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All the latest trending news including updates on your favorite TV shows to the goings-on of the British royal family to food launches from all your favorite brands.

These Are America’s Most Spoiled Dog Breeds

Think your dog is spoiled? This survey reveals some pups that get the royal treatment.

Jamie Lee Curtis Might Be Coming Back for Freaky Friday 2

After two decades, Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis are preparing to reprise their roles in the follow-up to the...

These Books Won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

In a shocking turn of events, the Pulitzer Prize was awarded to two novelists this year.

Meet Buddy Holly, the Pup That Just Won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

This fluffy friend made history this week at the world-famous dog show!

What Is Woot, Amazon’s Discount Site?

Meet your new favorite online outlet store.

You’ve Been Scrolling the Wrong Way On Your iPhone—Here’s What to Do Instead

At the end of a scrolling session and need to get back to the top? You don't have to scroll...

Are All-You-Can-Eat Restaurants Like Golden Corral Making a Comeback?

All-you-can-eat buffets are back in a huge way post-pandemic, making them a more affordable option than a regular restaurant.

McDonald’s May Never Bring Back the Snack Wrap

The McDonald's Snack Wrap disappeared from the fast food chain's menu in 2016, but fans of the beloved item have...

Meet K9 JETS: The Airline Changing the Way You Fly with Pets

Enjoy your next flight with your pet right by your side.

These Are the Top 10 Most Wasted Foods

You know avocados are on this list.

Busch Gardens and Other Popular Vacation Spots Are Going Cashless

Instead of grabbing cash for your next trip, you'll want to set up your digital wallet.

Food Prices Continue to Climb at Grocery Stores—Here’s Why

Wet, cold, extreme weather has battered the United States so far this year, and consumers will feel its effects at...

These Late Night Shows Are Shutting Down Due to the Writers Guild Strike

These beloved television shows recently went dark, with no set date of returning anytime soon.

This Is the Best Airport in the World

This Asian airport was named number one for the 12th time, according to the World Airport Awards.

Do You Qualify to Join Facebook’s Class Action Suit? Here’s How to Know

Everyone who used Facebook over the past 15 years qualifies for the $725 million class action lawsuit against Facebook.

What’s the Quick Change Scam and How Do I Protect Myself From It?

Some customers are confusing cashiers at checkout as a ruse to walk away with more money. Here's how to look...

Google and Apple Team Up to Stop Unwanted AirTag Tracking

Apple AirTags are handy Bluetooth trackers that let you keep tabs on your stuff, but there's a risk that hackers...

FaceTime Is Getting an Exciting Upgrade—Here’s What We Know

FaceTime now lets you play games with your friends and family using SharePlay. Here's how to set it up and...

Dogs That Have Dementia Might Experience It Like Humans, According to Study

Changes in sleep habits in older dogs shouldn't be ignored and could be a sign of dementia.

Disneyland Is Closing Three Rides This Summer—Here’s What You Need to Know

Disneyland won't be quite the same once these classic rides close for refurbishment this summer.

This Is Everything You Need to Know About the Jeopardy! Masters Tournament

Six of the current highest-ranked Jeopardy! contestants will return to compete for this championship title in a new spinoff.

This Airline Is Bringing Bunk Beds on Board—This Is What They Look Like

"It's time to swap the headrest for some bed rest," the airline tweeted.

Barbie Just Released a Doll With Down Syndrome—Here’s Why That’s Important

The National Down Syndrome Society has called the doll "a huge step forward for inclusion."

Everything You Need to Know About iPhone’s Lockdown Mode

Apple iPhones have robust security, but standard privacy settings may not be enough to stop targeted attacks by sophisticated hackers....

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Costco Is Selling a Lemon Blueberry Loaf for Spring

Customers are loving the new Costco Lemon-Blueberry Loaf!

You Can Now Get McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce To-Go

McDonald's infamous Big Mac sauce is now available in dip cups for everyone who ever wanted their very own side...

This Is the Most Popular Item Sold in Grocery Stores

Can you guess what item is a grocery store bestseller?

Why You Should Always Use Apple’s Face ID in Public

Phone theft is on the rise. Face ID—especially in public—is one of the surest ways to keep your iPhone safe....

Big Changes Are Coming to McDonald’s Burgers—Here’s What We Know

Some McDonald's classics are getting a new and improved makeover.