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17 Zucchini Desserts That’ll Make Everyone Want to Eat Their Veggies

For a sweet way to use up a bumper crop of zucchini, try using the garden-fresh veggie in cakes, cookies, sweet breads, and more.

Zucchini BrowniesTaste of Home

Zucchini brownies

A fast-to-fix peanut butter and chocolate frosting tops these moist brownies that are a sweet way to use up your green garden squash. We really like the cakelike texture of the zucchini brownies. —Allyson Wilkins, Amherst, New Hampshire. This is one of our favorite easy desserts with on-hand ingredients.

Zucchini CupcakesTaste of Home

Zucchini cupcakes

I asked my grandmother for this recipe after trying these irresistible spice cupcakes at her home. I love their creamy caramel frosting. They’re such a scrumptious dessert, you actually forget you’re eating your vegetables, too! —Virginia Lapierre, Greensboro Bend, Vermont.

Pina Colada Zucchini BreadTaste of Home

Piña colada zucchini bread

At my husband’s urging, I entered this recipe at the Pennsylvania Farm Show and won first place! I think you’ll love the cakelike texture and tropical flavors. —Sharon Rydbom, Tipton, Pennsylvania. Sneak a peek at a beautiful dessert that has been pinned over 112,000 times.

Yummy Zucchini Chocolate CakeTaste of Home

Yummy zucchini chocolate cake

As a confirmed chocoholic, this is my all-time favorite treat. I found the original recipe more than 20 years ago but have lightened it up quite a bit. Everyone asks for the recipe, and no one suspects that it’s lighter than most chocolate cakes. —Carleta Foltz, Sunrise Beach, Missouri.

Zucchini Dessert SquaresTaste of Home

Zucchini dessert squares

We planted one too many zucchini plants a few summers ago and harvested a lot of zucchini that year. I was looking for ways to use them, and this delicious dessert is the result. —Nancy Morelli, Livonia, Michigan.

Zucchini-Chocolate Chip MuffinsTaste of Home

Zucchini–chocolate chip muffins

Whenever I make these muffins, I freeze several. As I’m leaving for work in the morning, I pull one out and enjoy it at the office with a cup of coffee. —Janet Pierce DeCori, Rockton, Illinois. While you’re freezing your desserts, can you freeze cookie dough?

Chocolate Zucchini Cake with Custard SauceTaste of Home

Chocolate zucchini cake with custard sauce

The minute I can get my hands on zucchini, I start making this light and luscious cake. For years it was an often-ordered dessert at my sister’s deli. —Peggy Linton, Cobourg, Ontario. This recipe calls for flour upon flour, but here are 79 desserts you can make if you find yourself without.

Sue's Chocolate Zucchini CakeTaste of Home

Sue’s chocolate zucchini cake

Our family absolutely loves zucchini, especially when we grow it ourselves. We’ve found many ways to use it, including this spiced cake that’s super moist and chocolaty good. —Sue Falk, Warren, Michigan. Find out the easiest foods to grow at home.

Lemon Zucchini DropsTaste of Home

Lemon zucchini drops

When we lived on the East Coast, a nearby fruit and vegetable stand had a bakery featuring these soft, cakelike cookies. We missed every bite when we moved away, so I developed this recipe. —Barbara Franklin, Tucson, Arizona. You know you’re from the East Coast if you’ve tried all of these foods.

Streuseled Zucchini Bundt CakeTaste of Home

Streuseled zucchini Bundt cake

Inspired by an abundance of zucchini, I found a new way to use it up in this spiced and lightly sweet cake. It even won a blue ribbon at our county fair! —Regina Stock, Topeka, Kansas

Blueberry Zucchini SquaresTaste of Home

Blueberry zucchini squares

I saw a bar recipe on a box of muffin mix using apple and lemon zest. I tried it from scratch with shredded zucchini and fresh blueberries instead. It’s a tasty combo. —Shelly Bevington, Hermiston, Oregon. For more fun veggie info, if squash could talk, here’s what it would tell you.

Chocolate Zucchini Cake with Coconut FrostingTaste of Home

Chocolate zucchini cake with coconut frosting

Grated zucchini makes this cake really moist, and the topping adds a nice crunch. When zucchini is in season, I shred, measure, and freeze it in two-cup amounts for this favorite recipe. —Lois M Holben, Creal Springs, Illinois. While we’re on the subject of coconuts…is a coconut a nut?

Soft Zucchini Spice CookiesTaste of Home

Soft zucchini spice cookies

These cookies are fantastic. They don’t last very long at my house. Why don’t you see how long they will last at yours? —Mili Seemar, Chatham, New Jersey

Cranberry Zucchini BreadTaste of Home

Cranberry zucchini bread

Nutmeg and cinnamon add spice to these flavorful loaves. The flecks of green zucchini and red cranberries give each slice a festive look that’s just right for the holidays. —Alice Manzo, South Easton, Massachusetts. If you prefer cookies for your holiday, check out the best Christmas cookie from every state.

Zucchini Carrot Spice CakeTaste of Home

Zucchini carrot spice cake

My family adores sweets, and I like to serve treats like this that are good for them, too. The cake is spiced just right and has a creamy marshmallow topping spiked with orange juice and vanilla. —Layla Payton, Midwest City, Oklahoma. Check out the long-lost spice bar recipe I found in my great-grandmother’s cookbook.

Zucchini Chocolate Cake with Orange GlazeTaste of Home

Zucchini chocolate cake with orange glaze

This moist and mouthwatering cake has a rich chocolate flavor, a hint of orange, and is chock-full of zucchini and nuts. —Barbara Worrel, Granbury, Texas. If it’s too hot to turn on the oven, here are six pretty no-bake desserts anyone can make.

Zucchini CobblerTaste of Home

Zucchini cobbler

This cobbler is my surprise dessert! No one ever guesses that the “secret ingredient” is zucchini. Everyone says it tastes like apples. It’s great to make for a potluck supper or to serve a crowd. This zucchini bars recipe has been requested time and again in my house, and I’m always happy to make it. —Joanne Fazio, Carbondale, Pennsylvania. Next, see which dessert was most popular the year you were born.

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