life Balanceandrewgenn/Getty Images

Finding a balance

It can be tricky when your office doubles as your place to drink wine and watch movies. If your spouse also works from home, you’ll be able to relate to these hilarious love and marriage cartoons.

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