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We all know that money makes the world go ’round. But want to know the real secret to financial success? Understanding the ins and outs of saving and spending money in the first place! The more you know, the more it will grow.

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The Gift-Card Scam You Need to Watch Out for

As the holiday season rushes full steam ahead, gift-card scams are on the rise. Learn how to detect and prevent this growing threat.

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What to Do If a Package Arrives Damaged—or Not at All

One surefire way to zap the joy out of the holiday season is to receive a package that's been damaged—or...

There’s $40 Billion in Unclaimed Money: Here’s How to Find Out If Any Is Yours

There's over $40 billion in unclaimed funds, unclaimed money, and other unclaimed property owed to individuals by the government, bank,...

5 Times You’ll Want to Freeze Your Credit

Here's a quick look at why you may want to freeze your credit and how to do so.

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34 Secret Car-Buying Tips Your Dealer Won’t Tell You

Find out how to get the most value out of your purchase by side-stepping these common car dealer practices.

How to Coupon, According to People Who Save Thousands Every Year

These expert-approved tips for how to coupon will turn your next shopping trip into a savings extravaganza

19 Best Money-Saving Tips from Self-Made Millionaires

Saving money can be the difference between stressing to dress and dressing to impress. It can help you retire younger...

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I’m a Car Salesman—Here’s How to Outsmart Me

The smell of a new car is great. The process of buying a new car? Not so great. Here are...

Here’s How to Opt Out of Basically Everything

From getting bombarded with online ads to stopping unwanted texts, you can opt out of anything

26 Secrets Rich People Won’t Tell You About Their Habits and Lives

It's not all champagne and caviar. Here’s how rich people maximize their money—and how you can too.

Here’s How to Pick the Fastest Grocery Store Line (It’s Not the Express One)

There is a science to picking the line that will get you out of the store the fastest—this technique will...

20 Secrets Your Butcher Won’t Tell You

Butchers share how to save money and pick the freshest meat.

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This Is Why Wine Is So Expensive in Restaurants

Wine prices double the moment you walk through a restaurant's door. Here are the restaurants have the highest markups and...

11 Black Friday Rip-Offs You’ll Regret Buying

Not every Black Friday offer is as deep a discount as advertised. Here's how to play "Deal or No Deal"...

The 7 Deadly Sins of Retirement Planning

Human flaws are apparent in all areas of personal finance. They can throw you off course during your earning years,...

8 Money Rules You Can (and Should!) Break, According to Money-Saving Experts

Learning how to save money can mean unlearning things you already know. Here are some pieces of conventional wisdom that...

The Real Difference Between a Yard Sale and Estate Sale

There's nothing like a yard sale to get the house organized. But what is a yard sale vs. estate sale?...

7 Air Conditioning Tricks to Feel Cooler (And Spend Less!)

Cooling your home can add major bucks to your energy bill. Here's how to keep air conditioning costs down.

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20 Secrets Amusement Parks Won’t Tell You About Saving Money and Avoiding Crowds

From how to beat the crowds to the real reasons rides get shut down, former and current amusement park employees...

10 Money-Saving Secrets Macy’s Employees Won’t Tell You

Everything from how to get free shipping on Macys.com to how to score 20 percent off every single time.

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50 Insider Secrets to Help You Save at All Your Favorite Stores

A $5 or $10 savings here and there can add up. Here's how to get them everywhere from Costco and...

8 Money-Saving Secrets Home Depot Employees Want You to Know

Whether you're a frequent shopper or you just need to pick up a screwdriver, here's how to save major money.

Expert Antiquers Reveal the 9 Secrets to Scoring the Best Deal

Do you love the Antiques Roadshow and yearn to start antiquing but not sure how to go about it? Check...

26 Secrets Your Florist Won’t Tell You

Get the inside scoop from florists on how to buy and care for your fresh flowers.